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July 17, 2008 2:29 PM

well, kerry is at the hospital right now --- visiting gigglemom. i was out getting a salad for lunch.

yes. i wrote "salad" -- it's not code for "triple cheeseburger".

went to Saladworks (which skeeves me out 98% of the time. okay, since i've been to this saladworks 3 times, i guess the percentages are slightly off. but, something about it there just bothers me - the one in Brick. It just is so dark in there.)

For those with an interest, the salad consisted of:

Lettuce (iceberg. wasn't in the mood for mixed greens.)
feta cheese
black olives
more cucumbers
light balsamic vinagrette

i'd forgotten that i like sunflower seeds on my salad - yes. it's been a long time since i've tucked into a salad.

anyway. ate that when i got home. on the way home though ker had called me to say she was going over to see GM - but i wasn't ready to head there, so, she's hanging there at the moment.

i'll probably get there later. I've gotta pick my laundry up at 7pm, so i'll try to go to the H at 6.

in the meantime, i've done a lot of work and instead of digesting my bucket of health, i am now attempting to clean this place.

it's a little more shoddy than before GM went into the hospital last feb... yes. i do believe that's the truth. and here i am trying to get the gumption and the courage to deal with it TODAY... because the doctors are talking about sending GM home tomorrow... maybe.

i was hoping that she wouldn't come home for a few days, mainly because of the heat that's happening here today and - from what they say - for the weekend.

heat pretty much exacerbates COPD. yay. i may as well just bring her back to the ER on Saturday (joking.)

anyway, i am procrastinating by yapping on here.

back to schlepping around the house and getting some control over it.

(I'm toying with the idea of just throwing everything in here into the dumpster --- much like i did in feb. --- but there's that underlying voice that whispers in my head "She'll kill you if you throw everything out.")


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