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July 1, 2007


I did:
4 sets (10 reps) of forward lunges [5 lb weights]
1 sets (10 reps) of towel squats
2 sets (10 reps) of deadlifts [5 lb weights]
2 sets (10 reps) of bilateral heel raises [5 lb weights]
1 set reverse leg lifts

my legs are about to fall off.

July 2, 2007

day 3 of killing myself

of course i don't mean suicide. basically just finding out what muscles i might have hidden on my body.

apparently i have a few in my calves... which woke me up from a dead sleep this morning and started yelling at me.

this morning, I did:
2 sets (10 reps) of hammer curls [5 lb weights]
2 sets (10 reps) of two-armed overhead extension [5 lb weights]
2 sets (10 reps) of bench flyes [5 lb weights]
2 sets (10 reps) of standing bentover rows [5 lb weights]
2 sets (10 reps) of military presses [5 lb weights]
1 set torso twists (10 reps... kill me.)
1 set lateral waist bends

so I most likely will be bitching and moaning about my arms tomorrow. aren't you excited? i know I am.

actually, i feel pretty good. like i'm actually doing something.

well, now back to work and sitting on my arse.

July 3, 2007

day 4 and my new gadget...

well, y'all seem to like it when i am bitching and moaning about stuff.... sooooooooooooo.... waaaahhhh my legs and shoulders are growling at me (but it's that "good" kind of "holy shite, i actually am working out and feeling things happening" kind of pain....)

as of this morning i'm 197.3 which is fine and dandy by me. 12.9 pounds gone from my highest weight of 210.2

just finished Day 4 of the Smart Girl/Dumbbell thang.

1 set (20 reps) of front squats [5 lb weights]
4 sets (12 reps) of standing leg curls curls
2 sets (12 reps) of plie squats [5 lb weights]
1 sets (20 reps) of unilateral heel raises [5 lb weights]
1 set (10 reps) of pelvic tilts

holy hell... the unilateral heel raises nearly made me cry. okay, not really, but it was tough. did it though :}

pedometer1.jpgi am gearing up to start walking or whatever... noooooooo not today, what are you? crazy?

i just bought this lovely gadget - it's making its way to me as we speak...

Omron HJ-720ITC Advanced Pocket Pedometer with USB Connection and PC Software

suuuuuuuuuure, i could've done the nike + ipod thing, but, actually nike sneakers (pardon me, i mean athletic footwear) and i don't get along extremely well... plus i have the video ipod, not a nano.

so, this thing supposedly is a good pedometer and will be cool to track my progress (yes. i am a geek and like the visual tracking idea.)

anyone else out there have this type of pedometer?

i have a 2 mile fun run (i'm probably walking) on July 21st - and when i go to boston next week, i'll be walking a ton, so i'll be wearing this thing (although, it says you can throw it in your purse and it will track steps accurately. we'll see.)

that said... gotta crank out some websites now.


July 4, 2007

HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!!

My Fellow Americans.....


click here for the video clip



just finished day 5 of my Smart Women Do Dumbbells book/weight training.

of course, it SHOULD'VE been day 5. I wound up reading the wrong day and did Day 6 which is compound sets...

don't get me wrong, i feel good. just am going to slather ben gay on me for the 4th of July.

(perhaps it's my Independence from Fat Day today?)

anyway... below is what i did (note: they are compound sets - so i was changing back and forth between exercises).....

Continue reading "SWEATING LIKE A FREAK..." »

July 5, 2007


okay i ate like a freak tonight --- went to The Windmill and had a cheeseburger with fried onions, split a hot dog & fries with gigglemom. yes... the alli kicked into action.

july 4th morning when i weighed myself, i was 197.2

as of 4 minutes ago, after eating all the slop, i was 197.1

we'll see if it lasts throughout the night --- normally i lose weight when i sleep...

did i mention i am back on the ww wagon - mainly doing the online thing there, but most likely will head to a meeting this monday... we'll see. i like the leader at the 10am monday meetings, but, it's so damned early. i'm just starting to wake up at that hour (actually, you have to get to the meeting at 9:30am - and by the time i find my .005lb outfit, it gets a little late)

anyway, so far, so good... i am trying to get more and more sleep --- since "they" say that sleep is a key factor in weight loss.

i also bought a book tonight called "The NonRunner's Marathon Guide For Women"

um... see, i have that 2 mile fun run in a couple of weeks... i have to get off my duff and start at least walking (the strength training is great, but i have to slap some cardio into this.)



yeah, yeah, i know you're not supposed to weigh in every day...

but, here's the skinny, it's helping me stay on track and know that things are working and if i need to curb some stuff or not that day (yes, every day i need to curb stuff, but, i mean keep in check.)


this morning... 196.5


BB8 !!!!

who's ready for the season premiere of Big Brother 8!!!???

yes, i know. I am hanging my head in shame right now, so i probably shouldn't mention that i usually watch the 24/7 video feeds.

and i check out these boards:
morty's tv

July 6, 2007


okay. it's dry tanning oil spray, actually.

just was outside hanging out in the kiddie pool (i didn't feel like trekking to the main pool and dealing with the rugrats screaming over there)

have a good base tan going for a pasty irish girl.

I AM A GADGET (soon-to-be-fitness) GEEK

my friday night consisted of walking 2.25 miles in 41 minutes.

i'm just excited that i came home from dinner and UPS had delivered the Omron HJ-720ITC pedometer while i was out... so i've hooked this puppy up to my pc and have all of my stats plugged in... i am such a gadget geek!!

I walked 5,103 steps (aerobic steps: 4790)
aerobic walking time: 41 minutes
calories burned: 212
distance: 2.25 miles
fat burned: 14.2


so i just came inside after walking and about 3 minutes later it started pouring out... good timing - although, at the moment, i think the rain might feel awesome. smells good.

OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! along with my pedometer, there was another package...

a strength training book and a Joss Stone CD... THANK YOU MIKE!!!!!!! *mwah*

July 7, 2007


because i am sweating all over my laptop.

ewwwwwwwwwwww. sorry folks. it's about 430 degrees outside, give or take. (okay, it's 81 degrees...)

but, i just walked 2.49 miles in the blistering heat (yeah i stopped before i realized all i needed was .01 mile to hit 2 and a half. oh well.) yeah, yeah, okay, Phoenix with your 126 degrees... boo hoo. you have a dry heat.

anyway... loving the pedometer - all it needs now is a way to drag me around my complex (i walked around it 3 times and it was 2.49 miles)

then i came home and did my Smart Girls Do Dumbbells & Get Sunburned weight training.

so, at the risk of alienating my loyal slackers out there... here are my stats and crap:

Steps: 5,638
Aerobic Steps: 5,589
Aerobic Walking Time: 47 min.
Distance: 2.49 miles
Calories: 234
Fat Burned: 16.0

and then i did upper body strength training... but, my arms are going to fall off if i type anymore.
(Find Smart Girls Do Dumbbells and then turn to Day 8... and there you go. that's what I did.)

WEIGHT: 194.4

Today I am thankful for: random water sprinklers that turned on by mistake while i was walking around the condo complex for the 3rd time

July 8, 2007


i'm getting ready to hit the pool - while i would like to say that i plan on doing 40 laps, i most likely will just be floating on my back in the water and getting sunburned.

just got in from walking in the 92 degree heat.

steps: 5877
aerobic steps: 5868 (apparently i slacked off on 9 steps)
aerobic walking time: 51 minutes
calories: 240
distance: 2.59 miles
fat burned 16.8

now i have to squeeze into my suit.

July 9, 2007


i just set my alarm for 7:30am because i want to go walking.

what the hell??!


it's 92 degrees out.

i walked and then went to weight watchers (i'm 194.8 - total loss of 15.4 pounds)

here're the walking stats...

steps: 6018
aerobic steps: 6019 (somehow i added a magical aerobic step in there!?)
aerobic walking time: 52 minutes
calories: 243
distance: 2.65 miles
fat burned 17.1

and now, back to the grind and the pc (which is upstairs where it's hot as hell - yeah i need to turn the AC on, but still is hot... *groan*)

i'll do my strength training later tonight when it's cooler (i do mine outside.)

July 10, 2007


hmmmmm... well, i've invested in some companies (in shares of their stock) over the past 8 months (you may see the stock ticker stuff over on the left side of the main page of my blog)

anyway - they're doing okay, but, over the past couple of weeks, my one shining star stock, Darling International, has had a couple of, eh, interesting articles that mention them...

Now, Darling is not what one would say a "pretty" company... it's a little messy but they've been performing nicely since i bought them at 7.70

in any event, it's a little disconcerting when one sees a headline on their birthday reading

"Broken valve leads to 4,000 pound pig blood spill in K-Falls."

all i could picture was the image of Sissy Spacek standing there holding my money and screaming.

and THEN tonight i saw a video and then read an article with the lead paragraph as follows:

A wildfire started yesterday in the San Pasqual Valley after a swarm of bees caused a driver to crash his rendering truck filled with rotting chicken.

I am still sticking with my Darling, but, cripes, get some drivers who aren't afraid of bees, please!!!!


the future is still in Animal Fat though.

July 11, 2007



my cousin Matt and Dawn's baby, Ally...

Ally and the Strawberry

I took this at my cousin Fran and his wife Georgina's baby shower.

cute, eh? feel free to leave a comment on the flickr page!!

July 12, 2007


well, i am off to Boston for the weekend!

*adjusting yankees cap and grabbing my suitcase*

July 17, 2007



yep, i am back from my weekend in Boston - had an awesome time and walked an average of 8 miles per day - yes, my feet are killing me... and i gained 10 pounds. arrrgh.
feel free to click the photos!!!!

erin, jude & fran @ the Black Rose

me and my friends, jude & fran (we were at The Black Rose pub)

CLICK HERE to walk the Freedom Trail with me and also to see what other shenanigans I was up to with my lobstah.

(i still have to rotate a few of the photos and tweak some colors, but, here they are, folks.)

July 19, 2007


July 21, 2007

thanks to my favourite muggle, mike!!!




of course, i have to head to a birthday party today and then get the house ready for the Big Furniture Move of 2007 ---- alas, i need to read this book as well... *sigh* no sleep for me.

July 23, 2007


July 25, 2007


yet i think i have the start of a cold (more specifically, a sore throat. wahhh. oh well.)

wound up not going to the muster zone to hire mexicans.

my cousin jimmy came over and he and i went and moved furniture out of my aunt and uncle's house and loaded it into the truck. then we came back to my house and my cousin kenny came over and helped us - thank gawd, because i was dying.

there was a lot of furniture. loaded the 10' truck (from Budget) to the gills and rafters. yes, it had both.

my room is 1/4 clean... well, not "clean" but "neater" --- okay, maybe an 1/8th, not a quarter. but i moved a bunch of crap out yesterday - don't even know, i just grabbed stuff that was in a section of my room that i hadn't touched in 3 years - and i threw it in a garbage bag and then the dumpster. hey, if i haven't used it in 3 years, it probably wasn't important (watch my birth certificate have been in there... and my diamond tiara.)

i have a ton more stuff to do, but, since i was feeling rundown, i pretty much was sleeping most of the day (took part of the day off from work. arrrgh.)

what else? have only gotten 53 pages into harry potter... so far so good. if i didn't have work, sore throat, bucket of nyquil and moving furniture hindering me, i would've been finished with it on saturday...

July 26, 2007


the cherry flavoured nyQuil, that is.

eff me, my frigging head has been splitting since 6pm... like, mega-splitting. never've had a migrane before, but, i am sure that they suck hard if it's anything like what i am dealing with right now.

yeah, i am whining.

i have so much work to do, but can barely even keep my eyes open for more than 5 min at a clip.

even typing right now is painful - so i'll be cutting this wahhhhhhh-poor-me-fest short.

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