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2 Bunnies...
October 1, 2008

2 Bunnies...

hey. don't forget to Rabbit Rabbit, first thing in the morning.

I am beat. 8 hours trying to fix my desktop. I've been catching up on work all day.

eeewwwwwwww, Barracuda!

eeewwwwwwww, Barracuda!

okay... i've now created anti-Palin buttons (since the pro-Palin ones sold like hotcakes... until after folks saw the Couric interview...) Feel free to snag some. I'm neither a Democrat or Republican... I'm just a Capitalist now.

the VP debate is upon us...
October 2, 2008

the VP debate is upon us...

well, if one can get past the part where the moderator, Gwen Ifill, has a book coming out on January 20th (INAUGURATION DAY!) entitled "The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama"... it should be an enlightening debate.

You know that I am still torn.

I cannot stand either Obama/Biden OR McCain/Palin.

I keep wondering what I will do on November 4th as I walk into that booth.

Will I flick the lever for McCain/Palin and choke back a little vomit & hope for the best?

Will I push the button for Obama/Biden and have to ask for a volunteer to clean up the chunks of barf that I surely will spew all over the booth?

I'm still toying with writing in Hillary's name - you can mock me whole-heartedly - but, that is the only way that I feel like I can look people in the eye after walking out of there (sans puke)... yeah, people will say "That's a vote for McCain! you can't do that!"... well, actually, I can do that.

But I'm not sure what the hell I am going to do at the moment.

I should bring my Flip video camera into the booth and tape this Sophie's Choice moment... and bring a bucket.

In the meantime, Sugar posted a link to the 7-Election at 7-Elevens everywhere.

I wonder if I can go into a 7-Eleven with a Sharpie marker and write Hillary on some blank cups.

I've been "reading everything put in front of me" to try to make my decision...

but, you know, it IS bullshit when Obama supporters post crap like this... really? it's BECAUSE of the Obamabots that I have been digging my heels in... well, them and the fact that there are too many shady issues...

Then I look at the "choice" of McCain/Palin and I am just shaking my head. Just why? Seriously? Both frigging sides.

I hope that Palin does well tonight, not because I am rooting for her, but, because if she looks like a complete moron and gets devoured by Biden tonight, it just sets women back.

I am a woman without a party at the moment.


(by the way... a $6M tax break for "Kids' Wooden Arrows", $192M tax break for Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands Rum Producers, tax break for "Wool Research", a $128M tax break for "Auto-Racing Tracks"??????? I have $2.38 in my bank account at the moment... forgive me for having a bug up my ass, but, WHAT THE HELL?! Wooden Arrows?)

okay! okay! i'm awake...
October 5, 2008

okay! okay! i'm awake...

beri woke me up 10 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off. i really need to teach her about the importance of those precious last 10 minutes. she always does this.

so, now she's fed and there are 3 minutes of sleep left and she's now back in bed, yet, i need to wake up.

gotta head to church. of course, they warned us last week that there will be voter registration happening outside the church --- the ones holding the registration are the Right To Life group. So, thankfully, I am already registered, because I don't feel like reciting this Doug Stanhope bit to them before heading in there. (it's a long bit... i'm talking about the propaganda part that starts around 4:30)

good morning!!!!

anyway, i'm awake.



just got back from my cousin's house. remember that pink beach cruiser that i'd bought last year (and used 3 times)? well, i threw it into the back of Phooka and took it over there.

yesterday when I was over, my niece Kelly told me that he pink bike was stolen a month or so ago.

a lightbulb clicked on in my head today and i thought "hey! I have a pink bike that is in good condition - that i will NEVER ever use again - and it's looking pretty ghetto in the garden out back"

so i gave it to her today. yeah it had some rust on it, and the white parts of the bike needed to be cleaned and the tires pumped up... so within 10 minutes of bringing it over, everything was made ship-shape and Kelly was riding it around the neighborhood.

I said my goodbye to the bike and told it it would have a better life there.

got a hug and a grin from the niece and headed home :}

oh, garfield, your view on Mondays was dead on.
October 6, 2008

oh, garfield, your view on Mondays was dead on.

i don't know why i'm awake at 7:17am.
oh, wait, yeah i do. thanks Beri for barking and scratching at me to run outside to tinkle. (I knew I should've built a ladder on the side of the toilet and potty-trained her.)

i've got a sore throat. might be "morning throat" due to allergies, but, i don't think so... i'd been sitting outside on the patio last night yapping with GM for a while --- with bare feet.

yeah. i know.


watching Morning Joe on MSNBC. I dig Joe... I still cannot stand frigging Mika. she's just such a snooty, smug, biased schmuck. (plus, sadly, i think i have a crush on joe scarborough...) and i like pat buchanan on here. yeah, you read that right. you wanna make somethin' of it? :}

Beri's back in bed. I am going to sleep again.

NEW ANTI or PRO PALIN GEAR (depending on how you look at it.)

NEW ANTI or PRO PALIN GEAR (depending on how you look at it.)

here y'are:


ermmm.... "THAT ONE"??
October 7, 2008

ermmm.... "THAT ONE"??

i'm sure mac didn't mean it like it sounded but, i think we're smelling a sound bite in the making.


October 9, 2008


on the alka-seltzer cherry flavoured cold meds.
and is achy.
and tired.
and whiny.

that is all.

October 12, 2008


last night, went to the boathouse with Ellen, Jen, Diane, Christine and Penny. Had a great time!

HERE are all the photos *click*!

BOATHOUSE - 10.11.08

BOATHOUSE - 10.11.08

BOATHOUSE - 10.11.08

BOATHOUSE - 10.11.08

ran into other folks from high school there and had a blast.

afterward... as i was getting out of my car when I got home, I felt my right knee twist. I thought "hmmmmm, that didn't feel good"

Then, this morning, when I woke up, I could barely walk. The knee (the one I had arthroscopic surgery on a while ago) is swollen and twisty and ouchy.

I've got a giant bag of green beans sitting on it right now.



that sounds dirty. i mean that my rear driver's side tire blew tonight. my cousin'd patched it 2 weeks ago (in fact, he'd patched a huge hole in that one and also a small nail hole in my rear passenger's side tire.)

so the one tonight blew.

i'm not going back to the MINI dealer because my warranty is up. so i'm gonna have to find a local place around here that carries my ridiculously small clown car Continentals.

man. the car is great. it's the tires that have KILLED me over the past 3 years.

October 14, 2008


So... let's see... today I woke up with the bum knee still.

Had to call around for tires - no one had any in stock. even the MINI dealer didn't, so I went with a local place and won't be able to get my tires fixed until friday.

Then drove on the donut down to toms river to pick up a transport wheelchair for gigglemom -- we're heading to Peddler's Village in PA tomorrow. She can't walk around that well, thus, the chair.

On the way home, I stopped by giggledad's house and saw him and my stepmom. They gave me tomatoes, which were lovely.

When I got home, I tried to work on my desktop upstairs... it kept crashing. said something about the BSOD being caused by a WIN32K.SYS file

so I did a little googling on how to fix it.

found a page that said "just replace the extension .sys with .old and it will generate a new, fresh, uncorrupted version of WIN32K.SYS"

so i did it.

no problem. did 20 minutes of work that i needed to do and i went downstairs.

Then one of my clients needed me to do something at around 11:30pm --- I went upstairs and this is the message that greeted me...

Stop: c000021a {Fatal System Error}

The Session manager initialization system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000034 (0×00000000 0×00000000).

The system has been shut down.

what the HELL!!!??

okay, so i rebooted. it crashed and gave the same message to me again.

it did this 12 times.

i did the F2 key thing and tried to futz. i did the F12 key thing and tried to futz

nothing. the same message.

the machine is dead.

luckily, i DO have 2 external hard drives - that i basically work off of and none of my files are actually ON my desktop... although, all of my programs are.

i had a backup of my adobe cs3 on the external HD though. and hooked up the ExHD to my laptop downstairs and installed Dreamweaver and was able to do the work...

BUT... my desktop - granted, the one that i've had since 2003 - is dead... I'm sure there's a fix.

Although, I'm thinking that it might be time to invest in a new desktop... yes, it's a PC. yes, i also have the Mac. I work on both. my billion dollar programs are on my pc though. i am not a fan of the mac any longer really... well, except for the non-dying... although in the past i HAVE had that effed up "unhappy mac" face that I've wanted to bitch slap.

(please don't start lecturing me about how great the mac is. i really don't care. i know it's lovely. i'm not buying another.)

i don't have the system install CD for the PC... let me clarify that... i MIGHT have it, but, if so, i have absolutely NO idea where the hell it'd be in this house. yeah. yeah. i know. one WOULD think that the disk would be NEAR the computer.

let me just tell you there's a LOT of stuff near that thing... there's also a lot of stuff NOT near it.

in any event... i only set up DW on my laptop for now.

I need to install photoshop on here... and all of my beautiful fonts... *sigh* my fonts...


i am going to need to get a new cpu at least. my monitor is kick arse.

it's just that in july, i had 2 tires blow and need to be replaced and then I had the laptop die and need a new HD installed and that was an arm and a leg... and then gigglemom's effing prescriptions are "caught in the Donut Hole" --- which means once you hit a certain amount of $ with your Rx, medicare waits a month or two to pay for things and so, some of her meds range from $200 to $1000

I'm just bellyaching because this week, EVERYTHING HAPPENED.

2 NEW tires are effed.
the OTHER computer is dead.
my KNEE is screwy
the donut hole is in effect

waaaahhhh waaaah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

yeah i know. could be worse.

could be worse.

gotta thank my lucky stars...

but, man alive... it'd be nice to have a break from the kooky raincloud that's been hovering lately.



gigglechick & gigglemom

one of my favourite photos of my mom and i.

my aunt judy is picking us up at 10am and GM, our friend MaryAnn and I are heading to Peddler's Village in Pennsylvania today for Gigglemom's birthday!


(**wonder if I can wrap up my desktop pc and give it to her as a giant blue nightlight)

October 15, 2008


get your Joe the Plumber gear.

How to convert to digital!
October 17, 2008

How to convert to digital!

can i get a "what, what?" from the senior section!?
October 19, 2008

can i get a "what, what?" from the senior section!?

So This is what it's like to be Amish...
October 22, 2008

So This is what it's like to be Amish...

As I'm sitting here, I am waiting for my laptop battery to die. (I'm also typing this without any internet at the moment...)

Why? because at about 11:50am this morning, the electricity blew.

Last night it blew and was out for about 10 minutes... throughout the entire condo complex. After last night's power outage, the teevee was screwy. Then this morning, it totally died. Right in front of me.

So, I'm sitting here in the dark (or partial grayness since it's 12:44pm) and writing... because that's all I can do.

I was on the phone earlier with Comcast to see if the teevee issue was on their end... then I saw a flash of white light and the teevee just committed suicide.

Stupid thing is only 2 years old. Or was.

Then I got on the horn (thankfully, I do have a landline that's not a cordless phone... although, I guess I could've used the cellphone.) with the Electric Company (the E-LEC-TRIC COM-PAN-EEEEEEE dun dah dah!) and asked what the skinny was with today's power outage.

They said that there are about 1600 houses in the area without power and that it SHOULD be back up and running by 2:30pm...

we'll see.

In the meantime, gigglemom is on her mini-oxygen tank right now since the oxygen converter relies on electricity.

whatever. at the moment, between the silence of having no teevee and no electricity to generate that background hum, my skin is crawling....

my battery on the laptop is at the 50% mark.

so, i was on the phone wth the electric company and told them that the teevee was screwed up by last night's outage and now I have to fill out a claim and send that in.

I'm just wondering what the hell is going on in the cosmos that is effing with me electronically and mechanically...

1. July - 2 tires - $500
2. August - laptop dies, needs new hard drive $550
3. October week of the 12 - 18:

• Blow out knee
• Blow out tire
• Other tire has nail in
• Buy 2 new tires; $300
• Lose one checkered stem cap in tire switch

4. October week of the 19 - 22 (I refuse to have a crappy rest of the week)
• Knee getting worse
• Electricity surge/outage kills teevee (I had a power surge cord on it, too.)
• ANOTHER Electricity outage leaving me with no internet or light.
• Woke up to a trail of dog poop on carpet

Oh, yeah, didn't I mention that?

This morning I woke up to head to the ladies' room and there was a trail of poop strewn across the carpet.

I, being related to Sherlock Holmes in my head, quickly deduced that the trail led from one point of the carpet over to gigglemom's slipper near her bed.

Apparently, during the night, GM had gotten up to go to the ladies' room as well and did not have the light on, nor were her eyes or nose open.

So, she didn't see that Beri had gotten up in the middle of the night, and out of the kindness of her heart, she didn't bark to go out because she didn't want to wake us. So sweet.

In any event... there I was this morning, cleaning dog poop from GM's slipper, from the carpet (in 7 places) and from Beri's arse.

Yeah, apparently the dog had a bit of an issue during the evening.

So... the day started out awesome. No, really, friggin fantastic.

The laptop battery is at 25% now...

Have I whinged about the knee lately?

It's still hurting. I have a brace on it... alas, it's not really feeling great. I thought that I would attempt to walk around the reservoir today... but, that's not happening....

The way things are going today, I'd be walking around the path and a rapist would jump me (not that I'm trying to be conceited and say that I'd attract a rapist) and then he'd probably kick my other knee in and steal my cell phone. Seeing as that is the only gadget/electronic piece of equipment that I have that reaches the outside world at the moment.

So, no. I am sitting here on my couch, knee on a pillow, typing on my laptop as the power is sucked out of it, hoping that the electricity comes on soon so that I can effing WORK and do updates to sites and all that good stuff.... not to mention post this ranting and raving entry.

It figures that the one time that I cannot do ANYTHING in this house, I am not tired enough to nap.

(Laptop battery is flashing a yellow warning sign.)

I am ready to go down the street and buy a butter churn and paint some hex signs...

***UPDATE: The electricity and internet came back on at 2pm***



i've been on facebook reliving good ol' college glory via a friend's photos... and she'd posted a comment:

"(We won't mention the word "extensions".)"

I didn't think anyone knew and she posted:

"There are no secrets at UArts, bwah, ha, ha, ha, ha! Everyone felt bad about it for you."

oh dear... well I may as well share the full story (i'd done a podcast about it a few years ago, alas, i think that podcast has been deleted...)

So, I searched my blog and found the story that I'd posted back in 2002 about the "incident" that happened in 1991... [original post]

inspired by snazzykat's hair story i figured i would write about mine. this is long. seriously. long.

although which one should i choose? hmmmmm? i am a magnet for hair horror stories.

should i choose the shaved head look? no, i liked that.
how about the old lady cutting my hair the day before my grandfather's funeral when i was 12... and she created a "punk look" (old ladies should not try to create a "Punk Look")... i had class pictures the next day, so for all of eternity my 7th grade photo will look like Gossamer the just add water monster from Bugs Bunny.

but that's not the worst one... neither is the time when i had my hair frosted (with a cap) and my hair was short in the back... i came out with leopard spots on my head.

the worst was *sigh* ::sit down for this one::

it all started back in 1991... i had short hair. i was sick of it. i wanted to have long hair like my friends. i wanted to be able to brush it. i longed for the moment when i could pull it back into one of those "new-fangled" scrunchies. but i couldn't. i would have to wait.

this wouldn't do.

i being of the spoiled-brat-instant-gratification persuasion wanted long hair and i WANTED IT NOW!!!! (picture veruca salt from willy wonka. my hero.)

so mom and i trekked off to the Ocean Township Hair Replacement Center. Because the Jersey Shore is "known" for hair weaves, right?!

yes. i was going there to get an estimate on a weave. crazy white girl from the shore.

the appraised my head at $800.

WHAT!?!?! Eight Hundred Dollars!?!? crap. mom wasn't gonna fork that kinda dough over. I would have to wait.

or would i? (insert evil suspense noise: "Dun Dun Duh DUH!!!" while i raise one eyebrow.)

see, i had an apartment in philadelphia still. i was going to school there, it was summer though so i was home. anyway i drove out to philly, pocketed $300 and stayed overnight.

I looked through the Philly Yellow Pages for a Weave Specialist... mind you, a "CHEAP" weave specialist... A-HA! one that said they could do it for $250!!!! woo!!! so the appointment was set. before i had it done, i went to the store and bought hairclips and scrunchies and hair gel and all kinds of hair goodies!!!

i was so excited!!! HAIR~!!!! (yes i started singing "Aquarius" - i don't know the "hair" song, just the "aquarius" song)

so i reach the place. it's in an alley in philly. it's dark. i had to climb up 4 flights of stairs.

did i turn back? no.

when the 2 oriental [ed. yes. i wrote "oriental", i should probably have written "asian"] woman opened the door and i saw a sparse room without mirrors did i run out of the door?


when i saw the glass case filled with hair - the one that i had to choose my hair out of like it was a 2 pound lobster... did i leave?

no. i was THIS close to having a full head of luxurious hair cascading down my back.

they sit me down and over the next few hours proceeded to glue the hair onto my head.

GLUE!?!?!? (oh, you caught that?)

yes. glue. but keep in mind, i am crazy naive white cracker girl from the 'burbs of jersey... i thought this was what they called a "weave"

they proceed to say "we match hair color"... ehmmm... okay. so i go through a dye process with what feels like a mane of thick beautiful hair on my scalp.

they dry it. they say "feel. feel nice. yes?"

remember... no mirrors.

dum-dum (uh... that's me) pays them. tips them. and walks down the stairs to the street. i look in the distorted glass of the store windows, and all i can see is hair! shoulder length hair!!! YAY!!!!! so so so happy!

i walk back to my car to drive home... and all the guys are checking me out!! woo!! my life is gonna change since i have the rapunzel look going on!!!

i begin to drive home (after i pull my hair back into a scrunchy...)

a few truckers honk their horns and are smiling!!! yay! (not that my goal was to attract truckers, but, still... at least women wouldn't hit on me and my short hair again!!!)

i make it home - run into the house and show my mother.

whose face went pale. mine did not. apparently my face turned pink and blotchy. hives. yes. i was allergic to the hair.

i look into the full mirror. i have fake (or was it Yak?) African American Curly Nappy Spirals hanging off of my head. But not all over my head. only in 4 strips. the rest of the head was short hair.

the main color is Black. the other colors on my head were an orange and a light brown.


so my mother starts crying. then laughing. then YELLING at me. she grabs my arm, throws me in the car and proceeds to drive me around to 3 of her friends' houses to show them, and i think to ridicule me. she made me go into town and have dinner with her.

all the while i am starting break out with acne or hives or something... and i can't get the hair off. it's "bonded" to my scalp. and it's beginning to become sore between my pulling and the allergies.

we go home, i run up to my room. lock the door and begin crying hysterically.
mom starts screaming. she thinks that i am going to kill myself.

so she calls the Wall Township Police.

they break down my door. it's 2 guys i went to high school with - cute ones of course. 2 of them. two that i'd had crushes on for 3 years. i HADN'T planned on killing myself, but there i was fantasizing about making a leap for one of their guns to put myself out of my misery. but i didn't.

I made it through the night. had to cut my hair off. so it wouldn't touch my face. ah, but the glue and the rest of the hair was still stuck to my head.

mom drove me back to the Ocean Township Hair Replacement Center where for 8 hours straight, 9 women (including my mother) sat around my head with empty hot glue guns and melted the hair off of me. yes. i swear to God. on top of the allergic hives, the pimples, the swollen eyes and nose, i was now being burnt by glue guns in my scalp and on my ears.

the cost for the "Hair Recovery"? $950

great. and i still had to sit with olive oil on my head covered by a plastic bag for 4 days as i picked out the leftover glueballs witha lice comb.

after that, i learned patience. and i grew my hair.... on my own

October 24, 2008


Unbelievable McCain Vs. Obama Dance-Off - Watch more free videos

(i'm mildly disturbed by the whole thing!)

October 25, 2008


i doodled it on facebook.

more doodling.
October 26, 2008

more doodling.

I purchased a Wacom tablet (and pen, of course) that should arrive on Tuesday... basically, I realized that if I want to illustrate my children's book seriously, I'm going to have to forego the mouse (even though, I've done pretty well with the mouse and DID try a wacom about 8 years ago and didn't care for it.)

in the meantime, i created this on Facebook with the mouse... i think it'd have turned out much better if i had the pen.

frustration flower

frustration flower

yeah, doodling on the facebook graffiti application again.

i had good intentions of it being a spectacular illustration and realistic, then i got frustrated and wanted to get it over with...


had a crazy friday night - will hold off on telling that news, let's just say sometimes family is a circus and even more raucous and annoying than the stupid cartoon...

so, ever since 2am saturday morning, i have had horrendous pains in my lower left abdomen... (no. it's not "gas")

i've had a heating pad on the area for most of the weekend... i'm not trying to sound gross here, but, it may get a little dicey on this blog as i write... if so, just look at the pretty flower at the top of the page.

it's above my pelvis and on the left hand side from my bellybutton down and over - this pain... horrible, doubling over pain.

it feels like i have a softball made of chards of glass dipped in sterno and lit on fire - sitting there in this spot.

now... not for nothing, i went to cvs yesterday and bought cherry-flavoured magnesium citrate and drank the whole bottle to see if, somehow, the spiky flaming softball would dislodge itself and get the fuck out of my body.

no. let's just say, there's not a chance in hell that anything is left in my system... yet... the pain is still there.

last night, thinking that there was, i dunno, maybe a whole giant 5 guys double cheeseburger still intact and just holding onto the sides of my colon...

i actually was laying down on the couch with the heating pad and using a rolling pin to roll out my stomach... and i could feel something like a lump and then there was shooting pain... like incredible knives just sticking into the left side of my lower abdomen.

i've been googling... the sites all point to diverticulitis, which, that just sounds painful and disgusting.

i know. i know.. i am a little whiny.

gigglemom says it'll go away (then again, i'm not really going to trust her medical advice since she uses the Ostrich Head in the Sand Method)

IF I am still - oh, i dunno - DYING tomorrow morning, I am going to call in my chips and use my health insurance to see a doctor.

but, my knee feels 98% better... so that's a plus.

October 27, 2008


thanks for the comments in the previous post...

i'm still in pain. but, i think i jumped to conclusions about a "lump" - it was probably just fat or a spleen or something.

not for nothing, but, if you want to be "one with your toilet" try drinking the Magnesium Citrate 2 days in a row. lovely.

i don't think - and again, here's where it gets disgusting - there's anything blocked...

although i did have the thought that there's a few Five Guys Double Cheeseburgers stuck in the breech position in my lower intestine...

yeah, with all the bloating and kicking going on down there, it was quite possible there was a Food Baby forming...

but... it's not that... there's no way in hell after that MC

i am going to try water, tylenol, tea and toast for today & see if i start feeling any better...

i have to take gigglemom to the doctor tomorrow afternoon, maybe i can make an appointment for wednesday somewhere

oh, and as for the rolling pin, it didn't help... and unfortunately, it didn't wind up rolling my stomach flat either.



yes, i may have been all Yankees, Yankees, Yankees on my blog since I started it, but, once upon a time, I lived in Philly during college and loved the Phillies. I even have an old red hat witha big ol' white P on it...

the first ballgame I ever went to was in Philly...

I also had a crush on the Philly Phanatic. (probably not my worst choice in men)

so, because my heart was broken by them (and traitor Curt Schilling) back in 1993, I really started to back away from them. (1993 WAS the best though, they were like a big, fat drunken softball team. John Kruk, Dykstra, etc.)

I am back to rooting for these fellas... I really need to check out the Lakewood Blue Claws (the minor league team that is affiliated with the Phillies)... it's about a mile from my house... yet, I've not been there... next summer i will go.

right now the score is PHI 2 and TB 1

on the tummy front... still in pain. it had subsided a little earlier and i had a light dinner of green beans and a jug of water

then i had the bright idea to go to dunkin donuts and i had a sausage & cheese croissant and half a bagel.

aaaaaaand, once again, i am dying.

i wonder if I can order an IV drip for my meals (*withoutbeing in the hospital)

Whacko Over the Wacom
October 29, 2008

Whacko Over the Wacom

Got my wacom tablet yesterday am writing with the pen right now. Click the image & hit "replay" - make sure the speed on the replay is medium to slow. (this pen is taking some getting used to... but is kinda cool.)

October 30, 2008


thanks for all of your concern! i'm feeling better. not 100%... i only double over in pain after I eat. you know, only then.

which could help with dieting :}

October 31, 2008








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