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May 1, 2007


don't forget to "rabbit, rabbit" first thing in the morning

if you don't know what the hell i am talking about, click here.

May 3, 2007


hey hey hey all! sooooooo, i've been part of a site for the past month or so called "SWELLTOWN"

here's the skinny - it's a FREE site... that's pretty mucha "celebrity fantasy league" mixed with "celebrity stocks" (not to be confused with HSX.com)

ANYWAY ---- I'VE CREATED A LEAGUE ON THERE... the league/game's on STARTING MAY 7TH (THIS MONDAY) and runs til June 7th

but feel free to go look around and join the league...


PASSWORD to JOIN the league is...

so come on down and pick out a stable of celebs --- it's based on how much publicity they conjour up...

CLICK HERE to go directly to the league... and let me know what screenname you signed up with just so i know who's who.

May 7, 2007


well the swelltown Gigglechick Giggleleague has started.

for those of you who are feeling a little left out... JOIN US (the password is g1ggl3)

for those of you who've already joined but have no clue whatsoever about how to do this thing...

choose celebrities that you can afford (you can choose up to 5 at a time) and keep them in your "stable" --- it's a fantasy league of what celeb will have the most publicity. you can buy and sell them at any time.

it's like stocks. buy low, sell high preferrably.

for example... if you had paris hilton last week, you'd be happy because she was sentenced to 45 days jailtime thus causing articles to be written about her, thus increasing the value of her stock.

go to the Celebrities section and there's a slew of them. if you need to find those you can afford based on your points, click "BUYABLE" and it will give you names.

click BUY on the ones you want.

if you don't see a celeb that you want on the list - ask the Mayor of Swelltown (he's in our league, but go to his page and comment with who you want on there)


May 9, 2007


okay - just to keep my street cred, let me preface this by saying that I have a mac.

of course, today, i went out and bought yet another laptop (pc)... this makes a grand total of 2 pc desktops, 1 mac desktop and now 2 laptops (gateways)

this puppy's got a 17" screen... *grrrrrrowl* and now has Vista

whoa. not for nothing, but, i am now a certified geek, because i was fiddling around with the thing and did the "switch between windows" thing... my heart skipped a beat. as in love.

i need to get out of the house more, i guess.

May 10, 2007

UNIVERSAL FIDELITY ... 281-647-4152 for a good time, call Tariah

here's MY experience with UF (to which i say FU)

frigging Universal Fidelity.

they call my number at least 15 times a day and when i answer, it's a voice recorded message saying blah blah "please call 281-647-4155"

so i do. and after 10 rings it puts me through to a voicemail... blah blah in english and then a minute of spanish and then a message saying "THIS MAILBOX IS FULL YOU CANNOT LEAVE A MESSAGE" (this has happened EVERY TIME that i've called that number back)

great. okay, so then i call the number that's on my caller ID is 281-647-6152.

RUDE is not the word for them. they are nasty. they chew gum in your ear. they put you on hold until you hang up - to call back again. they say they've sent letters - of which i've not received ANY and then they say they will not mail anything else.

this has happened repeatedly.

today, it happened with a woman named Tariah (pronounced Tara. but i pronounced it the way it was spelled and she got mad and hung up on me.) prior to her getting in a snit because I didn't pronounce her name right, i told her the whole "full mailbox" thing. and she said "whatever." and had attitude.

then i called back and she said she wasn't speaking to me. meanwhile i was prepared to pay whatever the heck 200.00 that i owed... but she just put me on hold.

so i called back. got some guy named Chris (a gum or food chewer.) who then says "we sent mail and we're not sending any more" --- well, how the heck am i supposed to send in a check if they won't send me a legit item in the mail? it's really quite shady. and the guy says "you got your mail. check with your postmaster general." and hangs up.

anyway... a few hours later, i get the voice recording calling me AGAIN... i call the number. of course it's mailbox is full. so i call the 281.647.4152 number.

i get some twit named Vania ("teehee it rhymes with Tania. Spell it like that") whatever. I tell her about the "full mailbox" thing and she said "i know nothing about that" and i said "maybe you can tell your supervisor" and she replied with "it really doesn't matter" --- ARE YOU SERIOUS!? anyway, i asked to speak to a supervisor. of course, no one was around... right.

so i said "i've received 15 calls from your company today even after speaking with 2 people this morning - i would like you to note this and to stop harassing me with the calls"

she replies, get this... "well, lady, you haven't made a payment" --- in the last 4 hours? no. because you jerks keep hanging up.

and then she says "and it's NOT harassment BECAUSE it's a voice recording and no live person is calling you directly"

and then she hung up.

how'dya like them apples, people?

May 16, 2007

poking my head out of the woodwork...

melinda was voted off idol tonight? bastards. she was my pick.
(voted 5x last night)

guess i have to go with sparks next week.

on a lighter note, it's opilio crab season!!

May 19, 2007

caterwauling. sorry. just needed to post.

and she makes faces while she does it.

oh sweet heavens to mergatroid!!! they've got singshot s you can hook your webcam up to it and record yourself singing with audio AND now video...

um... i think i know what i am doing in the morning folks...

let me apologize ahead of time for throwing my mug up on the screen whilst caterwauling.

guess i have to wax and slap makeup on before i record (har.)

May 21, 2007


well, i've broken down and bought a webcam. my apologies to those of you whose eyes start bleeding. in any event, over on the left of the page here, you'll see a form thing to ask questions of me on this thing...

are you game?

May 22, 2007


okay folks... first off, i totally forgot last week on may 15th, it was my 6th blogiversary (technically i've been blogging since 99, but prior to may 15, 2001 i was calling them rants or a journal...)

anyway... here's the 2nd installment of the gigglevlog...

keep sending in questions. please. it's starting off a little rough but it will get much better when i get used to this...

PS - this has been a major bitch because the thing was a little over 10 min and i couldn't upload it to youtube - so, jackass, that's me, has been trying to fiddle with it and convert to flash and all that jazz.

bear with me - will try to make them short and sweet and on youtube from now on.

UPDATE: i bought an editor thing and chopped off about 3 minutes of stuff (mainly me responding about a comment about universal fidelity... bastards) anyway, in case you're saying "why the eff did it end so abruptly... that's why. so i could slap it up on youtube, etc. because i was having a bear of a time getting this thing to work.

May 24, 2007


okay... think i am getting the swing of this. i was rushing through this one because i was trying to keep it under 10 minutes (for youtube & myspace purposes)

keep the questions coming in. i am going to try to answer them a little more in depth. maybe try to answer one or 2 per vlog so i don't rush.

May 25, 2007


Salon Du Monde

PS - i know i said Happy Memorial Day --- but, i may post a vlog or two prior to monday :}

May 26, 2007


happy saturday - it's 90 degrees and i just cleaned out my closet (well, 90% of the clothes) and bagged 'em up and took 'em for a ride to the Veteran's Used Clothing bin...

i had 7 garbage bags full of used clothes.

here's the thing... i am probably going to have a heartattack at the age of 36 because i am sweating like a freak and still breathing heavily... and it's not from seeing some young strappng veteran in his fatigues or whatever...

those 7 bags... full. dragged 'em downstairs. then to the car. then out of the car. then over to the bin...

has anyone ever shoved a bag into one of these bins? it's like a physics experiment trying to figure out how to fit the huge garbage bag into the deposit slot thing. okay, maybe not physics, but, it's a dilemma nonetheless.

anyway, back to the heartattack... there i was putting my back into it and pushing each bag into the bin.

sweaty macfurkle over here with major blotches/heat spots on my face and neck. thus, the reason why i am not subjecting you to the visual of it via a vlog,


well, did some grilling today for the Memorial Day Weekend (tomorrow is the Liverfest '07 and am heading out with a few friends)

anyway... yesterday, christened the grill with a couple of steaks (bleh. they weren't great.)

but today, for lunch i whipped up some fresh turkey burgers (ground turkey, montreal seasoning, salt, pepper, pepper jack cheese, tomato and ketchup) and those rocked...


tonight i am ready to start my new career as a chef.

why? because i rock.

i grilled up some chicken breasts with Hoboken Eddies Merlie's Magic (it's an orange pineapple glaze laced with Jalapeno and Habanero.) and then grilled up some sweet potatoes and also some pineapple.

mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmm!!!

i effing kick arse.

that is all from the gigglegrill.

May 31, 2007



Broadway Comedy Club
New York Comedy Club
Maria Bamford


well, i am posting from my laptop at the moment (none of my laptops, or the little desktop, have design software on 'em)

i just had my big desktop machine (pc. yeah, yeah, i know, all you mac lovers... i have a mac too, but rarely use it) anyway, just had my big desktop - with pretty much my career and life on it - picked up by Dan at Monmouth Computer.


because i am screwed.

i got a blue screen error:

Stop: c0000218 {Registry File Failure}
The registry cannot load the hive (file):
or its log or alternate

so... i rebooted.

got it again.

and again.

and again.

feck. so i called dan and he just picked it up. he helped me retrieve my data and brought my machine back to life last july. hopefully he can do it again. scary stuff this blue screen biz.

of course, all of my proposals and client files (website files) are on that machine. he said i wouldn't lose my software or the files. and yes, i know that it' probably a simple fix - but, like folks have me desgn websites because they'd rather have things done right, i would rather have a pro fix my machine and spend a few bucks than slog through google trying to find the right fix and attempting it myself.

he's supposed to call me about the machine. hopefully today... crossing fingers. thank god i have other computers in the house... otherwise i would freak.

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