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I AM DIGGING THIS... (and also a reminder...)
November 1, 2008

I AM DIGGING THIS... (and also a reminder...)

first, don't forget to "rabbit, rabbit, first thing in the morning!

second, i was playing around with the wacom tablet & pen tonight... trying to get the hang of it still... so, instead of that goofy Graffiti application on facebook (which is cool), I opened up my Photoshop and tried my hand at drawing something...

I chose a pear.


(I am digging the pen because this only took me 20 minutes to slap together. If I'd been using the mouse still, it would've taken me an hour... or longer... or it wouldn't look like this at all.)

aaaand once again...

aaaand once again...

i forgot to Rabbit, Rabbit.

well, i tried to curb my appetite by only drawing what i wanted
November 2, 2008

well, i tried to curb my appetite by only drawing what i wanted


unfortunately, i made myself hungry and am going to Five Guys Burgers & Fries now.

November 3, 2008


• facebook
• the wacom tablet
• Five Guys

one has the potential to kill me.

November 4, 2008


i'll be keeping my vote to myself (since I am still on the fence.)

and now for completely unrelated illustrations!



wait for it.... waaaaaiiiiit.... wait... OKAY, VOTE!!!

wait for it.... waaaaaiiiiit.... wait... OKAY, VOTE!!!

i have to wait till this afternoon to vote - because i have to get gigglemom dressed and ready to go, set up her oxygen tanks and get the wheelchair in the car...

i'm pretty sure there won't be huge lines in Brick... but, I could be wrong.

GM is still sleeping. I've been up since 7am because it feels like Christmas morning.



congratulations to Barack Obama on becoming the President-Elect.

you all know that I was not a supporter of his... but, he's now our President, sooooooo, yeah, it's a pretty stunning scene I'm watching on teevee.

i'm a little emotional... not totally crying etc etc etc, but, a few moments of being choked up (not to the point of the tears streaming down my face when I watched Hillary vote this morning... but, choked up enough.)

sooooooooooooooooo... I'm sending this one out to the Obama folks out there tonight
(especially NeilV and Pkev) ...


oh... and you didn't think that I would just have a nice little congrats post did ya' ???


November 5, 2008


Gigglemom, half asleep, was talking with me and asked me:

"Did you Tex Mex your cousin back yesterday?"

yeah, GM, I Tex Mex'd him. on my cell phone by Taco Bell, I Tex Mex'd him.

November 7, 2008


Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

November 9, 2008


so, I get my horoscope sent to me via email on a daily basis... i read it for kicks and giggles usually. sometimes it seems spot on...

anyway... this is the horoscope i received for Monday:

Your horoscope for November 10, 2008 No matter what friends may tell you, erin, this is NOT the day to make investments of any kind, from buying a house to starting a new savings account - and especially this is not a good day to invest online. The planetary energies for today don't favor computers or other forms of modern technology used in such transactions, so wait a day or two. Discussions about possibilities, however, are OK. Just don't do it yet!

REEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY? Really? Don't invest... especially online? Not tomorrow, anyway.

Um... I'm pretty sure that even an emu would be able to "read the stars" on THAT one.

Who the hell is the merry band of astrologers? Warren Buffett. Alan Greenspan, Jim Cramer and Suze Orman???


November 10, 2008


besides horoscopes, I also get a "Positive Quote of the Day" sent to me... here's today's:

To be alive, to be able to see, to walk,...it's all a miracle.

-- Arthur Rubinstein (1887-1982) Polish Pianist

yes, that's lovely. but, my knee is killing me again and I have a sore throat.

November 11, 2008


so, i'm addicted to facebook and getting back into illustrating.

(feel free to add me as a friend on facebook. I'm listed as Erin Gigglechick Bennett -- just make a note that you read my blog :}

so, what i've been doing is taking requests on the facebook of what types of food folks want me to draw. Basically so that I can do some quick practice sketches and get back into the swing of things... as well as train myself on this wacom tablet. I'm enjoying it... a lot.

someone requested a key lime pie. voila...

key lime pie sketch

November 12, 2008


key lime pie in blue

okay... i added a little background colour to the key lime pie. I think it makes the whipped cream stand out and pop a little more. before it was looking a little washed out.

in other news: gigglemom's taken to smoking in the effing house again. so i smell like a smoker. oh. joy. all of my laundry now smells like smoke. the dog smells like smoke.

oh and the oxygen tanks smell like smoke, too.

November 15, 2008


okay... did a little drawing again. all in all it took me around 4 hours (on and off whilst watching teevee) --- i'm showing you the process in 4 parts. pardon the length of the entry!!





IRS.... yay!!
November 17, 2008

IRS.... yay!!

so, i got a knock on the door today from the postwoman - had to sign for certified mail from the IRS.

what the? (note: those of you who've been reading for a while may remember that H&R Block - when I went to them for 2006 - effed up my taxes and I got zapped for them this year... and am now on a payment plan with Uncle Sam)

anyway... I've been paying online on the website they gave me and had set up my whole profile etc ages ago (for a $150 fee, no less) it's a 3rd party from the IRS...

anyway... as it turns out - because I called the IRS today with a "what the???" phone call... -- the website had been applying the payments to 2008, not 2006. Thus the "Intent to Levy" notices.

Lovely. Anyway, the IRS woman was really sweet. (Seriously, probably not one of the most frequently used sentences in the Modern English language.)

She set everything straight and then gave me a better website to make payments on. Grand.

Anyway. That was the drama of the day.

(I should be outside taking photos of the 8 foot diameter sinkhole that they are filling right now.)

November 18, 2008



Drenched Laptop

yes. my laptop is screwed.

UPDATE @ 10PM (a few hours after the accident)

waterlogged laptop screen - 2 hours later

UPDATE @ 12am:

soaked laptop photo #3 - 6 hours later

UPDATE @ 9:45AM:

drenched laptop - photo #4

UPDATE @ 12pm:

WATERLOGGED LAPTOP... PHOTO #5 - 17 hours post-accident


hectic, busy, sad, fun, busy sad week
November 24, 2008

hectic, busy, sad, fun, busy sad week

hey all. first off... today is Giggledad's birthday!!! yayyyyyy!

(I can't go see him because I either have a cold or allergies and i don't want to chance getting him sick... I think it might be allergies because giggleMOM has been smoking in the house for the past 2 weeks and I AM ALLERGIC TO CIGARETTE SMOKE...)

what's been going on?

1.) the laptop screen is 99.99999% dried up (will post another photo soon, i know everyone is on the edge of their seats awaiting THAT one...

2.) saturday night - went with my friend to Atlantic City to see Madonna ( photos are here. some are good. some are crap. some are videos. )

3.) Satruday morning, one of my clients, who also happened to be one of the best Irish singers on the Jersey Shore - Joe Finn - he passed away. I've been going to see him for about 30 years... GM took me back in the day, the kazoo on the homepage of his site is mine... just one of the nicest fellas in the world. so found out that news that morning because whenever someone posts on his guestbook I am notified... and a couple of entries about "singing with the angels" and "In a better place" came in and my heart sank - which, is selfish, since he was ill, it's nice to know that there's no pain now and that he's at rest up there... but, still, I'm gonna miss my Joe Finn so much.

4. No Joe Finn, but, actually a great band sent me their CD and I am going to review it in the next day or so keep your eyes peeled.

5. Still addicted to Facebook.

6. Seeing Jim Gaffigan at Town Hall this Saturday... am taking my 13 year old niece to the city and hanging with her for the day then we're heading to see Jim - I'm very excited! it's going to be so much fun!

7. that's about it in a nutshell.

8. I need to go stock up on allergy meds now --- either that or stop GM from smoking

November 27, 2008



November 30, 2008


just got home from the gym 20 minutes ago... yeah. The Gym. no, it's not a bar named "The Gym" it's Anytime Fitness. so it's open 24 hours a day.

i went at around 10:30pm

did 5:15minutes on the elliptical (I went on Friday and only did 5 minutes and then packed it in and went home... was dying.)

so, i brought my Smart Girls Do Dumbbells book with me

This is what I did tonight (Day 1):

Classic Forward Curls - 5lb wt. | 2 sets | 12 reps
V-Backs - ... Read More5lb wt. | 2 sets | 12 reps
Bench Presses - 5lb wt. | 2 sets | 12 reps
Kneeling Arm Rows - 5lb wt. | 2 sets (each arm)| 12 reps
Side Raises - 5lb wt. | 2 sets | 12 reps
Abs - Incline crunches - 1 set. Because they are horrid.
Ab Twist with 8lb Medicine ball - 2 sets | 30 reps

and then stretched. (my hip flexors had been KILLING me this morning.)

one thing about the new gym is they don't really seem to have a designated stretching area. Unless I just didn't look hard enough. I'll have to check it out tomorrow.

so... tomorrow, i'm going to try to do 5:30min on the elliptical (gotta start off with baby steps.)

YESTERDAY!!! i spent the day in NYC with Kelly, my niece. We went to MOMA (saw the VanGogh Night Exhibit), then ate at the Burger Joint at the Parker Meridian (i love their burgers), then walked around the village... then our feet were hurting at around 2:50pm... and we were right near STOMP, so I bought tix and went in there (my 4th time seeing it. I still love it.)

Kelly & me

Then after that we walked around some more, headed up to Times Square, then ate, and hightailed it to Jim's show at Town Hall... HE WAS AWESOME (OF COURSE)

me, jim, kelly : Town Hall 11.29.08


don't forget to RABBIT RABBIT first thing in the morning!!!





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