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October 1, 2007


okay, for all of you freaks still awake, like myself... don't forget to "rabbit, rabbit" first thing in the morning.

right now, i am sitting here with a bowl of Lipton Butter & Herb Noodles & Sauce... oh yeaaaaah...

no, it's probably not one would technically call "good" for the diet, but, it's 1:30am and all bets are off at the moment.

let's see... i bought a new office chair for my upstairs desk (right now i am on the laptop on the couch in the living room.)

for a year and a half, i've been sitting on a crapola metal chair in my bedroom (when i've been up there) and let's just say I and the chair had our fill of one another this afternoon... so, i hightailed it to Staples and picked up a nice comfy chair... hallelujah!! it raises up and down and i am actually sitting high on the hog whilst i work at my pc... it's given me a second wind so to speak with the work thing - the other chair was so "Miltonesque/Swingline stapler/Basement office" and my back's been KILLING me...

granted, the back may be killing me because I'm heading into the 2nd year of sleeping on the couch downstairs...

i DID do a little bit of cleaning tonight in the bedroom... and i went to Target and bought a nice little bed in a bag doohickey --- tonight MAY very well be the last night i sleep on the couch...

besides working tomorrow, i'm going to be doing a little more organizing and all that crap...

no videos of the room or my neti pot nose yet.

gotta finish my bucket of noodles and hit the hay.


behold.... my room



hahaha - he was rattling off "government secrets" and said "Oceanic Flight 815 was shot down by..."

heh... well played NBC... with your ABC Lost reference

October 3, 2007



13-Year-Old Confesses To Murdering Brother Over Dessert...

did the reporter REALLY need to write:

"Investigators found no way to sugar coat what has happened to Lavares in recent months..."

October 5, 2007

gigglevlog #9

October 7, 2007


so, i must admit, i haven't been reading many blogs over the past year or so...

one that i do check frequently is Lorna's (she's one of my birthday twins.)

if you read her site, you'll know that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in june about 6 days before the birthday... she's awesome... and very cool as you can tell in this photo.

that said - on her site when i checked tonight was a link to a girl named Sarah.

Go. Read the blog. start at the very bottom of it and read up. Meaning... start HERE at the first post... and read all that follow...

I must admit that in the past 7 years I've been blogging, sure, I have teared up a handful of times, but sweet Jesus, tonight i've been bawling my eyes out after reading every post...

after reading their sites, i just want to bitch slap myself for whinging about "being in a funk" and bitching about my room not being clean.


well, last night at 3am i scrubbed the ter-let (complete with heavy duty rubber gloves and a scouring brush thing.

also shined the hell out of my kitchen sink...

then today, i scrubbed the bathroom sink and cleared half the crap off the counter...

now i am sitting down to watch the 2nd episode of Life

also, i've been re-reading my Sink Reflections book (which is by FlyLady)

gigglevlog #10 - THE NETI POT EPISODE....

feel free to come out of the woodwork and comment on the youtube page... please! thanks...

and don't forget to rate it on youtube or myspace!

UPDATE: yes. i added an image of me and the neti pot as my match.com profile picture. that'll get me a date!

October 8, 2007


i threw my back out by... sleeping.

yeah yeah yeah i know i need to stop sleeping on the frigging couch.

i'm watching the yankees/cleveland game. it's NOT over yet... it's only the bottom of the 8th and we're only down by 3 dangit.

oh, my match.com profile photo was taken down by match.com because they thought i was performing some sort of illegal activity. it's a frigging saline filled Neti Pot... *sigh* dolts.

October 10, 2007


it's 3am and i just did my evening sinus irrigation... woo!

i must say that i've been one of those folks who get what's known as "allergic shiners" --- dark circles under the eyes caused by allergies. real pretty.

anyway... i've noticed a marked improvement in the shiners... sweet! i should've taken a before/after type of photo to show the difference.

of course, staying up till 3:15am probably won't help keep the dark circles away!

anyone else ever experience the Allergic Shiner phenomenon?


well, hello to all of you who are trekking through here via the Asbury Park Press article/board on Bruce...

feel free to comment or just read through all of my archives.

To the decent ones on that message board, howdy...

To the vile trolls who seem to be ridiculously close-minded, right wing assholes... feel free to stay, I am fine and dandy with batting you around like a cat with a lethargic mouse.


okay remember me whining a few posts ago about my back being out of whack?

well, okay, let me preface this by saying i made my bed upstairs last night, yet didn't sleep in it.

tonight's the night for the bed christening - after 2 years sleeping on the couch.

that said...

i was laying on my bed a few minutes ago getting used to it and Beri (my 10 pound yorkie) was on there too.

so I am laying there flat on my back and Beri decides to JUMP on my left hip...


loudest pop you ever heard.

i didn't feel pain from it... i laid very still for a few seconds to make sure I wasn't paralyzed.

I eased myself up off the bed....

MY BACK IS FIXED!!! granted, still a touch sore from using muscles wrong for the past couple of days, but... MY BACK IS FIXED!!!!

**** if anyone has a bad back out there, I am willing to hire Beri out and she can make house calls.


October 11, 2007

well... this is it....

i am in my bed.

my BED.


after 2 years.



ahhhhh... comfy...

ahhhhhhh... cushy....

ahhhhhhhhh... roomy...

AH CRAP... i can't sleep.


okay, i wound up falling asleep.

SOUND asleep.

woke up about 30 minutes ago. rested.


of course, mentally my body is saying, "um... you're alarm is set for 9:30am - why not go back and get some more sleep - i know we don't feel like we need it, but, lookit that comfy bed!"

okay, well, it IS set for another hour and 15 minutes from now.... new alarm clock... I don't want to offend it.

but, man alive, that was a good sleep!

*** and Beri slept all night in my bed. Totally left Gigglemom flat downstairs. she's already back in my bed snoring her little Yorkie heart out.


so, i'm almost done with the new design for this little lady below... will post the site when i'm done and it's launched. in the meantime... here's a webisode of her's on superdeluxe... enjoy...

October 13, 2007


okay, i fell asleep in the bed at 10:30pm and the dog woke me up because she'd jumped off and needed help back up.

i need to invest in Doggy Steps.

planning on waking up at 7am to work on maria's site.... part of me wants to work on it now since i'm up, but i'm still a tad groggy...

yes. 10:30pm. me & my bed.


now that i woke up a few hours ago, i can't frigging sleep

(although, i DID wind up creating much needed background images for the client.)

but, still...

October 15, 2007


was up coding may latest client's site --- i wound up going to bed at 8am...

yesterday was gigglemom's birthday.... did the present thing and then i had to keep working

showed MB a prelim version of her site... she said it looked "BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!" (complete with 9 exclamation points)

right now, even though i am not done, i need to nap... i am getting a cold --- mainly throat and chest... the nose is swell, because of the neti pot ;}

October 18, 2007

just thought i'd tell ya'....

i bought omega 3 fish oil capsules the other day (that touts "Reduced Fish Burps!" on the label)

I've yet to take them.

I haven't taken a photo of them, but they are frigging huge... i'd say a good inch long... which, not for nothing, is daunting for this chick who gags on anti baby vitamins that are teeny tiny.

i have to gear up for the giant fish capsules... just the thought right now is making my throat get tight.

gonna have to take these bastards though since i spent about $35 frickin' bucks on 'em.

also bought coEnzyme q10... but my throat seems to be pissed off at me and has to talk itself into taking those as well.

October 19, 2007


there will be NO VLOG showing this....

i was on a neti pot site and there was a link to the above on there.... yikes... sounds like bulimia for beginners

so, curious, i did a search for kunjal and i found this...enjoy.

October 20, 2007



i'm not kidding.

turn back now if you don't want to feel ill.


i'm serious.

i'm assuming that those with iron-clad tummies are still reading...


i ate a large thin crust Dominos sausage pizza tonight... with buffalo chicken kickers (only 5 kickers. but ate the whole pie.)

while that may sound like the disgusting part.... which, yeah, in hindsight, it was.... but this isn't the ick factor part of this post.

that was at around 9pm that i ate that schlock.

at 11pm i ran to the bathroom and threw it up... no no no, not on purpose. my stomach basically turned into Mt. St. Helen and spewed forth hot, molten regurgitated pizza and buffalo chicken.

oh wait... did you think THAT was the disgusting part? just a little vomit? please... i wouldn't just eff around with a little puking story.

have you gotten sick yourself yet?? no?


keep reading....

i did my evening Neti Pot ritual...


what? you're thinking "so what?" right........... ?

wait for it...

waaaait for it.............

chunks of sausage and cheese flowed out of my nose.

yes. you read that correctly.

was that disgusting enough for you?

yep... sausage in my sinuses. niiiiiice.

makes you think of Snausages doesn't it?

October 22, 2007


okay... well, after the Dominos fiasco on Saturday night, I'm attempting to diet again.

granted, I'd already planned to start a caloric reduction plan way before the sausage incident. gigglemom and i are giving it a go.

so... we'll see.

i've got my All Bran with Extra Fiber (aka Colon Blow) at the ready with a banana.


wow, i'm watching CNN, MSNBC and FOX with their coverage of the fires out in California...

my heart is breaking for them. How horrible.

It was good to see the President break in to make a statement about it around 1:30pm and ---

wait.. WHAT? he didn't mention the hell that's happening in the U.S. at all?

No mention of the fires? No mention of the drought in Georgia and the south? No mention of the victims of the tornados in the South and in Michigan?

What the hell was he talking about that was so important that he needed to interrupt the coverage of Southern Cali burning and at least 250,000 people being FORCED to evacuate?

He must be saying that they'll get financial and physical help in each of these areas, right?

Must be saying that the National Guard will be sent to these places, right?


what's that?

He only broke in to say he wants $46 BILLION more for WAR.


oh and the National Guard is in Iraq (and more being sent to Iraq from NJ) and also patrolling the U.S./Mexico


*** at least Georgia got a smattering of rain today - not that THAT is going to help much.

October 23, 2007


so, yesterday i weighed in at 205.6 lbs.

(not my heaviest weight, but, still not the best.)

did pretty well yesterday with the "hey, what should i eat?" questions.

let's just tell ya', Kellogg's All Bran with Extra Fiber really MEANS "Extra Fiber"... you do the math.

in any event, i woke up this morning and weighed myself... yes, i know that folks are supposed to try to only weigh themselves once a week. i can't work like that... i need to "be in check" on a daily basis.

where was i? oh yeah, i weighed myself... 203.6 lbs.

lost 2 pounds since yesterday morning...

Thanks All Bran!!!

breaking news on msnbc

well, first they were discussing a 4 year old kid who's been suspended for hugging a teacher's aide...

then they cut in with the President and said he was going to talk about the wildfires

alas, it was just Bush yapping about getting $$$ for war funding.



got an email this morning from my friend Neil out in Stevenson Ranch --- yes... OUT "THERE"

he and his family (wife, kid, dog) evacuated.... but he took some photos as he was leaving

here you go... CLICK FOR 14 PAGES of PHOTOS by Neil

here was the email explaining stuff.... frightening stuff and i hope his house is still standing:

Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for all your support, everything is now fine, although it was EXTREMELY scary. The quick story (especially for those who don't know yet):

There were two fires burning in the Santa Clarita area, although none were particularly threatening. A neighborhood nearby had been evacuated in the AM, so we decided that we'd prep for evacuation if necessary. The day went by without much incident, but Simone noticed a NEW fire about 2pm. The fire was about 1/4 mile directly in back of the house and the wind was blowing about 45 miles per hour in our direction.

Although the fire was new, it spread quickly. Within minutes, we had thirty foot flames on the crest of the hill in back of our house. There was mad dash to pack the cars, pets and ourselves. Through the grace of something divine, the wind blew the flames west and up the crest AND the firefighters were on the ground within ten minutes. There were also 2x supertanker planes and 2x helicopters all dropping water BEFORE we even left (these guys are GOOD). Literally, from the time we noticed the smoke to the time we left (seriously not more than 25 minutes), the fire had swept about a mile up the crest of the hill. Fire is f-ing scary, scary, scary. I was able to get some pictures before we left (once I knew the fire wasn't coming directly at us), but we quickly left to stay with friends for a bit.


We were able to come home about three hours later and everything was okay.....for now. Keep an eye on the 'Stevenson Ranch' fire, as that is the concerns us. So far, so good. Might be tough to sleep at night, but there's certainly a sense of relief. The cars are packed with all the important things, ready to bolt if history repeats. Let's hope that's not the case. Especially considering that I have 2x Springsteen shows next week. ;)

Also, thanks so much to those who have offered shelter and protection. Hopefully, we won't have to take you up on it.

Until these fires are out, there's not going to be a really 'safe' feeling.

Crazy, huh?

Not for nothing, with all that's going on out there, I'm jealous that he's got Bruce tix :}

October 26, 2007


okay, not really, but that's basically a sample of what I was yelling at the teevee. I was playing the first of my 5 Jillian Michaels "The Biggest Winner" DVDs... this one in the player was the "Shape Up: Front" disc.

i'm probably going to get electrocuted from sweating all over my laptop. ick.

i couldn't finish the frigging disc. got halfway through and basically wound up with Tourrette's Syndrome and the beginning of a stroke.

I'd bought a Reebok Step platform thing about an hour or so ago. Set it up in the living room. Strapped on the Sports Booby Catcher and my sweatpants and turned on the dvd.

Oh, and there's a chick on this dvd named Erin, so Jillian keeps yelling "Come on, Erin! Do it!"

Actually, I like this DVD. this Jillian is a hardass and not some perky twit that's all bubbly.

Of course, Jillian didn't stop me from hitting stop and crawling over to the computer to whine about this thing.

It'll get better.

I still have to do these DVDs that came in the mail:

"Shape Up: Backside"
"Cardio Kickbox"
"Maximum: Full Frontal"
"Maximum: Back in Action"
"Maximum: CPR"
"Maximum: Myocardial Infarction"
"Maximum: Conus Medullaris"

October 27, 2007


well, i'm heading to the Comedians of Comedy 10pm show at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza tonight.

Maria Bamford is part of the CoC and i'm launching her newly redesigned site this wednesday (if not sooner)

October 28, 2007

not my client....

okay, went to the Comedians of Comedy show tonight (saturday) at Irving Plaza. It was excellent.

There was, however, a frigging tool in the audience that was shouting out retarded comments and I wish that he was closer to where I was standing because I would've loved to have pummeled him. I wouldn't have, but, at least I would've verbally bitch slapped him. jerk.

who was there... ??

me and david cross

Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford (yay!!!! keep your eyes peeled for her new site this week.), Brian Posehn, David Cross, Eugene Mirman, Aziz Ansari, The Perfect Storm (heh.), John Mulaney (I could be wrong.), Jon Glazer and a couple of others that were good yet, it's 6am and I just got home from the city and I cannot think.

P.S. - check out this letter to Larry the Cable Guy from David Cross on his site. it's brilliant. that is all.

CIRCA 1995

how funny!! gigglemom was googling the NYC Halloween Parade for photos and she came across THIS SITE and was looking at them.

if you scroll down there's an image of a chick dressed in a potato costume...

IT'S ME!!! from 1995!!!

hahaha and i'm with my former boss, Helen Barr and her niece Katie.


October 30, 2007


i'm watching the democratic debate right now on MSNBC. there's a lot of talk about carrots, sticks and saber rattling within their answers.

i wish i could ask for my $25 back from John Edwards...

hillary - in my opinion - all of their asses.

update: Joe Biden has had some good statements... about Rudy Guiliani speaking he has "a noun, a verb and 9/11" whenever he says something.

heh. nice.

update post-debate: chris matthews is yapping with bill richardson and when richardson isn't on the stage, i like him. although, i did think that he rocked during the debate when he said that the attacks were getting personal.

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