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September 18, 2008 2:00 AM

well, i have the alarm ready to yell at me at 7:45am (again.)

we'll see if i hear it. planning on heading to the boardwalk again. it's been a great de-stresser. of course, i've been working on updating schedules all day and sending out info about upcoming shows and onsales all day.

also, my cousin michael was over here for a few hours helping out around the house (there's stuff here that he's helping to fix up --- stuff that i can't do alone.)

so that's been great. not to sound like a lunatic, but, 2 weeks ago, i was at church and lit a candle and asked for help around the house because everything has gotten overwhelming and out of hand. and over the past week, michael's been coming around because he needed help with some stuff --- so it's one of those "one hand washes the other" sort of thing - and so far it's working out fine.

anyway... i needed to take a break from doing the scheduling for the club tonight because i need to be "in the zone" when i update these 25 pages of ticketing and schedules and line-ups. it's a pain in the ass, actually.

so, i plan on doing the walking, doing a lot more stretching and then coming home to crank out the last few pages (if i keep doing them whilst tired, there's a chance of error.)

anyway... speaking of being tired... it's hay-hitting time!

the goal for thursday's walk is 1.50 miles. (i really need to focus on stretching out my hip flexors - they've been a little tight.)

oh and i had to get this video ready for uploading and all that.


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furiousBall yapped on September 18, 2008 8:59 AM

i love premonitions of flashbacks

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