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work, work, work, ABVs, work, work, dinner date, sleep.
July 22, 2008 8:19 AM

let's see... what can I blather about today?

have i had any run-ins with gigglemom since Sunday? nope. all's quiet on the giggle front. the visiting nurse came over yesterday (she will do so a couple of times --- it's standard. happened back in march when GM returned.)

yesterday, around 2:30pm i actually was in the middle of working and fell asleep... till 5:58pm

probably has something to do with the fact that I was sitting here with my laptop, laying down on my couch whilst tap-tap-tapping on the machine. i was up way late the night before...

i suppose today i'll get my arse up off the couch and walk upstairs to work.

i can connect to my PC upstairs from my laptop on my couch because i have Go-To-My-PC... which, technically, i think that site and service was created for those who trek around for work and they figured "well, people can go to a client and instead of going through the hassle of possibly not having all the materials and blah blah blah, they can just connect from any pc in whatever office and access their own"

i, on the other hand, have chosen to use it as a very lazy/sloth-like designer. sitting on the couch connecting from my laptop about 15 feet below my PC.

no wonder i've gained 60 pounds in the past 5 years.

speaking of which... i've got it in my head to go to the gym today. only in my head (see aforementioned "sloth/couch" theme)

i DO have the Parker House Fun Run this Saturday... or in my case the Parker House Fun Walk. I've gotta pick up my Shirt & Sweatshirt this friday night between 6 and 8pm... and then saturday it's at 9:47am

unfortunately, i do not think i will beat my blistering pace that i set in the Manasquan Mid-Winter 2 Mile Fun Run --- that was 33:50 for 2 miles... yep. and the stunning thing about THAT was I did not come in last.

last year i signed up for the PH race, picked up my goods the night before and then went to my cousin Matt's 30th birthday surprise party instead.

This year I don't have a legitimate excuse to bail on the race... you know, other than the "ummmmmm... I may drop dead of a heartattack" excuse.

What else is on the agenda today? Oh, gotta head over to my Lady Business Doctor and pick up another Loestrin24Fe sample. See, I have my appointment on August 5th and am going to run out of ABVs before that and rather than move my appointment up, they're giving me more samples - which is awesome since those things are $60 a pop. My doctor is awesome (last year he gave me 6 months worth of samples... and then for the past 2 months i've been living off of more samples -- see, i needed an appointment back in the beginning of June and they didn't have any openings, so, they gave me 2 months worth of samples... which i didn't think were going to tide me over till aug. 5th, and i was right. anyway... gotta go there today and pick up these puppies... otherwise i won't know what day it is since i use them as a calendar.)

so, basically today is work, work, work, ABV pick up, work, work, dinner date, sleep.

oh, yes, dinner with TB™ tonight... (insert Cheshire Cat grin)

i've gotta go get laundry done, too.

tomorrow, i've gotta pick up my cousin kerry and then drive her to the Atlantic City airport. Gotta head over to my aunt toni's in the morning at 8:30am and Ker's flight is at 12:50pm. she's gotta drop her rental car off at Enterprise and then we're heading down to AC.

on the way home, i'm going to try not to veer off and steal Trump's shirt off his back. I can't promise that Phooka won't automatically head over there though.

Fine, okay, whatever, you can tell that I am procrastinating about starting work can't you?

I need coffee first.

Heading to Ye Olde Dunkin Donuts...


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