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July 21, 2008 6:02 PM

So, yesterday, when out and about with Cathy, we'd gone to Target. After buying some knick-knacky items, we found ourselves in the candy aisle.

I spotted the Lindt Chocolates. Now, not for nothing, yeah, I can sit down and devour a bucket of chocolate, no problem --- although, i find that I am more a savoury girl than a sweet one. Give me some chips, dips, cheeses, pepperoni, crackers or whathaveyou and i'm a happy chick.

anyway, that said, i'm not one to shy from the cocoa bean.

i am, however, one to have a little trepidation when it comes to spicy stuff. i'll eat it and i will love it, but, then i wind up blogging about what colour the paint is on my bathroom wall for 2 hours.


where was i? oh yes, staring at the Lindt items.

There it was. I've always heard that it's a delightful combination. I've watched the Top Chef. I've watched the Iron Chef. I've not had the conversation about this particular combo with a certain Chef that I know (TB™)

Excellence_Chili_res.jpgBUT... i've heard about things like Hot Chocolate infused with Chili (pepper. not infused with spiced ground meat and sauce... althoooooooooough... no, no, that would be disgusting.)

In the Lindt aisle, there was a Lindt Excellent Chili Infused Chocolate Bar.

The packaging was wonderful. Sturdy, easy to open, I wound up slowly opening it like Charlie did with his golden ticket bar. Slowly, just taking it all in.

I broke off a square... bit into it... tasted like chocolate. Decent, creamy, slightly bitter, dark chocolate.

I swallowed the piece... and then it happened.

Just a warm tingling sensation - not unpleasant - climbing up my throat. I could still taste the chocolate, but, the spice of the chili just enhanced it. It was brilliant.

So far, I've only had 2 squares of the Chili Chocolate. I think that it needs to be savoured and not just wolfed down.


Welcome to the YapFest (7 yapped)

Jan Laird yapped on July 22, 2008 8:37 AM

Nice glossy package, but is it really 'the' chocolate? *sighs* I still prefer their plain ol' semi-sweet. Just call me a plain Jane Jan.

gigglechick yapped on July 22, 2008 11:18 AM

jan, it's decent. i never said that i'm going to eat it 100% of the time. it's pretty good though (of course, give me a plain ol' hershey bar and i'm good with that as well)

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