FURIOUSBALL... you might not wanna read this.
May 14, 2008 8:49 PM

well, um... i bought this. it's enough for a month. they say you should do it the first time for two to 3 months.

since i am going to be on vacation from June 20 - 29, i will only be doing a month and then see how i fair.

i want to try it because i've been really tired and bloaty and icky and just blah lately. oh and fat. i can't forget fat. i'm not technically doing this to lose weight, but, if that happens, i won't complain. it's supposed to boost your energy, get rid of any sort of ick in your body and generally help you feel better.

now, keep in mind, i just received it in the mail today. just drank the KleriTea tonight (it was actually really good.)

okay. so tomorrow i am supposed to use the fiber in the morning. it's a powder that you mix into water or they say, preferably, fruit juice.

i have a horrible gag reflex, so, there is a good chance that doing the psyllium husk fiber/juice thing might just cause me to choke and vomit all over the place. so there's that.

but so far, i was pleasantly surprised by the tea. it actually tasted nice.

wait, i think before the fiber powder tomorrow morning, i have to take these Parasil capsules.

No. Not parasail capsules. Parasil.

This might be the start of something horribly disgusting.

Actually, from what I've read on their site, there is no "might" --- it sounds like it's a sure thing for "the bowels of Hell"

Now... I must warn you before you click on the link for their testimonial page. it's fucked up and one of the grossest things ever. there are photos. and there's descriptions. and it's not pretty.

those of you who are squeamish, you might just want to click here for a safe place instead of going to the testimonial page of the product i just bought.

Those of you who consider yourselves to be mentally and physically ready to deal with things and who also might be a candidate to open Pandora's Box, here you go. CLICK and CLICK HERE

Do not whine at me that I did not warn you.

I'll wait until you return from that site.

you're back.

are you okay? do you need to lie down? it's alright, just lean forward and put your head between your knees and take deep breaths.

really. do you want me to get you a bucket?

okay. it's okay. i'm here. you'll be alright.

so, eh, yeah. i bought that stuff.

and for those of you who've been reading my site for a while, you pretty much know that there's a good chance of me buying something and then not sticking with it (although i DID stay on that ALLI stuff for a couple of months last summer.)

again, it's not so much for me to lose weight since it's not a product FOR that. i just have been curious for a number of years about "cleansing" and figured what the hell. I'm working from home and have a good stockpile of toilet paper.

of course, i DO have a camera, BUT, I think posting my dirty cluttered house was enough to show you. I am not going to be talking to my fecal matter and telling it to "work it" or "say poop!" and take photos of it. you'll thank me later.

plus I don't want furiousball to tell me to take a flamethrower to my intestines.

OH! and for those of you with a fetish for poo chatter.... there's a thread where a bunch of low carb women are taking the stuff i bought. yes. i've been reading it. yes. i am frightened and intrigued at the same time.


Welcome to the YapFest (10 yapped)

Carol yapped on May 14, 2008 10:14 PM

OK, I bit and read through a few of the testimonials. So the problem with the anxiety, fogginess, overweight, and general malaise is that we're all pretty much "full of shiat?" OK, problem solved, let's all get on this stuff and solve the world economic crisis and create world peace! Oh, you didn't get the de-tox foot pad thingies? Good luck with the morning routine, keep us updated and if you do yack, don't forget to netti pot and get all the fiber out of your nose!

[note from GC: yes, carol. i am pooping for peace]

furiousball yapped on May 14, 2008 10:22 PM

you have the devil in you woman

[note from GC: not for long!!!]

cathi yapped on May 14, 2008 10:25 PM

First Obama...I am from Detroit..I would have gone ghetto on him...like real loud, I am not your sweetie and don't sidestep the question...(I then would have been booted out of there pretty damn quick)...kicked to the curb...what a jerk..

Second. Colon Cleansing seems to be the rage..and it was popular approx 15 yrs ago..(i was invited to a demonstration or something like that..I declined the invite..) but, I recently tried Wi Yu tea. and it's supposed to help with weight loss..along with exercise and diet...let's just say it does not go well if you have irriatble bowel syndrome..glad I didn't pay for it..but my colon was clean...owwww...:(

[note from GC: a DEMONSTRATION!!!!!!????? ick.]

Stacy yapped on May 15, 2008 1:06 AM

First off Furiousball's comment made me laugh out loud.....Second off, dont ask me why but I looked at the pictures and come on are these for real???? I have a pretty strong stomach and lets just say I could only peek at them...DID YOU SEE THAT FIRST ONE????...are these people sure they are crapping out parts of their bowels?? I mean I dont particularly know what bowels look like and I sure hope mine dont look bad like that but REALLY? we all have that stuff inside of us???....and to top it off they all proudly display it on the side of their toilets to take the pictures...Im glad you have already decided to spare us of your supersized worms that will be showing themselves shortly...Im sure hearing about it will be bad enough lol Good Luck and may the force be with you!

[note from GC; personally, i don't think i will have "supersized worms" ---- but if something shoots out of me that is insane, there is a good chance that I may stuff it and display it proudly like a 12-point buck]

Colin Brooks yapped on May 15, 2008 2:33 AM

Oh dear goat! I actually clicked and there were photos and the photos made me gag and the gagging made me want to stop looking but I couldn't! This is very disturbing! I'm actually considering doing this now. You know, if there's something like that inside me I want to get it out before I become the first guy to give birth to something looking like that! At some point I though they had passed their own intestines. Then it sunk in. But what amazed me most was how they laid these "creatures" (yes, they're creatures and they hang out in our closets along with the Boogeyman) out on the actual toilet bowl. Was it so others would associate them with going to the toilet or were they too far away from a disposable surface they could place them? Maybe an old newspaper? Oh dear...

You'd better not post any photos like that. Do not even joke about it!

[note from GC: haha - yeah, the photos are a tad graphic. and if you read through a few pages - sans photos - on the link i posted for the "thread" filled with Colonix users you might definitely order the stuff.... or just think "holy crow! these people are diseased!" ---- i seriously doubt i will post photos like those. I think gigglemom would beat me to death if i did]

Julie yapped on May 15, 2008 9:28 AM

Wow, I can't wait for the posts on this one. I'll take your word over a testimonial anyday. As I usually suspect when I read testimonials that management writes them themselves and the photos of the people who are writing are actually managements family. And the pictures were quite disgusting like you warned.
After reading your entire post and the comments, I scrolled back up to see what the "safe place" link was. LMAO, how adorable!

Nick yapped on May 15, 2008 11:22 AM

Those photos reminded me of the movie Alien...

I personally enjoyed the photos on the website. Especially the ones where they arranged their prized deposits around the rim of the bowl. I guess they picked them out of the toilet with their hands?

I used to work with a woman who had a really bad case of acne ever since she was a teenager. She had gone from doctor to doctor looking for a cure and nothing helped. As a matter of fact, the last doctor she had gone to put her on some type of diet that almost wound up killing her. Her weight went down to about 85 pounds and she wound up in the hospital for three months. Didn't even clear up the acne problem. Then she discovered colonics... you know, that proceedure where they stick a garden hose up your butt... She was on this program where she flushed out her system every two weeks. I never saw what actually was flushed out of her body but it did start to clear up the acne. So I guess there's something to this.

SusanB yapped on May 15, 2008 1:34 PM

Those pictures are totally disgusting.....barf!

I read a bit of the testimonials....they all seem to speak the same language about fogs lifting and such.....I would definitely let my regular doctor see that before even taking the stuff. Not saying it all isn't true, but how do we know that the stuff that you are taking doesn't have worms or parasites in it and then that is what is coming out when you....disembowel yourself. ICK.
Good Luck with it is all I can say and be very careful!!!

I have IBD disease, ulcerative colitis and I had the doctor run all kinds of tests on my poop to make sure there were no parasites in it...because all they can tell me is that its thought to be hereditary. Well, no parasites or worms were ever to be found in my bowel samples....talk about gross having to get the samples....another barf - gag. Anyways the next trip to my gastro intenstinal doctor I will be asking him if he knows about this stuff and what he thinks of it. And of course I will be waiting to hear your story of how it goes with you. You are VERY BRAVE Erin!

Susan yapped on May 15, 2008 7:00 PM

You need to put a disclaimer to the comments - I haven't looked yet.. too scared to... but the comments here are making me interested, but I think I will hold back. I have a very weak stomach!

Rabbi yapped on May 16, 2008 7:20 AM

I feel your pain.Since childhood, I've been plauged by sub par bowel movements. Forced eliminations, that would yield painfully passed rabbit pellets.Along the way I discovered beans, leafy vegetables, and bran.I know you mentioned psylium, and your fear of choking.But the psylium powder mixes better, and you have to use less of it.I dose myself a few times a day, and it does the trick.even with just the psylium, I've had eliminations like the ones pictured, and even better.

[note from GC: it's the pills that i am not a fan of taking.... and let's just say that i don't have sub par stuff going on thankfully. just doing this to see what the stink is all about it]

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