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PUB CRAWL!!!! and other good stuff!
July 12, 2008 10:36 AM

so the pub crawl is today. i am quite tired this morning... but more happy than tired. I saw ReunionBoy™ last night (second time this week. we saw each other on Tuesday as well.) ReunionBoy™ doesn't really do him justice. Although I could abbreviate it to RB™

Part of me wants to name him The Boy™ -- what? would I shorten it to TB™ ? That just sounds like tuberculosis then.

In any event, I saw him last night... and am a dork and all smiley this morning. I went out for pork roll sammiches this morning and waved at random strangers in their yards. While that's nice and all, I've turned into a happy, cheerful freak. THANKS... thanks a lot TB™

(yes. I think I'm going for the tuberculosis acronym. lovely.)


as I said. Pub Crawl.

If anyone is in the vicinity of Belmar, Avon, Neptune, feel free to look for me at one of the following places at the time next to it. Or you might find me on the street passed out between said bars.

HERE'S THE ITINERARY... if you're around, stop by (I'm starting at the 3rd stop... Sunsets)

arrive 12:00 PM | stay 15 minutes | leave 12:15 PM

Jack's Rib House
arrive 12:21 PM | stay 15 minutes | leave 12:36 PM

12:36 PM | stay 15 minutes | leave 12:51 PM

Jack's Tavern
1:12 PM | stay 15 minutes | leave 1:27 PM

1:36 PM | stay 15 minutes | leave 1:51 PM

Bar Anticipation
1:57 PM | stay 15 minutes | leave 2:12 PM

Paul's Tavern
2:18 PM | stay 15 minutes | leave 2:33 PM

2:33 PM | stay 305 minutes | leave 3:03 PM

Paddy McDonald's
3:12 PM | stay 15 minutes | leave 3:27 PM

PK's Shamrock Pub
3:27 PM | stay 15 minutes | leave 3:42 PM

Connolly Station
4:03 PM | stay 15 minutes | leave 4:18 PM

507 Main
4:21 PM | stay 20 minutes | leave 4:41 PM

Klein's Tiki Bar
4:41 PM | stay 15 minutes | leave 4:56 PM

5:38 PM | stay 20 minutes | leave 5:58 PM

Norwood Inn
6:16 PM | stay 20 minutes | leave 6:36 PM

6:54 PM | stay 20 minutes | leave 7:14 PM


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