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May 1, 2009


hey... first off.... don't forget to RABBIT RABBIT first thing in the morning.

second... i will post soon --- for those not following me on facebook or twitter

it's been a hectic week.... complete with a motorcycle accident, a broken ankle, a fractured knee, and a whole bunch of hospital/doctor/accident/insurance crap

here's the kicker... I was not involved in said accident. one of my gigglecousins was.

in any event... i am EXHAUSTED... I'll go into more detail later --- OR you can go to my facebook (search "gigglechick") or flickr.com/gigglechick

i forgot to rabbit rabbit last month ... and i forgot to tibbar tibbar as well...

April was godawful.

May 2, 2009


crappy week.

so, this week pretty much sucked on the weight loss front (and behind).

see, cousin michael moved in a couple of weeks ago --- then this past tuesday, he was riding his Harley back from work and a stupid 18 year old kid hit him with a car.

soooooo, Tuesday night was spent at the hospital. Broken ankle, sprained ankle, effed up knee. Slight fracture to the shoulder

Wednesday was spent calling around trying to get the jackass kid's insurance claim info - so i was running around to the police station and stuff to try to get it.

Thursday I had to drive him to the orthopedist who then told him to get an MRI done....

Turns out his Right Kneecap is broken too.

Anyway, i've been focusing on caring for gigglemom and gigglecousin...

I went off the anti-baby vitamins a month ago and didn't know when the "friend" would show up... this week I've been ready to rip someone's head off. The punctuation arrived last night. yay.

so... no workouts, period, emotional eating, caring for everyone else but myself, and OH, effing verizon fucked me over by charging an UNAUTHORIZED $237.46 to my debit card... said that it was a "recurring" payment (I never set autopay up... especially for THAT amount.)

so, Friday was spent on the phone with verizon & my bank because this caused my account to go into the red. yay.

it's been a hellish week.

so... 2 pounds is somewhat better than what I thought i'd have gained.

MAY 15th has come & gone...
May 18, 2009

MAY 15th has come & gone...

yeah, i know, it's been a couple of weeks since my last post.

THIS post, however, is happening because I just remembered my Blogiversary was this past Friday.

8 years since I started "Officially" blogging (it's been 10 years technically, but, I didn't know what the hell a "blog" was until 2001 and a friend said "I like your blog" --- I'd been just "ranting" and handcoding updates...

(Old Rants: http://www.gigglechick.com/erin/rants --- forgive the layout of the old stuff.)

May 15th of '01 was when I set myself up on Blogger.


rabbit squared
May 31, 2009

rabbit squared

yeah. it's may 31st. don't forget to rabbit rabbit first thing in the morning!

quick synopsis of what's been going on:

• went on an interview 2 weeks ago. walked out before meeting with the guy. they handed me a frickin' quiz that had nothing to do with web design.

• been updating on facebook like a freak.

• been going crazy around here because of gigglemom and gigglecousin

• has to go to the hospital on wednesday, not for myself, for giggledad who is having his other hip replaced

• i'm absolutely broke because effing verizon has tapped my bank account with unauthorized charges... causing overdrafts on everything. so, $500 in the red so far. waiting for checks.

basically, that's it in a nutshell... i've been exhausted and broke and growly and not really yapping on my site....

i AM however trying to redesign the open mic section...





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