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ALIVE & WELL... at least I am
July 13, 2008 9:26 AM

got home from the pub crawl this morning at about 8:30am (i'd woken up at 7am --- yeah. i know. what the eff is up with me waking up at the crack of dawn when i SHOULD'VE been crying into a pillow and vomiting into a box near a bed!? well, there was none of that!)

i WAS tipsy as hell, but, nothing crazy.

the crawl was fun. the only parts that i am somewhat regretting are:

A) text messaging TB™ way too much during the evening... with messages that were made up of about 98% consonants (and not consonants that were strung together to make sense.)

B) not wearing socks with my sneakers. i thought i would be fine. i wasn't. apparently when you have to walk a billion miles between bars, the alcohol wears off and you tend to feel the horror that is happening to your feet.

C) after the last bar, i took my sneakers off and walked BAREFOOT back to my friend Fran's house which is 1.5 miles away. Crossing over highways and byways --- let's just say the pedicure i got on friday afternoon is shot to hell now. pretty pretty.

oh and i forgot my camera. of which, i am not regretting that.

i did do a shot of something called a Chocolate Cake.

equal parts Frangelica and Vodka.

first you suck on a lemon wedge with sugar on it. then you do the frangelica/vodka shot.

sounds disgusting. it tasted EXACTLY like chocolate cake.

pretty much stuck with coors lights throughout the day. except for the lemon drop shot at Bar A, the Chocolate Cake Shot at Paddy McDonald's and then at PK Shamrock's this guy derek had ordered us more chocolate cake shots, but, told the girl that they were made with Amaretto and Vodka.

Luckily, the Faux Chocolate Cake shot with the amaretto wasn't too bad, but, it didn't taste anything like cake.

i had a hot dog and fries and nachos at McCann's and then later ate a Lobster Roll, Fries and 2 orders of Mac & Cheese Bites at the Norwood Inn.

So, while I was killing my liver i was still trying to treat my body okay by feeding it and soaking up the alcohol.

Crashed at Fran's --- because there was no way I was driving at all. We were smart, responsible crawlers.

... and now I am home.

When I arrived home, I found gigglemom pretty much in a stupor on the patio with a cigarette hanging from her fingers ready to burn them.

She is really not doing well.

I got her to bed again, but, I think around 11am I am going to get her washed and dressed and assess things... I say assess. I am pretty much set on calling the ambulance and getting her to the hospital. But, I know that she wants to have me clean her up before going anywhere. Yes. I know. That sounds like a ridiculous statement. Normally, one would just say "eff it, i'm calling the ambulance" --- but, I'm giving her a couple more hours... she wants to see how she feels.

I know already that she's not going to have some sort of miraculous recovery all of a sudden between 9am and 11am though. She's been getting progressively worse over the past 2 weeks. I know I've yapped about it on here.

While it's easy for people to say "get her to the doctor" or "call the ambulance" --- yes. it's easy to say that. But, gigglemom is a 68 year old woman who, even though in a weakened state, still can growl and who still has a mind of her own. I have to still show some respect to her that way, I mean, I can't just undermine her and take away any dignity by not consulting her (of course, you know that if she was non-responsive, i would call 911 in a heartbeat, but, right now, she's still coherent. when I said in a "stupor" i meant that she is really tired and falling asleep sitting up and kinda groggy.)

She was exactly like this back in January/February...

of course, luckily, it hasn't gotten to the point of the REALLY HORRIBLE days in February.

Horrible Day 1
not as bad, but, similar to today's "wait and see" stuff
yeah, we're going through the same thing today
• Luckily, there's been no actual poop issues --- YET.... I want to get her into the hospital before that happens. It's not a matter of IF, but, a matter of WHEN. --- and I don't want to have to become the assistant nurse this time we're at the hospital. LIKE IN THIS POST FROM FEB.

Okay, I've gotta go get stuff ready to get her cleaned up and shampoo her hair.

Thank GOD that I am not hungover... otherwise I might've just taken her outside and hosed her down.

(and it's lovely that I started this post with the pub crawl and eased into the dying mother stuff. nice, eh? classy.)


Welcome to the YapFest (3 yapped)

furiousball yapped on July 13, 2008 10:03 AM

happy to hear you had a good time on the crawl and kept the stupid to a minimum. actually, i was hoping you wouldn't, it would make for better reading :)

Michelle13 yapped on July 13, 2008 10:53 AM

I am sorry GM isn't doing too well right now. Keep your chin up, girl.

SusanB yapped on July 13, 2008 2:49 PM

Don't you dare fret about going out and having fun and then coming back home to assess your mom and taking her into the doctor! Quit worrying about being classy. PPfftt! We all know you take excellent care of your mom and you let her make decisions about her self as well. You have a right to live and go out and have fun too. I hope things will be alright with her, as I know how it is going through sickness with one's mom. How can they get old and sick, it's not quite fair now is it? And the thoughts about them and taking care of them do drain one considerably. And you are right to give her the dignity that she deserves, screw anyone who doesn't see things that way! Take care Erin. {{hugs}}

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