oh, this is rich....
July 19, 2008 9:00 PM

because gigglemom is pissed off at me and going through her own bullshit she's come at me with a delightful question (i'll get to that in a moment.)

see, i've been a little stressed for, oh, say the past week and a half... i don't know why... i mean, i've only been worried about HER and then taking her to the hospital....

then attempting to work to pay the mortgage and OTHER bills, not to mention visit her in the hospital, and then come home to work some more, and also try to clean the house on top of things.

i took a ride in the car today to clear my head and to get the hell out of the house.

she said she's "worried about" me.

then this evening, we've been fighting like jackholes about tomorrow... we've been fighting about the cigarettes, we've been fighting about anything and everything.

so then, about 2 minutes ago, out of the blue (no, that's not it... it wasn't out of the blue... she HAD been on her computer and said how it wasn't running properly, so i called out to the kitchen "go to the start menu and there's spy sweeper in there. click it and run it." --- then a minute later she hobbles into the living room all exasperated and says snottily "whatever. i can't find it" --- so i ask "why didn't you let me know when you were out there, i could've walked you through it?" then she starts hollering at me about why does she need to tell me and blah blah blah farking blah.)


anyway... here's the kicker. she then blurts out:

"Have you been smoking pot? Because you are acting like you are on something"

Are you fucking kidding me? Not for nothing, but, no. I don't do that. I think the last time I partook in that kind of thing was in '99 - and for her to think that I am acting like I am "on something" is in-fucking-sulting.

How dare she?

She's saying I was "making mountains out of molehills" because i was stressing about how to juggle Cathy coming down and also getting to my Aunt's dinner on time tomorrow. Sorry, but, yeah I was stressing about that because I haven't seen Cathy in 2 years and I also wanted to see my family tomorrow night, but, Cathy's coming down and I wanted to spend a good chunk of the day hanging with her, but didn't know how to go about saying "yeah, i know you just spent 2 hours on the train coming down here, but we've only got 5 hours to hang out before I need to ship you back on the train." --- which would be rude.

plus the fact that I usually need to help get gigglemom dressed and get her clothes ironed and help her get ready, as well as get her oxygen hooked up (portable) --- not to mention, drop cathy off, go get dessert from the bakery (which we were put in charge of dessert) and then pick g-mom up, head back over to Aunt Toni's all by 5pm.

I haven't been able to reach Cathy --- i called and left a message on her cell asking if she could take the earlier train in order to hang out for an extra hour. So I don't know what the skinny on that'll be.

and here I am being accused of being FUCKING HIGH ON WEED.

seriously, this is ridiculous.

oh and now i have to cook dinner... without arsenic.

and yeah... right NOW, at THIS very moment, i could go for a bowl right now.

seriously, i am livid.


Welcome to the YapFest (6 yapped)

karen yapped on July 19, 2008 9:34 PM

erin- i live in jackson and i am a home health aid/ helper/ companion. our agency has services ranging from hourly to live in. its called senior helpers. we offer a variety of services from companionship to house cleaning laundry bathing and grooming meal planning etc. something like this may be a great help to you both. i post to you occasionally and read you all the time. i have wanted to mention this to you for a long time. email me if you want more info. good thoughts to you both

Julie yapped on July 19, 2008 10:45 PM

Sounds like you should hunt down GM's cigs and replace them with joints.

SusanB yapped on July 20, 2008 1:41 AM

lol, I had to laugh at Julie's comment :)

I think a home health aide sounds like a good idea, if you can afford one. I keep telling my dad to get one several days a week so he can take a break from taking care of my mom and get out and do stuff on his own...but he says they cost too much money.

kerry yapped on July 20, 2008 5:25 AM

this may sound cold, but is a nursing home an option? even if it's not, would she believe you if you told her it was?

gigglechick yapped on July 20, 2008 7:42 AM

not an option on either the aide or the nursing home, thanks

Milissa yapped on July 21, 2008 9:28 AM

I can totally understand the red-hot anger that happens immediately after being accused of something like that. I was in a really bad car accident several years (totalled my car, not pretty) and was sitting with the police, shaking like a leaf, when my father showed up and asked if I had been smoking pot. Nope, Dad, sure wasn't. But thanks.

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