July 17, 2008 9:30 AM

sitting here working. big day. The new Gong Show is premiering tonight on Comedy Central so I am trying to get the word out for Attell.

It's airing at 10pm/9c (but also reairing at midnight for those out and about at 10)

so i am working on that and then have to hunker down on some other projects.

then i've gotta head to the hospital to see gigglemom and kerry wanted to go, so i figured that i would go with and then maybe get some lunch/late lunch... maybe dinner depending on whatever time we head out. of course, not 12 slices of pizza, but, like, "normal" food... actually, i think i am still full from being a complete (but not a totally successful) glutton last night.

i really wanted to get another "I finished an XXL pizza by myself" t-shirt so that I'd have one to wear to weight watchers when i return (i wore my other one there last year when i rejoined.)

it's pretty bad when you start winning your wardrobe for things you've eaten.

that said...

back to pushing the gong show...


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