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February 14, 2009


(i know! i know! I've been AWOL. basically i've been working and dragging GM hither & tither to the docs --- I will hunker down later and write!)

Enjoy this special Valentine...



yammerfest @ ungodly o'clock in the morning.
February 23, 2009

yammerfest @ ungodly o'clock in the morning.

okay, i've neglected my site for a while now. i probably have only one other person reading it besides myself now (if it's you, gigglemom, drop the smokes.)

it's around 3:30am right now, so i'm just going to yammer. my effing laptop's keyboard has been screwing up --- and i am too tired to fix any errors, so, if anything starts looking funky, dig deep into your Sugar Smacks and pull out the Gigglechick Decoder Ring.

What's been going on? Did I mention that whilst GM was in the rehab, my mom's friend and my godsister and my Cousin Kathy and Tom came here numerous times to help me get this hovel back into shape? You guys - who've read this site for a while - probably remember LAST year when GM was in the hospital that I spent a week cleaning on my own trying to get it to rights and i id a pretty decent job (in my opinion) but it was basically stuff/clutter that I shoved into closets or upstairs, etc.

this time it was not up to me. it was like Clean House came in and did an overhaul... seriously... 3 DUMPSTERS filled with stuff. I am pretty sure they threw out an old painting that had the Declaration of Independence taped to the back.

For a packrat such as myseld, it was like going cold turkey (I say that I am a packrat, but, GM is the main Packrat. --- i'm just her child. like the kid in the anti-drug adverts that is being questioned by his father about where he learned to smoke the dope and he screams "I LEARNED IT FROM YOU!"... i get the packrattiness from her - but, i have the mental capability to let it go... although... um...to be honest i feel bad whenever i throw something out --- not paper or trash, but, say an old broken lamp... i sort of think that inanimate objects have feelings... yes. ignore that. that's crazy talk. either that or it's only child guilt.)

anywhoooooooooooo.... the downstairs is/was clean. before GM arrived home, it was spotless. now it's getting it's share of wear and tear again... i've been cooking every meal and doing the dishes and the laundry and working. i've gotta run the vacuum tomorrow i guess.

the upstairs is another story --- my room is filled with items that i "saved" from the Cleaning Nazis (and I say Nazis lovingly because the folks who've helped here are fantastic... it's just painful seeing stuff tossed.) my room - as i was saying before i interrupted myself - has a lot of items that i can't bear to chuck yet --- or that i needed to think about rather than in a hasty moment filled with Pine Sol and Sweat.

I was told by the ladies that they're going to come back soon to help me do the upstairs.

I've got to go through my stuff in my room before they get here and hide the items that i really want... maybe i'll hide them in the attic and pretend they're Anne Frank... no. that wouldn't work since that means they'd find the goods.

I have my storage area that i rent each mont. it's a ridiculous amount of cash that i've been shelling out and most of the things in there are gigglemom's arts and crafts materials that have no rhyme or reason.



what else besides this yammerfest about cleaning?

going through some trials and tribulations with work. hopefully i can scrape up some new clients --- otherwise i'm going to have to start hooking... and if that happens, I'll be living on Ramen noodles for a long time.

yeah. my attempts at jokes aren't great right now. tired.

what else?

i haven't been to the gym since before GM went into the hospital the first go-round in december. i think i need to slap on the workout clothes and head over there starting Monday

i've really been feeling down. not as down as i'd been when the house was a wreck.

oh! on a positive note, because the house got back to rights, we were able to get my mom's friend to come in here and fix the dryer --- which has been dead for 2 or 3 years... i'd been going to the fluff & fold dude for about that long. over the past year and a half my clothes have been shrinking... i blame the fluff & folder... but, it may have had something to do with the steady diet of pierogies and meat. in any event, it's nice to not have to get the laundry done once a week and shell out cash.... annnnnnnd I can have clean drawers whenever I want! woo!

jeezuz it's almost 4am.

yeah. i will try to update this a few times this week. haven't had a lot to yammer about because i've been basically just home caring for GM and trying to work.

last night... saturday night.... big night out on the town... went to Shop-Rite at 8pm... oh yeeeeeeah? jealous?

that said.

time to hit the hay.


February 24, 2009


so, gigglemom saw an advert in the paper the other day for a webmaster position pretty close-by.
it's a county job and I think I am going to send my resume. What the heck, right?

don't get me wrong, I love designing sites for comedians. the only issues I have are the lack of benefits. I have health insurance that I pay for right now, but, that, coupled with having no set "pay day" is disconcerting.

I usually send out my invoices at the end of the month... then, I wind up depending on when the accountants or clients send out their checks. Sometimes I'm hunting people down for months (others I don't need to even send invoices to because they automatically send $$... which is lovely)

Needless to say... it's been scary.

The thought "what would happen if I lost one of my clients?" is always in the back of my head nagging at me. It would definitely cause a domino effect with everything monetarily.

That thought has been growling at me for a while...

I love working for myself, BUT, I also miss interacting with others. Living and working at home has it's pluses and minuses. I've gained 45 pounds since I started gigglechickinteractive.com full-time from home.

The fear of an unsteady paycheck has really hit a nerve.

Personally, I don't want to look for a job in NYC --- first and foremost because of gigglemom's health. Secondly, because the commute would kill me if I started that up again. Third, the cost of commuting isn't worth it.

When I saw the ad in the paper for this local place something just called out. So, I've got to update my resume tomorrow and fill in the past few years on it... as well as on my online portfolio.

So much to do.... aaaaaand I've got to get ashes tomorrow.

ashes, ashes, all fall down!
February 25, 2009

ashes, ashes, all fall down!

parade day sunday...
February 28, 2009

parade day sunday...

belmar parade is tomorrow. it's supposed to snow and rain. i've not been to any of the fundraisers this season (my heart's not been into it this year because of political reasons and personal reasons) -- so i'm not lining the thing up tomorrow. if it's too crappy out i'm not going to subject myself to the weather.

anyhoooooooooooo... tomorrow's March 1st... don't forget to Rabbit, Rabbit first thing in the morning!





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