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August 31, 2008 3:00 PM

well, i trekked off to Ye Ol' Wal Mart and picked up some stuff to clean the house with.
I always do that. Like as if buying a new dish detergent will somehow miraculously get the house in tip-top shape.

I went to church today (that's 3 or so weekends in a row. WOO! I'm on a roll.)

(is it odd to light a candle and ask for help in cleaning the house? if so, call me odd.)

anyway.... just did dishes. and am sitting down for a bit to rest. yes. rest. there were a lot of dishes... the thing is, i don't think i've actually cooked a meal in a while. i've been ordering in and stuff. frightening.

i'm also growing more and more addicted to the facebook - kinda neat "running into" folks from high school and college. i know folks can do that on myspace, but it seems like it's a little more "controlled" on the facebook.

what else? nothing. just procrastinating and trying to get stuff done... trying to clean --- while gigglemom sleeps (in the bed in the living room) --- so i can't blast music to keep me going. i know. a silly excuse. but whatever, i kinda like cleaning to music. i don't like cleaning to breathing machines and sleep apnea snores.


anyway... back to dealing with the kitchen.

and then.... the living room (will wait till GM wakes up and goes out for a smoke, i guess, before attempting to tackle the LR)


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Michelle13 yapped on August 31, 2008 5:03 PM

Blasting music always seems to make cleaning go better. I do the same thing. I feel for you having to do the kitchen. That is the one room I hate to clean. I always leave it for last. Seems like it is the "dumping grounds" in our house!

dagny yapped on August 31, 2008 8:52 PM

I thought you had an ipod... I live by mine & earphones! Music & humor are what get me through the day (mostly at high volumes). Of course, some of my co-workers in cube-land are not so sure that it's great. (I tend to talk outloud, to myself or the computer, with my internal dialogue as if I were in a 'cone of silence'.) I know, dating myself... Good thing my immediate neighbors in cube-land are friends & are good natured about it. They only occasionally ask me to keep it down. (sigh)

Stacy yapped on September 1, 2008 1:59 PM

I hate to admit it but I too am becoming addicted to the Facebook....I thought I was strictly a myspace girl but there is just something a tad more put together about facebook....I havent figured it all out yet but I bet half (if not all) of today will be spent figuring it out!!! :)

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