PARKER HOUSE FUN RUN... 30minutes 43seconds
July 26, 2008 12:46 PM

okay. it's about ten of 1pm right now. i'm home from the parker house --- it was packed. i had a few beverages and 4 mini cheeseburgers to offset the alcohol that i'd been tipping back since 10:30 (not that much since it was sweaty elbow to sweaty elbow in there.)

jude did the race in 22 minutes. freak (and i mean that in the nicest way possible.)

i was walking with fran.

i actually walked the 2 miles (in what i am sure was 139 degrees with 99.9% humidity) and came in with my best time ever in a 2 miler.

yes. 30:43.

not too shabby for someone who has been having a threesome with her couch and teevee.

fran says that it's "really" more like 30 minute flat since we started the race at the back of the pack. that's fine too. but, i am happy with the 30:43.

i was trying to beat the number on my chest which was #3037. so the last 40 feet i jogged it... yet, i couldn't shave off those 6 seconds.

i blame the lack of aerodynamics on my girls. i'm gonna have to check tomorrow as to how bruised i am, because i am pretty sure they hit my chin and my tummy.

they were not built for running. they DID, however, come in very handy when i needed to bring 5 beers back to my group and i could only carry 2 beers in my hands...

yes. i am the proud owner of a D-Cup Holder.

what else? oh, i ran into this one fella that i'd met in jersey city around st. pat's. (the fisher price toy tester)... (i DID have to ask if it was him... because he had an irish face, which is a dime a dozen around there. then he was all "i can't believe how sweaty i am" --- which, that's always grand to point out... thanks, buddy. although, to be fair, EVERYONE in the place was disgusting and drenched. i tried not to touch anyone... very slimy walking through the PH)

jude's supposed to give me a jingle later to see if i want to head over to a bbq in sea girt later.

i'm gonna take a bit of a nap in the meantime.

** even though i had 4 mini cheeseburgers and a handful of Miller Lites, I still managed to lose 2 pounds since this morning... gee, think i'm gonna be dehydrated???


BY THE WAY... Hello Murph!!! (Jude mentioned that you read the site... cool cool. feel free to shoot me an email.)


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the other erin yapped on July 28, 2008 1:16 PM

OK, so you did 2 miles in 30 minutes - that's awesome! I went to the gym the other day and ran/walked for 30 minutes and only covered 1.67 miles. And I was in an air conditioned gym - you were out in the heat and crazy humidity! Good for you!

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