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November 26, 2007 6:52 PM

man alive... so after 8 years of auto-renewing my domain name on register.com, they had a frigging glitch and it didn't automatically go through the motions of keeping things up-to-date.

i woke up this morning to my site being fricking' re-directed to register.com and about 2 dozen emails asking me where my site is (from lurkers... which i am fine with folks lurking, but also like to hear from you in the comments... at least since y'all emailed me today i felt loved still... lately it's been bloody quiet in the comments except for a chosen few)

blah blah blah so i renewed my domain name for 2 years and MADE SURE that they checked the auto-renew thing. this was at 1pm-ish.

at 5pm, my site was still offline. i called them again - this time with an attitude (especially since i've been paying them since 1999)

they were like "it's going to take 24 hours"

i said "well that's unacceptable after 8 years of me auto-renewing my domain and because of a glitch on your end"

register.com chick "please hold."

2 minutes later "ms. bennett, i just spoke with the tech person and they're making sure it goes through as soon as possible. it should be within the hour"

thank you.

okay so around 6pm, the site was back up.


*brushing my hands off*

Whatchoosayin'?? (8 yapped)

I frequently think twice and then I don't bother submitting my 2 cents worth. But I know better than to try to match wits with you GC. Big hugs I'm glad it is all sorted out.

[note from GC: submit your 2 cents!!!!]

"Lurkers" is a bit harsh. I prefer "wallflowers" or perhaps "lazy ass readers that find it much easier to take than to give." Now you've shamed me into contributing. There, are you happy?

[note from GC: i am quite. thank you, dearest wallflower]

Just saw your Challenge on the Nike+ site and thought I'd visit the blog. Very nice. Thumbs up on the challenge.

[note from GC: thanks for joining! just saw your stats - barring a couple of inches, we could be twins!]

Glad you are back...I figured it was some sort of glitch in the system....kind of freaked me out though...I check your blog every day....I have no life....

Hey, you got fans out here, just some of us are a little shy when it comes to posting. But, nonetheless, your blog perks up my day! Love to hear from a average jane with a quick wit that I can relate too. Thanks


Do we HAVE to run or can I just pedometer it off? I just got released from PT after breaking my leg last January, I know, I know, long convalescence, but i broke it vertically from the knee to half way down to the ankle (split the bone). Yes, I know, I'm graceful.

Never really been much of a runner, more like a walker. Get beck w/ me, 'K?


[note from GC: as long as you have a nike+ gadget and join the gigglechick fat off on the nikeplus.com site, feel free to walk. i'm doing half walk/half jog right now]

YAY!!! Glad to see you're back :)

I am one of your "lurkers" that you mentioned that have never left a comment. MY BAD :( So, I also noticed your site was being redirected yesterday. I've been reading your blog for over a year now and think it's great!! I love your Video Blogs too! GOOD LUCK on your Nike run thingy!! btw I'm from Nebraska and I'm not sure HOW I stumbled across your blog, but I check every day for a new update. Keep Smiling Erin!! :)

[note from GC: welcome! glad you came out from the shadows :} hope to hear from you some more!!!]

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