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June 1, 2008


I can't remember if I rabbit rabbited when I first woke up (because I went back to sleep.)

There's a 50/50 chance that I did or that I told Beri to hang on and stop scratching at me

okay. the beaded reunion dress arrived...
June 2, 2008

okay. the beaded reunion dress arrived...

and it looked lovely when it got here.

when I put it on, I looked like Mrs. Roper.

needless to say, I'm hoping the other dress that is supposed to arrive tomorrow looks decent.

"Chrissy, you can't give an I.O.U. to the U.P.S. for a C.O.D.! They might call the F.B.I.! "
June 3, 2008

"Chrissy, you can't give an I.O.U. to the U.P.S. for a C.O.D.! They might call the F.B.I.! "

okay... yeah, THAT was a Mrs. Roper quote, but, I went out this morning to the Jackson Premium Outlets and found FIVE (5) dresses.


Very happy with them - sure, they don't make me look anorexic, but, they look nice on me.

Came home, tried 'em on, conferred with gigglemom and decided on one of the dresses (I can bring a couple of the others on the cruise)

Oh! Speaking of the cruise, I went out this morning and got my passport renewed - it's not in my hands, but, it's being expedited. I should have it by June 17.

So after I decided on a dress, I went down the street to look for shoes. they had nothing that I wanted... and/or they had ONE pair that was somewhat okay, but when i tried them on and walked around i was in pain. so that scratched that.

I opted to look tomorrow for shoes when the tootsies are fresh. So, I went next door to the shoe place... to the camera store. I was swayed by the allure of one Ashton Kutcher.

I now own a Nikon CookPix S550... in Plum. (as well as a big ass 4G memory thang and an extra battery)

So happy!

Gadgets are a gal's best friend!

*My camera fits perfectly

** oh yeah, that other dress came in the mail today and it was lovely except it was choking my girls. the ladies need to breathe at the reunion, thank you very much, and the dress was flattening them.

congrats on the presumed nominee thing, obama
June 4, 2008

congrats on the presumed nominee thing, obama

June 5, 2008


wow, what the feck?! NO ONE even checked him out for a full minute before the police drove up.

78 year old man. he's now paralyzed.

it makes me sick.



so, last saturday, i was at the baby shower for my neighbor. my OTHER neighbor was there with her daughter. Her daughter and i were talking and she asked me if i wanted to meet anyone - she knows a guy who is friends with her husband.

so, i said "sure!"

anywhooooooo, this fella called me last night and we were on the phone for about 2 hours or so yapping.

we're going out for sushi tomorrow night --- so it should be a good time. The conversation on the phone was quite easy and our sense of humor meshed well.

Will keep you posted.

In somewhat geek (but not really) news... It's not a gadget, but, I just bought this. An Internet Password Organizer.

Yes, I know I could just buy a notebook and write stuff down. I don't. I have passwords for all sorts of crap written on scraps of paper and tucked around the house. It's not pretty... and it's not working. I have even more passwords stored in my head. Not for nothing, I'm not really swell at remembering.

So, I bought this after seeing it on UnClutterer (they're actually having a contest/giveaway for this organizer over there on unclutterer. I am too impatient to wait and see if I won, so I just bought it.)

oh and i've snagged THIS from furiousball's site:

oh Flineo.... you're brilliant!

oh Flineo.... you're brilliant!

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June 7, 2008


hey all! the blind date went well. i'm supposed to go out with him tomorrow on a paddleboat (there's a work dinner or something on there/shindig thing)

he brought me flowers -reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally pretty ones... (gigglemom was impressed and said to me later "they're one of the prettiest bouquets i've ever seen")

went out for sushi in bradley beach - good time... filled with tuna and salmon rolls (and an ichiban roll which i think had eel in it --- and i really love eel.)

then we headed over to one of the local bars (sans Bennies.) and had a few pints.

All in all, I had a really good time. We'll see what's what (don't go posting "get married" or "have his babies" because I must tell ya' that that stuff makes me uncomfortable --- i'm just saying :}

in about 10 hours I have my 20th class reunion.

very excited about it!!!

I was driving around in phooka this week with tanning accelerator slathered on and then i went to hollywood tans --- which i always forget that i've been paying monthly for --- and so the past couple of days i went there and stood in the booth for 6 minutes.

i am slightly sunburned (or lamp-burned technically... but since i got the initial pinkishness while driving the convertible, i'll say sunburned.

i need to moisturize throughout the day and then start getting ready at around 6:30. I know that sounds a little late, but, the Belmont Stakes are today and I'm going to watch it and root for Big Brown to win the Triple Crown!!!

UPDATE: alas, he came in last. I respect Kent Desormeaux for pulling him up before he injured himself
It's about time (30 year) that there was a Trip Winner. I was heartbroken the year that Smarty Jones lost the Belmont... I think Big Brown looks great and will have a VERY good chance at winning.

Speaking of Smarty Jones...

That day of the Smarty Jones Belmont, was when i met PeeWee for the first time - after she was a long-time reader of my blog.

In any event, she's over on Easter Island THIS WEEKEND... is she standing there looking at the heads?


Is she observing the local wildlife?


Is she running a frigging 26.2 mile Easter Island Marathon?

yes. yes she is.

Here's the info on that marathon.

She's been there for a week.... doing THIS

Very proud of PeeWee!! You're effing insane for doing this, but, I'm proud of ya'.

That said, I'm waiting for Hillary to make her suspension speech in a little while.

I've got a white dress for tonight's reunion...

I've got a white dress for tonight's reunion...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I got my period 30 minutes ago.



June 8, 2008


me and paul wolek

the reunion was tonight! (above is a photo of me dipping Paul -- our class president)

Had a great time - was good to see folks. Although I was having flashbacks most of the night.

Apparently, my dress was cut low and the girls were, um, busting out of it. So this guy Mike *ahem* was staring at them saying "did you get a boob job? they're like... mammoth!"

so i did my old, standby joke saying "yeah, i paid $14,000 for them." then i point at the right one and say "$7000 in Italian takeout" and point at the left one saying "$7000 in chinese takeout. they're homegrown"

passed out my cards - hell, i bought 'em and since i don't need to advertise and don't get out of the house for work, i was flinging them like chinese death stars at people... (of course, later I did find one of my cards on the hors d'oeuvre table... which was okay, because it didn't have any dip or cocktail sauce on it.

didn't recognize a few folks and i thought i had snapped photos of a lot more people... and when I got home to download them, I realized that I hadn't. dangit.

in any event.... HERE ARE THE PHOTOS... **CLICK**

jen mcdonald, purvis, joe vojtko, kevin garrett, me

and with that, I'm gathering my nikes and putting crap into my gym bag... I will be heading there on Monday morning... or applying for The Biggest Loser

getting stuff ready...
June 10, 2008

getting stuff ready...

getting ready for the vacation starting next week (june 20)... so i am hoping to be able to twitter from the ship. not sure if i will be able to. I don't think that I have an international plan on my phone (i didn't think that i'd be going anywhere when I set it up!!)

in any event... i'm going to try to twitter as i said and will create a blog post right before I go where the twitter posts will live.

also, for 10 days i plan on allowing comments to be posted without being approved first... (i'm afraid... and prepared for the onslaught of spam. you folks don't realize just HOW MUCH spam there is in the comments that i have to slog through and delete and pick out the comments that are real and awesome.)

that said...

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"Talk to me, Goose!"

"Talk to me, Goose!"

so in the local paper today is a sick fuck named Dr. Michael P. Coyle - who lives in Princeton and summers in Mantoloking here


he can go to hell for all i care. what a sick, twisted asshole.

seriously. a gosling. not ryan gosling, thank you, but a baby goose.

chased a gaggle of them with his boat and killed a gosling with a RAKE.

this story breaks my heart and makes me want to kick this fuckwit's ass.

June 11, 2008


Like I can REALLY focus on work right now!

Just printed out my Set Sail Pass (Boarding Pass) for the cruise. SO EXCITED!

So much to do for work, but EVEN MORE to do to get ready to go on vacation!

• Have to get clothes to go away with (according to gigglemom, the summer stuff I have isn't "Islandy" enough. apparently, I am supposed to be dressing in bright ass colors and whites and stuff. That's swell and all, but, I don't think anyone wants to see me in a giant yellow flowered mu-mu. Then again, I've never been to the Bahamas. It might be teeming with yellow mu-mus.)

• Pray that I receive my passport by June 17th (I can still use my birth certificate and driver's license, but, supposedly, it's a lot easier to get around while holding your passport.)

• Send out invoices to clients (hope that they send me checks before I leave... because that would be nice.)

• Set up email so that my inbox doesn't get clogged to death with emails while I am away.

• Did I mention shop for cruise wear? I was in Old Navy the other day (prior to the date on Sunday) and grabbed a whole bunch of XL and XXL stuff in there - didn't try them on until i got home - I swear that the Old Navy Sweatshop kids screwed up and put XXL tags on the Small shirts. Bastards.)

• See Dad on Father's Day (I bought him a couple of pairs of Nordic Walking Sticks --- for he and my stepmom to use.

• Tie all work stuff up in a neat little bow by June 18th

• PACK!!! I have no idea where my suitcase is. The thing is kind of huge and Spirit Airlines made me pre-purchase bag check-in for $10 per bag. Right now I only have the one check-in bag (if I can find it) and the carry-on bag... which I need to buy and slap some makeshift clothing/etc in

• set up that cruise post on my blog - that'll be on Thursday night June 19th that I set that up

• have to get my nails and bikini wax next thursday (maybe weds for the bikini. god only knows. shouldn't it be called a "one-piece wax" since there is no way in hell that a bikini is going on my body? maybe I should just get one of those old-timey bathing suits that goes from wrist to ankle. They should make those but with the new-fangled material that allows you to tan through it.)

June 12, 2008


Hey all.

Usually, when I post a bulletin, I'm saying "check out the new site I designed" or "hey one of my clients will be on tv blah blah blah."

This time it's neither.

I just want you to go and listen to Paul Sanchez

Add him as a friend.

(Let me tell you, I've been a fan of his for 15 years... I've got all of his CDs - the latest, Exit to Mystery Street is, as always, fantastic -- and I figure that since I am always skittering around listening to him in one form or another, I'd give y'all a holler)






June 13, 2008


so, i've been getting a slew of stuff done for my clients, sending out mailers, changing up their schedules, promoting them on a few sites, etc. --- basically trying to make sure that i won't have to worry about anything major while I am on vacation.

then at 5:30pm i went out to get some clothes for the getaway. headed to Toms River to The Avenue

.i was in there for 2 hours.

a lot of damage can be done in 2 hours.

so, my total after all was said and done, was around $750

yes. you read that right.

BUT... they said "if you apply for an Avenue credit card, you'll get 25% off."

i didn't think I would be approved, but, I was... for $250.

and when you get an Avenue card, they also give you a book of coupons.

I got 30% off of bathing suits (of which i had bought three)

then, there was a 25% off coupon for a bra, but, then the salesperson said, if one reads the fine print, it's 25% off the whole kit and kaboodle.

so, after the coupons, they said I saved around $170

so, that left a total of $580.

and with the $250 limit on the new Avenue credit card, I used that...

so the final balance due was $330... which, even though that's a LOT, it was a hell of a lot more palatable than the original tally (I'd expected to have around $700, so, it wasn't all that shocking...)

But the salesgirls were awesome and really squeezed every last coupon and sale price out of the balance. They rock.

Bought a LOT of skorts, tees, camis, tunics shorts, flip flops, skirts, 3 bathing suits (a tankini, a skirtini and one 1 piece which is like a boa constrictor choking the fuck out of my torso, which isn't the worst thing in the world, but it took me 3 minutes to pull the damned thing onto me. looked good in it though! It's called the Support & Control Slimming Swimsuit)

there was also a "$10 Event" that is going on. Fantastic. Got a LOT of stuff.

so, i have WAY too many clothes now - well, for the vacation, anyway - but at least I think I am set for the rest of the summer.

TIM RUSSERT | 1950 - 2008

TIM RUSSERT | 1950 - 2008


(I loved Tim Russert. This is sad.)

Tom Brokaw announced his death

Well they built the Titanic to be one of a kind, but many ships have ruled the seas
They built the Eiffel Tower to stand alone, but they could build another if they please
Taj Mahal, the pyramids of Egypt, are unique I suppose
But when they built you, brother, they broke the mold

Now the world is filled with many wonders under the passing sun
And sometimes something comes along and you know it's for sure the only one
The Mona Lisa, the David, the Sistine Chapel, Jesus, Mary, and Joe
And when they built you, brother, they broke the mold

When they built you, brother, they turned dust into gold
When they built you, brother, they broke the mold

They say you can't take it with you, but I think that they're wrong
'Cause all I know is I woke up this morning, and something big was gone
Gone into that dark ether where you're still young and hard and cold
Just like when they built you, brother, they broke the mold

[harmonica bridge]

Now your death is upon us and we'll return your ashes to the earth
And I know you'll take comfort in knowing you've been roundly blessed and cursed
But love is a power greater than death, just like the songs and stories told
And when she built you, brother, she broke the mold

That attitude's a power stronger than death, alive and burning her stone cold
When they built you, brother

- Bruce Springsteen
"Terry's Song"

June 14, 2008


so, i was outside a little while ago, slapped a few hot dogs on the grill.

when all of a sudden, the wind kicked up and thunder started clapping like crazy.

there i was standing next to the big ass metal grill holding a giant pair of metal tongs and holding onto the grill so it wouldn't blow over.

that's when it began pouring outside.

so i was soaking wet, holding on to as much metal as I possibly could at that moment and that's when i saw 3 bolts of lightning within 10 seconds.

i quickly grabbed the dogs (3) and threw them into their buns (i had them on the grill as well toasting) and didn't even grab a plate as i juggled the 3 dogs, 3 buns and the tongs, turned off the grill and hightailed it into the house before i was electrocuted.

so i had to squash my thunder/lightning fear by shoveling all three frankfurters into my gullet.

*burp* *shock* *burp*

June 15, 2008


I just got back from my Dad's house.

He and my stepmom cooked up a kick-ass lunch (pork chops, wild rice and then they had roasted asparagus straight from their garden)

I'd gotten them 2 pairs of Nordic Walking Sticks (under the guise that it was Medical Equipment -- since my dad hates when I buy him ANYTHING.)


Karen, my stepmom, had told me she saw something about "Nordic Walking Sticks" in a magazine a month ago. My dad has been hunching over a lot and his stride/gait has been a bit off... and this is almost a year after his hip surgery.

So, instead of just getting them info about the sticks like they wanted, i wound up buying them for them.

It's pretty much one of the first Father's Day presents that my dad has gone ape-shite over. yay!!

so, they're going to look like a couple of dorks doing this through town, but, hopefully, they'll go to the reservoir or the boardwalk to walk with them.

I'm hoping that they help my dad. They really seem like they are wonderful.

Besides helping with stride, they also are awesome for cardio and building muscle...

yes, i should get a pair for myself and go walking with them and look like a trio of misfits :}

(we watched the instructional video after lunch and it seems pretty cool. the founder, bernd zimmerman, is in the dvd... he'd actually called me last week about my order. I couldn't understand him with his german accent, so i think i just yessed him to death and paid more for a different pair of sticks. har har.)

June 16, 2008



me go back sleepytime now.

June 18, 2008


wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much crap to do. I've been swamped trying to tie all my work stuff up in a nice neat little bow.

just finished sending my clients last minute notes and stuff telling them what not to click on if they feel the desire to.

haven't had a moment to think.

of course, today, i am heading out to get the bikini wax done (so I might be thinking "PAIN!!!" when that happens at 1pm.) and then getting my hair (on the head) trimmed (felt like i needed to clarify that since I was just getting my other "part" tended to.)

then i've got to go to my aunt toni's for dinner and then AFTER THAT later tonight, i've got to go food shopping for gigglemom so that she isn't laying on the ground here in the house starving to death.

(having the comments all footloose and fancy-free is going to kill me, but, i'm gonna have to do it... so, if there's spam, bear with it till i get back. ugh)

June 19, 2008




okay... well, i went to the salon yesterday, got the wax.

now i remember why i've been nairing for the past 4 years. holy crow! pain.

so i get there, the woman was like "is this your first time?" i told her it's been a while.

so, i drop the skort (had the undies on still folks.)

i felt the need to apologize to her because, not for nothing, i am going to get a little personal here (since telling you i was getting waxed ISN'T... am I right, ladies!?)

anyway, not for nothing, but i, eh, well, since i haven't been in a bathing suit since last summer AND because apparently I've lost the key to my chastity belt - let's just say I could've made a lot of money as a 70s porn star down there (no. I'm not talking about a penis, jackass. I am talking about the fact that it looked like i had a muppet living in my fruit of the looms -- yes. FotL... vickie's secret hasn't been on my heinie in a couple of years.)

now, when I say muppet, i don't mean that things are crazy colors. just a little unruly.

so i'm cracking jokes trying to put her at ease (that sounds a little too lesbian-esque. but, when there's someone standing over you with hot wax dripping off a tongue depressor and is about to cause you extreme pain by smearing it all along the sides of your... your... bikini area -- i wanted to say crotch, but, that's unladylike -- well, you kinda want to put people at ease so they don't think "oh she's a bitch, i can totally make her walk like a penguin with crabs for the next 3 days"...)

so, i'm there. she's there, the jokes are there (she was laughing by the way - thank god)

the wax was there, the cloth strips were there, and the pain was definitely there.

first the left side - i had to lay down with my left leg bent and then to the side (like when you do a weird stretch.)

let me tell you, ermmm... laying there while she's futzing around spreading wax there and then ripping it off without warning (although, after years of getting the eyebrows done, you KNOW when the last pause before the rip happens... )

must've ripped about 7 times on the left side, then she started moving my underpants in (tied with a piece of cloth to give her more "workin' room") and she said "how far in do you want to go?" (yes. i know. porny.)

i said "i think we're good right there" because i was dying and only the left side had been done. i mean, really it was fine, it's not like anything is gonna be sticking out of my suit because, folks, the suit isn't exactly what one would call skimpy (and my other suits have a skirt on 'em)

onto the right side.... OH! no! wait... still on the left side...

she tells me to raise my leg and bend it into my chest while still lying down.

what the?

all of a sudden wax is being ladled onto my ass and all of a sudden RRRRRRRRIP!!!!


my ass. seriously? the muppet had crawled back that far and was hanging out near the backdoor?

and she just ripped it all off in one fell swoop???

well, if THAT isn't embarrassing, i don't know what is (i really should've gone to the korean girl down the street who just smiles and giggles and doesn't speak english in front of me... even though you KNOW that they're talking smack about you to the others...but anyway. i didn't, i went to a full-blooded, english speaking american who was now ripping hair off my ass. off my ASS! *hanging head in shame*)

so that was the left side. now we had to do the same thing on the right side.

and so she begins smearing the wax onto the bikini line again. this time i notice that she's really going to town and adding more wax.

so I say "jesus, this side's gonna be a monster"

and she says "well, you were pretty uneven and there's more on this side"

okay, i don't remember if i blushed first or if i thought "oh god, this is going to be painful!" first.

in any event, i was caught off-guard and hadn't had a chance to do my faux lamas before she ripped half of what could've had my vagina attached to it. (for those who are taking me literally.... don't worry, the vagina is still attached to me.)

she then seemed to have about 4 hands which had machine gun-style RIP, RIP, RIP, RIP!!! to the right side...

i didn't want to look down for fear of seeing my flesh gone and bone exposed.

and then it was time to move my leg up. and towards the chest.

up. and towards the chest.







hot ass wax.

no really. hot ASS wax.


OW! (a single Demi Moore Ghost tear slid down the right side of my face --- i was gonna say "cheek" but didn't want to confuse you since I was just talking about that area)

she then asked "do you want the top done?"

"nope. we're good. thanks. wearing a one piece - no one's gonna see the top. the muppet never crawled up that far, it's not like it was heading up my stomach and living between my boobs" (i may have only said "no. but thanks!")

then she held a mirror up to my coodle (euphemism.) and showed me the newly shorn do. (it's not a Brazilian. god help you insane people that get THOSE done.)

all looked swellegant. really, it's lovely. the muppet was tamed and is now going to be in a spandex cage and contained for the next 10 days.

so she rubbed things down with the antiseptic cream stuff --- also so my clothes wouldn't stick to it. ow.

and we were done.

well... done with the bikini wax...

onto the eyebrows!



Okay! Here is where my Cruise Updates and photos from my phone will be living! I am going to attempt to post them via the cell (if i have reception)

Keep checking back during the week and feel free to comment!!!! (If you have me in your feed thing, it will just have this post as the latest, but the info will change within the twitter stuff here.)

Also, if the twitter feeds are slow on here and loading is ridiculous, sorry, bear with it.

Have a fantastic 10 days! (I'll be home late on June 29)

and without further ado read below:

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10 pounds!
June 29, 2008

10 pounds!

i'm home! will upload all photos and yap about it on monday!

i have a tan! no sun poisoning!

June 30, 2008


okay -- I have them separated into 2 groups.

the point and shoot (the coolpix camera) and the D80 photos


I am going to get my snorkeling photos developed tomorrow (if the x-ray machine at the airport didn't kill 'em)

hope to get them put onto a disk.

LOST 5 pounds since the cruise!

LOST 5 pounds since the cruise!



(hmmmmm... anyone want to talk about a "gigglechick.com royal caribbean group cruise"???? -- seriously.)

i had an absolute fantastic time on it!

still getting back into the swing of things, so, i might make this short and sweet and yap about stuff later.

the food!!! seriously -- THE FOOD!!! i had SO much (and it was all included!! SO much food.)

the pool, the sun --- AWESOME!! I am tan. no sun poisoning (this is a feat!)

did i mention THE FOOD!?

so, i'd gained 10 pounds on the cruise (my cousin kerry lost 9. no idea how. except she was a little seasick) but since saturday, i've lost 5 pounds... and need to hunker down and start eating right and going to the gym or walking on the boardwalk. that's the plan....

that way, i can go on another cruise and have a bikini on without frightening small children.

seriously, i really had a great time. on wednesday, went to CocoCay - royal caribbean's island in the bahamas - and i went snorkeling... i have to go get photos developed from that. it was pretty cool. saw 3 sting rays and didn't know that i could swim and kick my legs so fast to get away.

from the time i got off the ship until yesterday morning, i was a little queasy and wobbly. think i had land-sickness (adjusting to the terra firma again i guess)

going to go have some lunch (alas, not a huge one like on the ship)





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