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tuckered out on a wednesday
July 9, 2008 9:27 PM

I'm sitting here finishing off my Surf Taco Black Bean, Cheese & Ground Beef Burrito (with guac and sour cream) -- and watching Hell's Kitchen

I'd recorded HK last night because I was out with the guy i have been yapping with for a few weeks on the phone (the one that I said I wouldn't discuss vomit with anymore) and got home pretty late.

I have a couple of names I could refer to him on here by --- but, I want to think about what would fit best first --- seeing as I don't really refer to fellas with their actual names on here... wow that sounds almost hookerish, doesn't it? for those who've read my blog for years, you know that i give nicknames and acronyms, for those who are new to the site, i give nicknames and acronyms.

(He reads the blog... so... ermmm... **waving hello** and i meant good names.)

anyhoooooo... watching HK and working on a couple of other things right now. i'd taken a nap earlier around 3 o'clock... because i could. i love working for myself. then again, i'll probably be up at 3am sending out mailers or whatever for work.

I think i am done with my burrito, the dog just jumped onto the couch and stuck her paw in my food. Guess that's ONE way to get me to stop eating.


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nice work, bro

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