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August 1, 2007


crap! i've not been around (okay well, i've BEEN around, but not updating my site... i mean, not "around" like "whoring"...)

anyway... don't forget to RABBIT RABBIT first thing in the morning (don't know what i mean? google it.)

i'm off to work and watch big brother after dark on showtime too.

August 2, 2007


two dolla is okay.

thoughts and prayers floating out to the minnesota folks out there....

August 6, 2007

kill me.

dear God. I have been watching the big brother live feeds on real player....

i've barely slept in the past week.

i'm going to take nyQuil now so i can pass out. frigging BB8 addiction. bastards.

August 16, 2007


i swear if i hear Eric's shifty, lying voice one more time, or if Jameka says "Mmmmmm Hmmmm" again within the next 10 seconds I am going to strangle someone. Most likely, I will be putting the chokehold on Amber. Seriously, that girl cries at the drop of a hat when she's not asking what words mean and when she's not spewing anti-semitic drivel. This chick is killing me "I can't! I just can't!" - BS she's an "EX" meth head. She's gotta still be on something. It sickens me when she and Dustin are all over each other -- lady, he's gay! stop grinding on him and telling him he's hot. He's such a pompous ass. Don't even get me started on Jess. Lazy little alcoholic girl - frigging wash a dish already!!!

At least Zach, weird as he may be, is decent enough. Jen's growing on me (the bikinis are a little small... maybe if I get a slop week i can fit into a bikini. doubtful though.) Dani's okay but she's a bit snippy to her dad.

The only saving grace in the house right now is Dick... I know I'm voting for him to stay tonight. I can't wait to see the look on Dustin's face when he's evicted! LOL bastard.

And.... wait... what the frig!? Okay, I need to step away from the Big Brother Live Feeds - i've had them on 24/7 and then the Showtime Too After Dark episodes each night. I've had about 9 hours sleep in the past week. Not good.

Yet.... i can't seem to peel myself away from them.

I DID go over to my dad's on sunday and dug up the grass on his lawn (did that on sunday and last friday) so that I can go there tomorrow and mulch... This way they don't need to mow the lawn ever again.

Giggledad is having his hip replaced this coming wednesday (the 22nd) - he just got the last okay from his doctors today... (he was supposed to have it done in march and wound up having to have his carotid artery cleaned out instead... so, all systems are FINALLY GO! thank God. because he's been in SOOOOOOOO much pain. poor fella. basically he has bone on bone with the hip. same thing happened to my aunt ann --- right down to the carotids.)

in any event... this has to have been the longest i've been away from my site....

frigging big brother... kidnapping my brain.... and it doesn't end until september 27th. arrrrrgh!!


August 28, 2007

sounds of shuffling can be heard........



right hand grasping for the edge


left hand clawing for a branch


right leg swinging up over the side


left leg pulling up onto the embankment


sorry about that.

just have had a lot of stuff going on.

first off, giggledad is recovering nicely with his new hip... last wednesday was the surgery, he did very well for someone whose hp was bone on bone without any ball/socket action.

he moved to the rehabilitation center on saturday - he's in pain but not as much as he was in on wednesday and thursday. and now he's started physical therapy today. so things are looking up.

am heading over there around lunchtime.

what else? just working, watching big brother bullshite (for those who watch it ONLY on television, the editing is a crock of crap. get the feeds. it's all BS) and i am 3/4 of the way through the harry potter book (have been attempting to make time for it - and was pissed a couple of weeks ago when some farkwit had spoilers written in pain on the window of the car they were driving.)

anyway... will try not to slip off the edge of the world again.

how've y'all been (to the 3 readers who are still checking this site. nice that i've gone from 2600 visitors per day to a hanfdful... *sigh*)

August 29, 2007


with the last Harry Potter book, that is...


and yes, i got a little choked up towards the end... okay a lot choked up... i don't want the series to end... but it ended perfectly.

(sort of like how Six Feet Under ended perfectly in my opinion)


watching CNN and they said that there's some 18 year old kid out there who stabbed his 11 year old twin brothers... one of the twins is dead.

the thing that got me is the anchor said:

"Authorities said that he may have emotional problems"

um... ya' think!?? what the eff?

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