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They saw Seoul, They saw France....
July 11, 2008 5:05 PM

so i finished most of my work today (well, the stuff that I could. one of my guys is beginning his tour today and traveling so i can't work when he is in the air and all that... long story.)


went to the pool for half an hour earlier. first time this summer at the condo pool. normally there are a thousand rugrats running and screaming around there and the "in" fashion accessory is a pair of Swimmies.

today, however, it was beautiful. I was the only one there (besides the lifeguard kid) and was just floating around the pool for 25 minutes... until 3 rugrats (who were actually well behaved) entered the vicinity.

then i had to go pick up my laundry and prior to that i went to the nail place and got a mani/pedi.

keep in mind, i had my bathing suit cover up on --- still had the tankini top on under the cover up, but had changed into underpants prior to heading over there.

anyway... got the pedi, then got the mani... after the manicure, i got up to go over to the nail dryers and when i did, i couldn't pull down my cover up because of wet nails --- lo and behold tons of Korean laughter ensued.


They saw Seoul, They saw France,
They saw my frickin' underpants.

whatever. the lady there pulled my cover up down (it was all women in there anyway, not like it mattered)

and now i'm home.

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