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Weekend Liver Plans and all that good stuff...
July 6, 2008 8:15 PM

went to the Union Landing with Jude & Fran. Had a good time --- just had some hoopie scoopies (or hors d'oeuvres for those who don't speak gigglenese.) and a few cocktails.

one of the things I love there is the thai crab wontons (little fried wontons filled with spinach & crab dip... and served with a sweet and spicy thai dipping sauce.)

basically just locals there this afternoon - which was a pleasure. not too crowded, but, not dead either.

the only thing was the weather has been blah the past couple of days... at least it didn't rain today though. just a lot of fog rolling in.

sitting down to watch Mad Men.

have a busy day tomorrow. It's gaffigan's birthday and attell is back in the states (he does the USO thing in Iraq & Afghanistan at least once a year... so he was there before the premiere of the Gong Show next week.) so i'll be swamped tomorrow till at least late afternoon (i've gotta start cranking out attell's new website redesign... trying to get that up and running before july 17 - when the gong show airs.)

so i had the hoopie scoopies and all, but, i think i might whip up a roast beast sammich... with provolone.

okay, i am focused on food as if i am still on the cruise... maybe i'll try to wake up in the morning (before 10am) and head to the boardwalk to get some fresh air and walk it.

that reminds me...

i am doing a pub crawl with fran and possibly jude (as well as about 15 or so others next saturday, the 12th.)

my first pub crawl. apparently there are 18 bars on the itinerary.

luckily i've reserved the couch at Fran's... or - quite possibly - a hospital bed at Jersey Shore.

anyone who lives nearby, give me a shout and i'll send you the itinerary - the more the merrier... we're traipsing through Belmar/S. Belmar, Neptune, Bradley Beach and Avon

there is the possibility that I may die from alcohol poisoning or a broken foot. keep your fingers crossed.

also, along those lines, i've got to register for the Parker House Fun Run on July 26th.

I registered last year and got my fleece, shirt and number the night before - then I didn't quite make it to the race... i'll have to go through my archives as to why, but, it was probably an alarm clock malfunction a.k.a. lazy ass disease.

speaking of Lazy Ass Disease... i'd better scrounge up some roast beef before I lose any energy to remove myself from this oh-so-comfy couch.

UPDATE 8:42pm: not lazy anymore. second wind. of course... only problem is there's nothing to do and I don't feel like working :}

UPDATE 9:02pm: the reason i didn't "run" the parker house thing last year was because I went to my cousin Matt's 30th birthday surprise party... i just registered for this year's 5 minutes ago.


Welcome to the YapFest (2 yapped)

Lem yapped on July 6, 2008 8:46 PM

Your yankees are playing my red sox on espn, that's something ...

Lem yapped on July 6, 2008 9:00 PM

Arod hit a homerun, oviously very very worried about his wife ;)

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