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July 16, 2008 11:18 PM

okay, not so much an eagle as my cousin Kerry landed this evening at atlantic city airport.

i know we just saw each other like 2 weeks or so ago, but, it's still heart-warming to see her and give her a big ol' hug. see, as an only child, she's basically a sister to me (as close as i'll ever get to one, anyway.)

i'd picked her up after trekking to see gigglemom at the hosp today. made it down there in good time and just as i pulled up to the curb at the pick up area of the ACA, phooka turned 29,000 miles... they grow up so fast.

then we headed back home (she's staying at aunt toni's. not here in the biohazard.)

but we were hungry and wound up going to Pete & Elda's for pizza. (it's verrrrrry thin-crusted pizza)

we ordered one XXL sausage one and an XXL plain one.

normally we polish both off and walk out of the place with t-shirts. this time we couldn't finish. i was 4 slices away from getting the shirt (kerry bailed on the 2nd pizza after half a slice.)

anyway, she's in town now so, i'll be getting together with her on friday and probably a couple of other times before i drive her back to AC on wednesday.

this sunday, my friend cathy is coming down from the city and checking out the house she and her brothers and sisters are renting in the beginning of august. so, i'll probably show her point boardwalk and grab something to eat (her rental is in point.)

that said... i've got some more work to do and then am passing out.


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