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June 11, 2009


hey there! okay - again, sorry sorry to the one person out there who is still reading my site. (you know who you are.)

i'm going to post a litany of status updates that i've got up on my facebook page --- this will catch you up on SOME stuff. then, hopefully, i'll start posting in a more frequent manor.


May 28 at 8:58pm | is watching the Scripp's National Spelling Bee Championships and is pretty e-x-a-s-p-e-r-a-t-e-d because there are babies screaming in the audience (they shouldn't be allowed in there. that's not fair...)

May 29 at 9:28am | woke up alive -- which is a plus considering she most likely had a concussion. Have to take gigglemom to the doc at 1pm.

May 29 at 6:32pm | is about to have a hissy-fit. Verizon --- who took an UNAUTHORIZED $238 out of my bank account last month... which effed my account up reeeeeally bad to the point where i've been zapped and re-zapped with overdraft charges so much so that i am now $500 in the red... anyhooooooo... i JUST got an email stating that VERIZON is trying to hit up my account again (actually it's NOT MY account...)

May 29 at 6:34pm | so they're trying to get $238 out of me (even though we had things reversed a few weeks ago) --- yet my bank account isn't allowing them to because i have insufficient funds.i guess the insufficient funds at this point are a blessing... and tomorrow i am calling my bank to tell them if effing verizon tries to hit my account, kill them.i am hoping that i get some checks in the mail soon otherwise i am effed.... Happy Friday!!

May 29 at 8:05pm | is about to make beef stroganoff with egg noodles... [there is no need to make high-larious stroganoff jokes at this juncture.]

May 30 at 1:28am | forgot to mention that today at the doctor's, gigglemom was diagnosed with sciatica. which is horrible... yet, all night, all i've been picturing is Pacino running around yelling "SCI-ATICA!!! SCI-ATICA!!! SCI-ATICA!!!" she's passed out on the vicodin at the moment while Oxycodone Joe is sitting outside smoking right now.

May 31 at 10:52pm | would like to give a hearty "hey thanks! you miserable @(#$@!" to the mosquito that attacked her ankle. (not sure if the mosquito in question is on FB though.)

June 1 at 11:53am | just spoke with Giggledad... we're in the homestretch - Wednesday is his hip replacement surgery (after waiting 10 months for this)!!! Finally, he'll be able to walk without pain for the first time in years (he had his other hip done in '07)

June 1 at 2:58pm | LOVE LOVE LOVES Bank of America. Regarding that effing Verizon brouhaha (and them trying to charge me AGAIN) spoke with this dude at BoA named Adam (I love him.) and he put a stop on anything Verizon tries to do to my account. He also CREDITED me the $350 in overdraft fees. I spoke with his supervisor and told him to give Adam a hug or a raise. Man, June is starting off so much better.

June 1 at 4:15pm | just trekked to the library, returned a couple of coding books.... checked out a PHP/SQL book, a David Sedaris book and a children's book --- for every section of my brain to feast upon for the next couple of weeks.

June 1 at 11:52pm | is watching letterman and taping conan (i feel like i'm cheating on dave.)... just flipped conan on during advert... Andy is back?!

June 2 at 10:02am | is at the orthopedic doc with gigglecousin.... Again. (at least i have a giant iced coffee to keep me awake) so THIS is what the world is like before 11am?

June 2 at 7:52pm | is at my niece's school Follies where she just belted out and kicked ass on Papa Roach's "Scars". so proud of kelly!!! Love ya'

June 2 at 11:49pm | has to wake up at 4am so she can get ready and be at the hospital at 5:30am for giggledad's hip surgery. trying to get into sleep mode.

June 3 at 6:54am | giggledad just went into surgery! (or at least to prep for anethesia)

June 3 at 10:22am | giggledad is out of surgery. Doc said he came through it perfectly and that he's a fun guy :) woo! New hip dad!

June 3 at 10:07pm | left the hospital at about 5pm. Giggledad was getting settled in his room and becoming friends with the morphine button. When she got home she passed out right away and JUST woke up 5 minutes ago. Might hit the hay in a few minutes. SO tired.

June 3 at 10:22pm | was leaving Jersey Shore (hospital) and made a wrong turn in one of the hallways and wound up smack dab in front of a plaque for her grandmother. Just a little reminder that she's been looking out for giggledad since she passed away when he was 9 years old.

June 4 at 6:51pm | just got back from seeing giggledad then hitting Shop-Rite. what I'm making tonight - Giant Pork Chops marinated in (and i'm winging it here God only knows if they'll taste okay) apple juice, honey, Rosemary, Chives, Crushed Red Pepper and pineapple chunks/juice. Also grilling pineapple and roasting Brussel sprouts. Oh! and making Basmati Rice. ta-da!

June 4 at 9:58pm | has tried to remain calm when seeing her shampoo, conditioner, exfoliating scrub and other pots and potions being depleted and lids left open. she's tried to remain calm when her pumice stone has been noticeably moved and used. she's attempted to be nice and not say anything when her tweezers have been used. BUT...............but when fucking gigglecousin Michael took her skin care extractor upstairs, lied and said he didn't know where it was then admitted to having it and thinking that it was a cuticle tool and used it on his God damned TOENAILS.... I am effing LIVID. this is the instrument that he took... and it's also going to be the murder weapon that I use:...

June 5 at 12:44am | is sitting here with latex gloves on, waiting for gigglemom to finish her cigarette, because she needs me to rub ben-gay on her backside to ease the sciatica. i really don't know why i've never become an alcoholic.

June 5 at 1:47am | just took some Sam-e for the first time. will see how that goes --- trying everything I can to prevent the double murder.

June 5 at 3:25am | is watching Doug Benson's Super High Me on G4. Haven't had a chance to see it before. Finally. I'm thinking of shipping Gigglemom out to CA so she can smoke weed instead of cigarettes (or maybe give her a brownie) -- that way she can sleep and her sciatica will seem better... I'll ship gigglecuz out there too... so I can sleep.

June 5 at 9:47pm | is pleased with her Rainy Friday Feed the Invalids Evening Concoction: Hamburger --- salt, pepper, crushed red peppers... grill 'em Sautee on the grill some green peppers and red onions. BACON... on the grill (thanks to aluminum foil) Slap some crumbled bleu cheese on the burgers and let it melt... slap the bacon, onions, green peppers on them and then devour.

June 6 at 2:02am | Friday Late Night at the Gigglechick Compound: just finished stretching Gigglemom's hamstrings to try to relieve her sciatica. Jealous? Yeah, I THOUGHT SO.

June 7 at 10:49am | overheard at Shop-Rite last night in the pasta aisle. Guy on cell phone: "Well, SORRY! next time I'll try to be more fucking considerate with the noise when I bring some girl home to bang." (wonder if it was a roommate or his parents he was talking to.)

June 7 at 7:43pm | just left the parker house... Now onto surf taco.... Then back to Invalid Central (meaning home. Not giggledad's rehab... He is doing great!)

June 8 at 12:35am | is wondering WHY the hell gigglecousin HAD to take a shower at midnight and then DRENCH himself with Obsession or whatever the bejeezuz he is killing me with. seriously i cannot breathe and now have a frigging headache. (he SAYS he didn't put anything on. just don't get it. i am choking.)

June 8 at 1:38am |saw Giggledad at the rehab this afternoon - he was in great spirits and wearing his underwear... it's amazing how fast his hip/incision is healing. So happy/relieved for him.

June 8 at 12:16pm | gigglemom's sciatica has gotten worse, she's down to 1 vicodin and I've had to push her around the house in a wheelchair (methinks it's time to call The Scooter Store)

June 8 at 1:25pm | just made an appointment with the ortho doc for gigglemom... for next tuesday. You would think that with ALL of the doctors'/hospital/rehab running around I've been doing for GM, G-Cuz and G-Dad that I'd at least wind up dating a doctor, right? Alas, it seems the odds aren't working in my favour.

June 8 at 3:38pm | isn't seeing Giggledad at the rehab today (it's pouring rain and i'm letting him rest after his first full day o' therapy. besides, my aunts visited him during lunch. spoke to him on the phone though. he's cool with it... yet that damn Irish guilt is growling at me.)

June 9 at 7:21pm |loves the smell combination of honeysuckles & impending thunderstorm whist driving... Especially @ this hour when store signs & street lamps are starting to flicker on.

June 10 at 2:16pm | has to drag giggle-cuz to the lawyer today to yap about the accident. hope they're ready for a cloud of Obsession, Paul Sebastian & Degree Women's Deodorant...

June 10 at 2:19pm | thinks that she needs to grab her clubs and head to the driving range within the week to try and release some aggression on those little dimpled bastards.

June 10 at 8:34pm | went to the lawyer's today and was mortified that Giggle-Cuz said that he was homeless in April... for what? the 10 minutes it took him to get from his effing mother's to my doorstep? some of the things that come out of his mouth are ridiculous.

June 10 at 10:34pm | haha... i'd like 'em to take care of ass-cousin Kenny and their mother first. His idiot mother came over today to drop off his mail and started saying how "busy" she is running ass Kenny (the harassing/drunk/manic depressive cousin) around to appointments and such. so gigglemom said "well, michael's going to need you to start helping take him to therapy soon because erin has been running around to doctor's and lawyer's and police/etc for him and it's affecting her company." their "mother" then said "I don't have time. Have his father do it" ---- not for nothing, but his father has been in a hospital in FLORIDA. ...
NOTE: I was upstairs in the shower when this was going down.
I overheard screaming, threw a towel on and came downstairs to hear Elaine belching this out to Gigglemom. She then said "I have done a lot for Michael!" I chimed in saying "I've been taking care of him 24/7 for 2 months" She then said "good! you should! I've done it for 48 years"
I then screamed .....I then screamed "YOU'RE HIS F*CKING MOTHER! IT'S NOT MY JOB"
She then said "I know I am. Put him on the street"
Then she walked out......
in just my towel.
info here if you'd like to read further about that asswipe:


he hasn't been here since pre-GM's surgery in december... and also i haven't heard from him since I had to call the cops on him. Today when I saw him I freaked and yelled "YOU ARE NOT F*CKING WELCOME HERE. IF I COULD GET A RESTRAINING ORDER ON YOU I WOULD HAVE!" he said something (at this point GM was yelling for me to get inside) i couldn't hear. I then said "GET OUT OF HERE AND GO CUT OFF ANOTHER CAT'S HEAD"
(not that i want that done to a cat. but this f*ckwit did that very thing to some poor cat this past fall.)


so that's about it over the past week or so. basically my blood pressure has been up, gigglemom is hurting, giggledad is healing, giggledog is doing swell and i am tired.

last day of 38
June 20, 2009

last day of 38


here's me and my niece Kelly (at her 8th grade graduation this past thursday night.) she's an awesome, smart and perfectly wise-arsed gal. quite proud of her!

let's see, what else is up? not much.... still have gigglecuz michael living here (right now he's out at his son's little league game ---- my uncle val, michael's father, came up from florida this week to visit, so he's got him for the day... **insert giant freedom-loving smile**)

i've been heading to the rehab a bunch of times this week to visit MY giggledad and his new hip. he's doing really well and is supposed to get out of there this coming thursday (at first they were talking about sending him home a couple of days ago... which is ridiculous since he's still a bit unsteady on his feet.)

i'm supposed to head to church tomorrow, then to see dad (for Father's Day) and my gigglestepmom is taking me to Pete & Elda's tomorrow for a birthday lunch.

gigglemom and i are MAYBE doing something tomorrow night - i told her i didn't want her to get me anything... (i wouldn't mind if she gave me the same thing she gave me for Christmas. that was the note and promise that she would quit smoking. that's all i want. i really don't want or need anything --- [except cash. that is needed. that's one of the main reasons why i don't want GM to buy me anything] --- so, maybe we'll go grab a burger or something tomorrow night... OR maybe i'll get some makings for a kickass dinner and make it tomorrow.... believe it or not, i like cooking. it's been calming me a lot lately. plus, if they don't like what i make, they can go hungry. thus far, every morsel that i've whipped up has been devoured.)

it's been really rainy and blarghy here for weeks on end... barring the odd day hither and tither where the sun rears it's yellow noggin.

GM has been in a wheelchair for 3 weeks. something is screwy with her lower back. I took her to the ortho doc on tues. they took films. then went back on thursday and they gave her 3 shots of cortisone into her TAILBONE. ow. she's still in some pain.... i've been reading up on the cortisone and it said that it "should" kick in within 48 - 72 hours.

in the meantime, i need to wheel her to the bathroom and out back to smoke (at this juncture, i'm just doing it. i am too exhausted to fight or deal with her being in pain AND having nicotine fits)

what else???

OH!!! my gigglecousin Kerry is moving home THIS week!!! she's been living in the florida Keys for the past 5 years. I've missed her terribly... so, I am VERY excited and happy to see her and hang out with her again.

yay!! so, she's driving home on monday and should be here by late tuesday night.

that's about it for now... hope y'all are doing swellegantly!

39 & HOLDING (on for dear life)
June 21, 2009

39 & HOLDING (on for dear life)

cake and pizza and presents day!!!

also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Susan and Lorna, my birthday triplets!

June 30, 2009


yeah i know. it's been a light month of posting. i really haven't had much going on.

anyway --- don't forget to "rabbit, rabbit" first thing in the morning!!!

(i'm thinking of updating this dang blog so that i get back into it.)





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