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August 1, 2008


don't forget to Rabbit Rabbit...

(i did. now i've gotta "Tibbar, Tibbar" - although, i forgot to do either last month and it's been a pretty damned good month.)

Yep. I'm feeling like an adult again.

Yep. I'm feeling like an adult again.

so, after taking my vitamin C and looking both ways as I cross the street and also crossing my fingers... and cooking up vats of precautionary chicken dumpling soup, I bit the bullet and just shelled out $297.97 for my first month of health insurance.

so, $3575.64 a year.

it's not like i want to get sick or anything, but, i kind of want to become more of a hypochondriac just so i get my money's worth now.

here's the EPO Plus plan description (PDF)

so, for the past two years without health insurance, i've been looking around and most of what i've seen was around $600+ a month - which is insane. I mean, $300 a month is a little nutty as well, but, screw it, I need insurance.

Of course, I did this prior to me going to the Lady Business Doctor next week - which, without insurance would be $150. So I shelled out the $300 thinking that I would have an insurance card in hand by Tuesday. Nope. So, on top of the $300, I've gotta shell out the $150 and then file a claim afterward.

Good thing about the EPO Plus, i will have an Rx plan.

We'll see how good this whole health insurance plan is --- then again, it's better than the NO PLAN i've had.

Sadly, I don't have dental... and I miss going to my dentist. (Don't worry. I brush and floss. But still, I miss my dentist.)

August 2, 2008


finally watched that "Definitely, Maybe" movie. Very cute. fluff, but, cute and i liked it a lot. Chick flicky love story stuff. perfect for a cloudy-about-to-rain lazy saturday.

it's supposed to storm out - in fact, right now it's thundering out... and there's a "hail warning".


that doesn't mix well with Phooka.

he's never had to deal with a hailstorm in the 3 years that i've had him. i really don't want him to deal with one now.

since i live in the condo complex, we only have parking spots, not garages.

this isn't good during hailstorms.

part of me thought "well, you could drive down the street to the old bank that's closed and just hang out under their drive-thru overhang until the hail passes". but, i'm not going to prematurely go do that nor am i going to drive there IN a hailstorm.

soooooooo... what am i doing?

i've got my eyes peeled for any sort of ice chunks that may fly through the air and the minute one touches down, i'm grabbing the comforter/bed spread that i have next to the front door and i am running out to Phooka and going to cover him with it ---- and since it will probably blow off, i think (in the event of hail) i will take one for the team and sprawl out on top of the comforter and on the bonnet of my car to make sure he's okay.

(of course, i am praying there's no hail... because, personally, i don't want my back and legs and arms to be bruised. nor do i want a softball sized hail chunk to crash through my skull.)

** then again, i COULD grab the giant umbrella from the patio table and hold it over both Phooka and myself... no, wait, i'd probably get hit by lightning by holding a 9 foot rod of metal. (yeah, i know. laying on TOP of a metal car isn't smart either.)

*** Phooka is too wide to fit through my doorway, dammit.

**** maybe if i lay UNDER the comforter while on Phooka's bonnet (that means hood in MINI speak) I would save him AND myself from hail bruises.

***** it's times like these that i kinda miss having my old $500 post office JEEP that was pretty much made of iron and didn't dent.

****UPDATE 6:14pm**** so far, no hail.

planths for thunday
August 3, 2008

planths for thunday

well, i HAD planned on getting up early to do some stuff around the house and also a little work... have the alarm set for 8:30am (we'll see if i get the gumption to arise at that hour.)

can't really sleep.

saw a sign as i was driving today - it was at the Church in Brielle.

said "Need a faith lift?" (although, my favourite is the one where it says "Welcome Son Worshippers!" - cracks me up.) but the "faith lift" play on words made me think of Henry Fonda in On Golden Pond where he says his wife's name is "Ethel Thayer, thounds like I'm lisping, don't it?" - I love that movie.

note to self: rent it. watch it.

Besides the lisping pun church sign, I was out with Fran and Jude on Friday night where they were talking about church (they're pretty darned religious. Friends from the parade committee.) and then I had another brief chat about church a little later that night. I'm guessing that, oh, that Fella Upstairs is dropping subtle hints for me to get back to church. It's been a couple of months.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a heathen. I pray every day. Standard "Our Father" and "Hail Mary" followed by a little chat, but, I just haven't headed into an actual church... oh, maybe since March. The Parade weekend - went to St. Rose for the ceremony the day before the parade (The Investiture Mass - which is always an absolutely lovely mass followed by a luncheon at Doolan's. Big doings for the committee and all involved).

I have the alarm set for that ungawdly hour of 08:30 so I can head to St. Martha's for the 10:30am (it's the singing one. i like it. it gets packed, so for the 10:30, you really need to get there at 10 to get a seat.) --- Of course, I'm a pretty sound sleeper, so, if He wants me to get to mass, I'd like a wake-up thunderbolt at 8:45am (and also be able to fall asleep as my head touches the pillow)

ah, i may as well try to pass out again. been laying here restless.
had trouble sleeping last night as well.



but, i did have a Divine-Dog-Jumping-On-My-Head-and-Whining-To-Eat wake me up at 8:45am, so I figure that's the same thing.

i'm awake.

... and an extra piece for youuuuuuuuuu.

... and an extra piece for youuuuuuuuuu.

got there about 10 minutes before the 10:30 mass - got a good seat. decent crowd surrounded me for the "Peace Be With You" part.

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the Haskell is about to go off in a few minutes. It's held at Monmouth Park - which is about 25 minutes away. I was thinking of going this year, but, the crowds get insane there.

Big Brown is making his first appearance since the Belmont when he came in dead last.

**pleeeeeeeeeeeease let everyone make it through this race safe and sound.

**UPDATE POST RACE!!*** Big Brown is BACK in the winner's circle!!! YAY!! Congrats to Kent Desormeaux! Ran it in 1:48:1

(Joe Bravo on Coal Play gave me a scare. Thought he was gonna take it for a sec.)



Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn died.

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so, i'm on Loestrin24Fe (for those not in the know it's my ABVs... for those not in the know about ABVs, search it on my site.)

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must. drink. caffeine. stat.
August 4, 2008

must. drink. caffeine. stat.

was up pretty late last night. have to go out with Cathy (who rented a house down here for the week) and go get a manicure/pedicure.

first, i've gotta drag clothes to the laundromat and then crank out some work this morning.

that's the boring update for monday that i'm posting as an attempt to get you people out of the woodwork to read all the drivel i wrote over the weekend.

summer + weekends + blogging = no comments

i need coffee to perk up.

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okay, most of you know my stance on Obama.
most of you know that I am for Hillary. Still am. You may think I'm delusional. Whatever.

(oh, and because I am still for Hill, I've been called a "stupid racist c*nt who should die" and told that my "vagina should fill with blood and explode" by some followers of Barky. Classy, eh??)

Anyway... this morning, as I watched the news - if you want to call it that - there was a story about how Obama wants to give Florida and Michigan FULL votes now. After that whole rigmarole back in June where the DNC raped Hillary's delegates and then gave FL and MI half a vote per delegate (and took some AWAY from Hillary.)

FULL VOTES? Now? What? Because it's convenient for him now?

I don't think you realize how much this is raising my blood pressure right now.

NoQuarter and Uppity Woman have more to say on this effing "ludacris" farce.

Stuff. (It's too early for a swanky title.)
August 5, 2008

Stuff. (It's too early for a swanky title.)

went to bed at a decent hour last night (if you call 1:30am decent. I do. think it's the earliest night this week.)

hung out with Cathy and her sister for most of yesterday afternoon. went to the nail salon with them at around 3pm and didn't get out of there till 5pm (that's the longest I've ever spent in the stinking place. they were busy... on a monday. which is ridiculous.)

whilst there, sitting with the feet in the hot water waiting for 20 minutes for someone to start doing the pedicure, we were looking out the front window and all of a sudden, a car comes speeding into the parking lot...

following the car is 3 Brick cop cars.

they surround said car that just pulled in.

Was I thinking "Oh my God! It's a standoff! Someone's gonna get shot?!!"


Was I thinking "Wow! What the hell did that guy do to have 3 cop cars surround him?!"


Was I thinking "Holy Crap! They're right near my car - if they shoot Phooka, I'm gonna kill all of them!!"

Yes. That was going through my head.

Then after about 10 minutes, the cops slapped the cuffs on the guy and hauled him away. No idea what the hell that was all about. Hey, it's Brick. Stuff like that happening is a dime a dozen (I hate this town... not for nothing.)

Anyway... got the manicure/pedicure and then we went to Circuit City where the verizon store is - Cathy got a new phone. She wanted the LG En-V like I have, but, apparently (according to the guy) they've discontinued my idiotic phone and the one that's similar is the "Voyager"

whyyyyyyyyyy? why couldn't i have waited 6 months to upgrade my phone? I want this phone now. it's got the swanky touch screen but also has the qwerty keyboard that my phone now has... but, the touch screen makes you feel like you've at least got the poor man's iPhone... or a starter iPhone. waaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Gadget Girl is miffed.

I suppose my goofy green phone is still fine, but... there's always something better on the horizon.

I've got the chick doctor at 1pm today.

Then at 11pm, I've got to win $34 million.

Busy day. Busy day.

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yep. me. I'm ---- wait, what the eff are you thinking of? not THAT type of thing. you're on crack.

I have been in talks with this one comedian for a few months and since I've been swamped and also have had a billion things going on (gigglemom, cruise, pedicures, whatever) I hadn't really felt like taking on another client.

Silly, eh? yeah i know.

Anyway... the guy wrote a book which is being released (published/ i've gotta figure out the terminology for the book websites :} I know CDs and DVDs are released, TV shows and movies premiere... )

So, I've kinda been pushing him off and stuff (since I DO have a few other projects that I work on - but, I think this should be pretty cut and dry.)

He sent me another email yesterday:

I'm giving it another try here - because I really like your work and would love for you to do my book site.

So this time I said "let's do it."

Of course, hopefully he realizes I mean the book site.

In any event, I've gotta send off a proposal later today and then start cranking out this site over the next couple of weeks. (I also have a small one page site to slap together by friday for one of the comedy clubs in the city... i still need to finish attell's site - but, haven't had all of the images sent to me. *sigh*)

anyway... the book site should be pretty cool. looks like a funny novel.

will tell the name at a later date.

August 6, 2008


went to see The Dark Knight flick tonight with Cathy! AWESOME movie.

Heath Ledger was excellent (and i'm not just throwing him some sort of "ah, the poor guy's dead" sort of praise. he REALLY creeped me the hell out!)

Christian Bale. *sigh* i've dug him (as an actor) since he was in Empire of the Sun (one of my favourites) and now... NOW... mother of pearl, he's a handsome son of a gun.

speaking of handsome... Aaron Eckhart. fantastic!!!

now that i've gotten saliva all over the keyboard...

it was a tremendous movie. the visual effects were stunning!

I want to see it again.

oh... so, B™ (not The Boy™. he's now been downgraded to Boy™) and I are heading into NYC on Tuesday to a benefit at Gotham Comedy Club.

Who's on the bill? Dave Attell, Artie Lange, Greer Barnes and a number of others.

It's a benefit for another comedian who has cancer, yet, no health insurance.

Speaking of health insurance...

went to the Lady Business Doc today. All's well.

Blood pressure is a little low ( 90/70 ) and i'm 70 pounds overweight, but, other than that... tip-top!

Even better, I had the health insurance - well, it kicked in last friday... I don't have a card, but I did have an email from my insurance dude stating I was covered and all that.

So, they didn't charge me... nor did I have to do the co-pay thing. They said they're looking into the coverage and if anything, they'll send me a bill. Awesome! Because I really didn't want to shell out $150 ON TOP of the $300 I just paid for the insurance.

No free samples for the ABVs anymore. That's okay. When it's time for me to head to CVS to drop off the Rx next month, I'll have my prescription card and the $60 pills will be around $30 (i think.)

yes. it's a pretty expensive calendar.

anyway. i'm tired. too much excitement for one day, between The Dark Knight and downgrading the TB™ to B™ (he's still in the picture, but sans T)



Don't bother about genius. Don't worry about being clever.
Trust to hard work, perseverance and determination.

-- Sir Frederick Treves (1853-1923) English Surgeon


i'd rather be a clever genius...

i have to go check my lottery tickets.

Here's a piece of adorable cuteness for a Wednesday morning.



so, i'm sitting here with a crazy tummyache right now. seriously. ugh.

anyway... yesterday, at the doctor's he let me know that i've gained 25 pounds since my last visit last july.

gee. i hadn't noticed.

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August 7, 2008


so, Jim Gaffigan posted a blog today about the best burgers in the country.

That got me thinking about the photo of the burger I had at The Quay in Marathon Key back in 2004 (unfortunately, The Quay was knocked down in one of the 2005 'canes and never rebuilt.)

yes. in paradise.

I probably won't be having these on a daily basis when on WW.

219.8... and we're off... again.

219.8... and we're off... again.

well, i went to the ww meeting at 12:30pm today.

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my friend Cathy is down from the city this week. she and her giant family rented a house in Point this week and tonight they were celebrating her sister's 50th birthday. She wanted to know where to get a really nice dinner.... for EIGHTEEN of them.

Of course, i recommended the restaurant where TB™ a.k.a. B™ is the Exec. Chef.

So, she just texted me a little while ago:

"Everything was absolutely delicious"

Glad to have recommended a restaurant that I've never eaten at, but, trust that the fella in charge of the vittles knows what the hell he's doing.

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August 8, 2008


okay, in honor of it being 08.08.08, and it feeling like a lucky day... and the fact that Trump Marina sent me a thing in the mail saying "hey, we're giving you $150 to play with today." I'm heading to Atlantic City with a few friends for a couple of hours to see if I can do a little damage to The Donald.

Also, they're giving away $888 every 10 minutes. yep. they know how to get to me.

*shaking my fist at Trump's Marketing wizards*

It'd be swell if I hit for the $4000 again like I did in December. (or the progressives :} hell, maybe I'll just play the number 8 on the roulette tables.)

* 08.08.08 is also my former stalker Mike's birthday today.

August 11, 2008


Well, I took a tiny piece of Trump's billfold home with me on Friday! It doesn't really equal a piece of lint in The Donald's wallet, but, at least it's not a loss!

I WAS sitting next to a guy who hit for $1.3 MILLION... yes. NEXT TO. as in, 3 feet from choosing the right slot machine.


still, we had a great time. went to one of the clubs there (i'm not a dancer, but, i did cut the rug, so to speak.)

Got home quite late Friday night (Saturday morning) and then went over one of my other friend's houses for a BBQ.

Yesterday was spent doing some work and catching up on the olympics that i've recorded (from my couch)


To be able to practice five things everywhere
under heaven constitutes perfect virtue...
gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness, and kindness.

-- Confucius (551-479 BC) Chinese Philosopher

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whilst watching the men's swimming relay last night, the following texting occurred between my friend (and sometimes commenter on here) PeeWee and me...

PeeWee: I think the men should be required to swim nekkid.

gigglechick: wouldn't the penis cause drag in the water?

PeeWee: use it as a rudder to steer! fishies have fins, why not?

gigglechick: this is true!

PeeWee: Backstroke. Penis up. That works for me.

gigglechick: I prefer a little breaststroke action first.

ohhhhhhhhh Olympic humour! let the games begin!



This is an excellent Hillary piece here:

Hillary's Surprise....

(sent to me by Hire Heels' kick arse, swellegant editor.)

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August 13, 2008


went to the city (that'd be NYC, kids.) last night - mainly to see Dave Attell (client. thank you.), Artie Lange & Rich Vos at Gotham Comedy Club (there was a benefit for a comedian with cancer)

headed up there with TB™. First we had dinner at OTTO - which was really really good.

we did split a pizza with a fried egg on it... pane frattau. but had "normal" stuff as well. I will tell you this, i am enamoured with the gelato at OTTO. i had the Fig & Ricotta Gelato.

I know! I KNOW! you're sitting there thinking "EFFING FIG AND RICOTTA CHEESE GELATO????!!! THAT SOUNDS DISGUSTING!!!"

au contraire, mon frere!

it was TO DIE FOR.

I'm going to type this off their site...

"Bufala Ricotta Gelato, Warm Roasted Figs, Almond Crumble and Lemon Curd"

Seriously. Gorgeous. Absolutely wonderful.


the show at Gotham was a lot of fun - except for when I wanted to haul off and bitch slap the table behind us who were talking during the ENTIRE show... no, wait, i lied, not the entire show. just the part with the comedians. the opener was this chick who sang some sappy song that wasn't very good. and SHE was the one talking - pretty loud - to everyone behind us during everyone's sets. at one point during Artie's set i turned around with a glare and said "hey. everyone else had shut up when YOU were singing on stage. Could you try that as well?"

worked for a little while. not totally effective. but seriously. could you shut the fark up?

said hey to dave after the show and did my dorky "hey, can we get a photo with ya'" thing. so... here you go, folks...

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a... wake.
August 14, 2008

a... wake.

so, earlier tonight i went to the wake of the mother of a friend of mine from high school.

i get so damned nervous at viewings/wakes.

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"When nothing is sure, everything is possible."

"When nothing is sure, everything is possible."

oh Margaret Drabble, you and your positive little quote.

Sitting here working, watching the olympics

swimming. i am addicted to watching the swimmers. seriously.
i keep thinking "it'd be a great workout to swim every day."

yet... have i been in my pool in the past month? nah.

it's sort of like when I watch the marathon on the teevee or the ironman triathlon from my couch. it's inspiring and i have about 5 minutes where i start thinking "i should really train for a marathon or something."

then i snap out of it.

Thank God for the DVR

Thank God for the DVR

let's see... what's going on right now?

• I'm sitting here with the Olympics PAUSED because gigglemom needed to go out in the thunder & lightning (and rain) storm to have a smoke. Which bothers the hell out of me - not just because of the "hey you're killing yourself" thing, but, Phelps was about to hit the water for one of his finals and i wanted to watch it LIVE... alas, smoking has affected it.

• I will probably be the one electrocuted by the storm while sitting on the couch with my laptop (am also working on 3 different sites) --- I keep feeling little jolts... i think.

• twenty minutes ago i scratched my back and a frigging spider crawled up my arm.... FROM my back. I'm probably infected by a radioactive spider now. great.

• having the radioactive spider bite means that I'm going to have to wear weird spandex outfits from head to toe now... which would be fine in a few months... today I went to my Week One weigh-in at WW and lost 3.6 pounds (I am happy!! not happy enough to wear SpiderSpandex, but, tis a start.)

• got a call from an agent (who represents a few of my clients) and had to send a proposal to them about a really young comedian/musician... cross your fingers that i get this one. kid's gonna be huge. seriously.

• gigglemom is back inside. wow she really must've sucked down that True Menthol 100.

• I feel like I am crawling with spiders right now and I haven't even dropped acid.



final 200m IM

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August 15, 2008


but maybe I should start swimming....

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August 16, 2008


well, i think the venom from the spider bite* has seeped into my brain now.

why? because i had MAJOR nightmares about spiders. in fact, one spider actually was large enough to pick Beri up in my dream nightmare and cart her off into the woods.

there were giant tarantula types and creepy Daddy Long Leg ones....


anyway... it was not the most restful sleepfest i've had in a while

(*i don't think he bit me the other night, really, but, he was still crawling on me and the biting thing makes for a better story)





Way to go Michael Phelps!! Way to go U.S.A.!!!!

August 17, 2008


truly exhausted from doing the 400m supportive air-swimming relay last night while cheering on Phelps and the USA.

heading out to church in a few (it'd be great if I would get my heinie in the shower in a moment)

then, because the Bob Saget Roast is on Comedy Central tonight, I'll be heading to the lovely Radio Shack to pick up a new coax because I'd had issues upstairs a couple of months ago with my internet hookup and had to unhook my cable... um... cable in order to get it to work --- wonky coax. haven't bought a new one.

since the saget roast is on the teevee, i want to watch it tonight and the gigglemom*** is not exactly down with the roast... or The Saget.

soooooooo, i'll see if the new coax does the trick

(***then again, GM has been sleeping more and more over the past week - the carbon dioxide issue is happening again - like prior to her going into the hospital for the last stint - so, maybe she'll pass out and i can watch the show in peace downstairs.)



mother of eff. so, i bought a new splitter and coax to re-hook the upstairs teevee up along with the internet.

hooked everything up.

got a message on the teevee saying "not authorized to use this box"

and the internet was down.

grand. so i get on the horn to comcast and we get my teevee back in action.

the internet, not so much.

so, they patch me through to the internet wizard over there and he couldn't help me at all.

there i was re-hooking and unhooking the coaxes back and forth with the splitter.

in fact at one point i pulled the one coax (there are 3) so hard the damned thing flung back and hit me in the face on my cheek under my left eye. (i've yet t see if there's a mark... or blood. feels like it.)

after doing all kinds of attempts, i said eff it. and rehooked the cable modem back directly to the wall outlet

it was like Sophie's Choice picking between the teevee and the internet.

Internet trumps teevee upstairs (since if the internet is dead upstairs, it's dead everywhere.)

then as i was about to hang up since the internet was back up and running, the comcast dude says "um.... how many megahertz does your splitter go up to?"

so i went over and checked and both my splitters (the old and the new) said "5 - 1000mHz"

he said "oh. yeah. um. we can set up an appointment and the guy can give you a 10,000mHz splitter that we use here at Comcast"

nope. not going to sit here waiting for some dude to come here and hook up an effing splitter. so, i'll probably head over to the comcast place down the road tomorrow and get one of those fancy 10,000mHz splitter (or go buy one somewhere.)

seriously, though. i was on the phone with comcast for 35 minutes working through all of this rigmarole and only at the end they mentioned the 10000mHz splitter? I had mentioned that i was dealing with a splitter probably about 10,000 times during the conversation.


anyway. i won't be watching saget on the upstairs teevee.

i'm hoping that gigglemom passes out soon and then i can watch the thing on the downstairs one. (in any event, i'm recording it at 11:30pm on the dvr... would've recorded the 10pm one, but i'm recording the Olympics and MadMen at 10pm. You can't record more than 2 shows... nor can you record 2 shows and flip to a 3rd show. a bit of a pain in the keester)

sooooooooo, that's my techie/teevee/internet story of the night.


Just another sluggish Monday, whooooa oh ohhhhhh
August 18, 2008

Just another sluggish Monday, whooooa oh ohhhhhh

If you have made mistakes... there is always another chance for you... you may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call "failure" is not the falling down, but the staying down.

-- Mary Pickford (1893-1979) Canadian Actress

just woke up. a little tuckered out (was up late watching the Saget roast... meh. it was okay. Greg Giraldo, Jeffrey Ross, Cloris Leachman and Norm MacDonald were good. The rest were... *yawn* well, at the end Bob Saget did alright razzing them all back)

Yes, for those of you who DID watch the show, I DID say that Norm did well. It may have come across as crap, but, he was intentionally horrible. (I heart Norm, so, back off.) He was using the worst jokes for the roast on purpose.

I did love his retort to Jim Norton when Norton said "Norm, watching you up here was like watching Henry Fonda picking blueberries"...

and then Norm said "Wait a minute... I don't think there is a person in here who would not enjoy watching Henry Fonda pick blueberries"

I've gotta clean the house right now... we've got the Medical Supply place coming here today and they're delivering a new Bi-Pap machine for gigglemom's sleep apnea. GM's been sleeping a billion hours a day again - like before the last few hospital stints - and the new machine is supposed to push more of the Carbon Dioxide out of her system.

I've also got to call her doc for her Provigil Rx - he forgot to give it to us on Friday... of course, we got 5 other prescriptions. On effing Saturday I had to pick up some antibiotics for GM... an Rx for TEN (10) pills. frigging $150. seriously. it pisses me off.

anyway, the provigil is pretty effing expensive too, so i'm a little worried about it. What that stuff does is keep her awake. Yeah, I should just get her a case of Diet Pepsi Max with extra caffeine and ginseng... that might be cheaper.

A (funny) Bone to effing pick

A (funny) Bone to effing pick

oh yeah, so, lately i've been having a hankering to get back onstage.

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*** apparently this is a "Vitriolic Diatribe" --- sorrrrrrrrrr-rrrrrry neilv




trying to get a grasp on facebook... for personal and for work reasons. it's okay - it's growing on me. but i think i still like myspace moreso. jury is still out. i will say that i've been in contact with a lot more people from The Past (college & high school and former co-workers) on here which is pretty cool. I'm gonna try and keep my friend count low on the facebook, since the myspace is getting a little out of hand with the 3300+ friends (mainly comedians, etc)

dang it's earrrrrrrrrly!
August 19, 2008

dang it's earrrrrrrrrly!

good morning! for some reason i am awake of this ungodly hour of... oh... it's 8:15am

well, maybe it's not THAT early, but, i am tired-ish. i've gotta stop staying up till 3:30am

either i woke up at 7:30am from Beri jumping on my head or it' was because the lawnmower guys were zipping around outside the front window and THAT'S when Beri jumped on my head... and then down to the end of the couch (yes. still on the couch.)

eh, i had to get up anyway. gotta do an overhaul on the house. spruce it up a tad.

had fun last night with an old friend of mine that i hadn't seen in a few years. had run into at church on sunday. yeah, i know. church. went again this week. getting there by 10am isn't that bad. it's the waking up on time when up late the night before that's the problem.

really need to get more sleep.

i also need to head to the store and get more oatmeal and milk.... that is, if my car doesn't veer off to the Country Store where an egg & cheese sammich on wheat toast beckons...

August 20, 2008


okay... let me know what you guys think of this (there are more video clips by him here)

oh, by the way... keep in mind he's like 17 years old.

(there's a reason i am asking. just let me know your thoughts on the kid and the song[s] and i will let you know hopefully soon why)



it's a sad day. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, one of the happiest, feistiest women in Congress passed away today. She was also one of the most adamant and strongest Hillary Clinton supporters. Rest in Peace.

[my heart's a bit broken now. she was a great lady.]


effing verizon
August 21, 2008

effing verizon

jeez. anyone ever have texting issues?

people i sent messages to since monday JUST got them this morning. i've gotten a barrage of "what?" and "why are you telling me this now? we talked about this on the phone last night" texts. and one where i forgot that i'd written something on monday and the person answered me this morning and i was like "what the?" thinking they were texting someone else.

i've had things delayed before... usually only by a few hours but never days.

what the heck?!



just got back from the ww meeting.

2 weeks in and 6 pounds down!

this week i lost 2.4 since the last weigh-in

(a ways to go in total, but, to reach my 10%, i need to lose 15... i'm psyched though with the results so far!)

August 23, 2008


so i check my stats daily - i can see what people searched for on google and how they wound up on my site.


like this past week, SO many people are searching for "henry fonda picking blueberries". i know how they got to my site because i wrote about the Bob Saget Roast where that was mentioned the other night.


some of the quirkier searches today are listed here (click the links for the google page and then you can see what pages of MY site they lead to.)

• "saw an erection"

• "town where the men are men and sheep are afraid"

• "cheeseburger in paradise ww points"

• "one piece nude"

• "eugene passolo"

• "my ass hurts"

• "candied strawberries"

• "shamila cero en conducta"

• "thailand fuck girl talk with me by phone"

• "emailing ex boyfriends"



bho-caesar5.jpgquick... let's all head out to Denver and pretend we're homeless!!

That way we get our hair done aaaaaaaaaaaaaand we can go to the movies aaaaaand play bingo!!


(and you know what? i gave Biden money back in March. eff that, too.)

although, i must say i'm relieved to hear that Hill isn't the VP choice for him. I wouldn't have voted for SoetorObama even if she was on the ticket.

The Clean Change to Believe in?

The Clean Change to Believe in?

it's nice when GiggleDad phones me and says in a slow, mocking drawl:

"Jooooooooooe Biiiiiiiiii-deeeeeen"

then starts hysterically laughing.

i shut him up when I said "yeah, well, unless something miraculous happens this week at the convention, it's looking like I'm writing in my girl's name, or voting for your boy McCain."

to which he said "oh... well.... glad to hear it."

i have an ulcer now.

in other news, my friend John just called me to play on his volleyball team at the Headliner tomorrow night. ***

I haven't played beach volleyball in 15 years, but, I've been watching it on the Olympics for 2 weeks, so I should be good to go.

and no. i will not be wearing a spandex athletic bikini to play in.

*** i am glad i bought health insurance a few weeks ago!!!

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*mwah* you know i loves ya', buddy, but...

August 24, 2008


HAHAHAHAH - oh this is fantastic...


steak dinner challenge accepted, neilv :}
August 25, 2008

steak dinner challenge accepted, neilv :}

I'm wondering why ObamaSoetoro is NOT 25 points ahead of McCain. Why is it still tied?

it's been 5 years... today.

it's been 5 years... today.

archie passed away.

August 27, 2008


nine hours.

i've spent 9 bloody hours trying to fix this laptop. i am crossing my fingers that it's okay at the moment. i've blue screened 33 times today (i am NOT exaggerating.)

i've gotten KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR and MEMORY_MANAGEMENT and KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR messages when i've gotten the BSOD throughout the evening.

ridiculous. frustrating. arrrrrgh.

i DID however take an hour to watch Hillary Clinton speak.

I love her.





yeah... okay. i know. i know. "macs are better". whatever. i use both. but all of my graphics/web design programs are on my PCs.

the laptop i have (had) downstairs has been freaking out on me for the past few days. moreso over the past 24 hours.

i BSOD'd about 90 times. seriously.

anyway, i tried as hard as i could to fix the issues. not my forte really - i mean, i know how to troubleshoot and use computers, but, that doesn't mean i'm some sort of whiz. that's why i'm a web designer and not a computer fixer-upper (that's the techie name for it, right?)

so, it's my gateway laptop that i bought a little over a year ago at best buy (i probably have a warranty on it... but...)

i say "but" because at first i couldn't reach my usual computer dude. so, i called up the Geek Squad at Best Buy.

first i was on the phone explaining the situation with my machine to the girl that apparently was at HQ, not the local store one. whatever. then after taking down all the info, she then proceeds to say "okay, well, thanks - you're going to have to call your local geek squad at best buy in brick to take care of this"

okay. fine. so i did.

"Geek Squad. Please Hold"

okay. fine. holding.

doo-dooo---doo-do-dooooo muzak.

10 minutes.


okay, so, i try calling back.

"Geek Squad. Please Hold"

"no, wai---"

doo-dooo---doo-do-dooooo muzak.

okay. not cool.

i hang up and call back.

"Geek Squad. Please Hold" doo-dooo---doo-do-dooooo muzak.

mother fu-------

i call back (now i'm starting to stalk the geek squad. really, come on. oh and the fact that my "friend" is en route as well doesn't help my attitude. i am impatient.)

Geek Guy: "Geek Squad... how can I help you?"

Me: "I was on hold for the past 15 minutes"

Geek Guy: "Yeah, well, dear, we're busy"

Me: *silence* "Dear?..... eh.... yeeeeeah, my computer that i bought there at Best Buy last year is freaking out on me"

Geek Guy: "Bring it in"

Me: "First it's blue screened and given me 3 different messages. the first is KERNEL DA---"

Geek Guy: "Whatever. Bring it in and we'll run a diagnostic and repair and see if there's anything more to it"

Me: "You don't want to know what the issue is?"

Geek Guy: "Doesn't matter"

Me: "I think it might. What is the rate and how long will it take?"

Geek Guy: "The D & R will be $69 and then whatever we find will be added on that. It'll be about 5 to 7 days"

Me: "Five to seven days?!"

Geek Guy: "That's what I said... Dear"

Me: "Fuck you... Dear"


okay. the blood pressure was up and i was pretty riled.

then a few minutes later, my regular computer dude called me back. said he would check out what the skinny was. that it should only take a day or so. (about 4 or 5 hours at $80/hour) unless the machine needed a new hard drive (pray that it's not that.)

so, he popped over about 10 minutes later and picked the laptop up and dragged it away.

i trust him, i know that he fixes these puppies pretty well.

in the meantime, i don't have a laptop. i either need to use the desktop downstairs (gigglemom's machine) or i need to trudge upstairs and use my big ass main PC.

the thing with the laptop was it was fantastic for the sloth part of me. i would sit on the couch and instead of trudging upstairs, i could go on gotomypc.com and hook up to my programs on the PC upstairs.

laziness at it's finest, eh?


hopefully, it's only a day or so... my checkbook isn't all that pleased though.

August 28, 2008


okay... so, remember a month ago, my tire blew and i wound up having to shell out $500 for two bloody new tires?

well, that jacked me up a bit. i mean, that's $500 that i really didn't have.

today, i get a call from my computer dude saying that the laptop's hard drive is pretty much effed and needs to be replaced.

he said it'd be $80/hour (at around 4 hours of work... so, what's that? $320

and he said that the hard drive would be between $100 and $150

so, let's go for the glass half empty total and say that it's going to be upwards of $470 for this monster.


yayyyyyyyy! didn't have that on me either!

i need to get into shape so i can start hooking or something...

August 29, 2008


seriously. it's been about 5 or 10 minutes.

the trigger?

i was sitting at the computer in the kitchen (since the laptop is dead)

gigglemom was sleeping in the other room. it was totally quiet. i was working.

all of a sudden i hear this loud banging from behind me to the left

i swing around... i see gigglemom banging her cane on the fridge - just to scare me.

the thing is, i saw her... i think it registered that it was her... but apparently not as quickly as i'd thought because 1 second after i saw that it was her, i let out the most blood-curdling, jamie lee curtis-esque scream and could feel my jaw open as wide as it could to do so.

*i've stopped crying for the moment*

immediately afterward, i doubled over, started hyperventilating (gigglemom had already gone into the ladies' room at this point) and then, for some weird ass reason, i began to sob.

literally SOBBING.

like those heaving, weird noises coming from your gut type of sobs.

i hear gigglemom in the bathroom say "Are you crying??!!"

and i sounded like a 3 year old crying "y-y-y-yes!" and then more tears streaming down my face.

of course, she started laughing at me (not to be mean. i mean, in hindsight, i'm sure it'll be sort of funny ---- but not at the moment)

i'm attributing the crying jag to the fact that:

1) The Friend just arrived on my front porch and has her bags in hand to stay the weekend.

2) I am a 38 year old woman who eats junk food and is slightly overweight and I think my body was trying to cope with the scary moment by crying... rather than having a frigging heart attack.

3) Gigglemom's bedhead is horrendous.

seriously. i don't know why i started crying... moreso, i don't know why it took me a good chunk of time to STOP crying.

what. the. hell????

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SARAH PALIN?!? really?

SARAH PALIN?!? really?

$498.09 later....

$498.09 later....

well, my laptop is back... in my lap... where it's supposed to be while i work from my couch.

i am still trying to set up all of the programs that i've lost. but, so far the guy did well - the machine is running like a charm.

August 31, 2008


well, i trekked off to Ye Ol' Wal Mart and picked up some stuff to clean the house with.
I always do that. Like as if buying a new dish detergent will somehow miraculously get the house in tip-top shape.

I went to church today (that's 3 or so weekends in a row. WOO! I'm on a roll.)

(is it odd to light a candle and ask for help in cleaning the house? if so, call me odd.)

anyway.... just did dishes. and am sitting down for a bit to rest. yes. rest. there were a lot of dishes... the thing is, i don't think i've actually cooked a meal in a while. i've been ordering in and stuff. frightening.

i'm also growing more and more addicted to the facebook - kinda neat "running into" folks from high school and college. i know folks can do that on myspace, but it seems like it's a little more "controlled" on the facebook.

what else? nothing. just procrastinating and trying to get stuff done... trying to clean --- while gigglemom sleeps (in the bed in the living room) --- so i can't blast music to keep me going. i know. a silly excuse. but whatever, i kinda like cleaning to music. i don't like cleaning to breathing machines and sleep apnea snores.


anyway... back to dealing with the kitchen.

and then.... the living room (will wait till GM wakes up and goes out for a smoke, i guess, before attempting to tackle the LR)





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