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Welcome to "Tire Talk with Gigglechick"
July 23, 2008 11:54 PM

ugh. so, i've gotta get up at some ungodly hour, help clean the house (oh. wait. did i say help? i meant "clean the house".) and then hightail it over to the princeton MINI dealership (oh how i wish they would open a dealership close by... my aunt told gigglemom that my uncle told her that there was a MINI dealer down the street from where i got my flat last night. i'll have to check, but, i am pretty sure that they probably drove past the mazda dealer that has a few used MINIs out there in front.)

anyway, have to head over there tomorrow, without going over 50 mph on frigging 195 and Route 1 (for those not in the know... major highways with mega-speeders)

so we'll be gimping along --- it's probably gonna be raining as well, so that'll be great. I won't even be able to put the top down --- which will stink because the dead tire is in the backseat stinking the place up with it's burnt rubber smell. Oh, didn't I tell you, I drove on the blown out tire/rim for about a quarter mile. SMRT.

I have to get a giant bag and empty the boot of my car again. after TB™ changed the tire, we wound up throwing all of my stuff back in the boot. So, I have to clear that out again since they'll be dealing with that area of Phooka.

I'm going to see if they can check out the front driver's side tire as well since that's the one i would've bet money on as the one that would blow. it's been losing air over the past month or so and i keep having to fill it.

This has been Tire Talk with Gigglechick.


Welcome to the YapFest (7 yapped)

Lem yapped on July 24, 2008 12:22 AM

You remind me of Car Talk, two guys on the radio


If you ever have any car problems call them up, they put you on the radio.

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Miiioioz yapped on July 14, 2009 12:46 AM


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