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July 9, 2009


took gigglemom to the ortho doc, then to A.C. Moore for her art supplies... that's when all holy hell broke loose.....

GM was sitting in her wheelchair (with her oxygen going at full force) in the decorative paint aisle... they didn't have the brand of paint she was looking for.

i was in the middle aisle perpendicular to hers when i heard what went down...

apparently, there was an AC Moore employee who walked behind her in the aisle and the person had a masculine physique and hair pulled into a clip so it was off the neck.

so, gigglemom needed assistance and she said "Excuse me, Sir?"

the employee - who was now in front with her back to her - then turned around (at this point i started down the aisle and could see them both)

the woman said "Why did you call me 'SIR'?" to GM.

GM then said "oh, sorry, i couldn't see because you had been behind me and your hair was short"

The woman then says snottily "So you're saying I look like a man!?" and started raising her voice

GM said "I couldn't see properly, I was wondering about the paint..."

The woman said "Why don't you ask a man? Just because my hair is short and you think I am a man"

I am now standing right behind the woman.

NOW... not for nothing I have had short hair for a good portion of my life and starting at the age of six, I've had to deal with the "excuse me, young man" crap -- but I got over it.

So this employee (who is in her late 40s, I'm guessing...) turns around as my mom is saying "It was an honest mistake..." and she, not knowing that I am with the elderly woman on oxygen in the wheelchair starts rolling her eyes to me about my mother... and mouthed "bitch" to me about her.

I then say "Since I have short hair, I get the "sir" thing all the time and then they see my boobs."

I say this jokingly to try to diffuse the situation.

Apparently this escalates the sitch.

The employee then screams "HOW DARE YOU!? I HAVE BREAST CANCER!"

what. the. fuck?

Gigglemom says "I don't need this bullshit, let's go, Erin" and I begin to wheel her out.

Stella (that's the employee's name) then gets on her walkie talkie trying to get the manager.

Then she runs outside to talk to the manager.

GM and I put the basket of supplies down and went outside... The manager stops us, then Stella stands BEHIND my mother. WTF? So GM explains HER side of the story.

STELLA starts making faces behind my mother.

I stare, nay, GLARE at Stella the Sensitive for a good minute and we locked eyes... until she looked away.

She then said "I am not a man and thanks for mocking my breast cancer!!!" then goes walking inside.

what. the. fark!?

the manager is still talking to GM... so i go inside and walk (actually chase) after "Stella" and say "No one ever mocked your breast cancer."

she then has tears rolling down her face and says "YOU don't know shit about what I'm going through!!" and walks away.

um... now I am very sensitive to the whole cancer/breast cancer thing... but don't go pulling the Cancer Card out just because a 70 year old woman with poor eyesight, on oxygen and sitting in a wheelchair with a colostomy bag (not that you can see that bag) says "Excuse me, Sir?" to your fucking BACK.

but I chased after her at this point... because I am pissed.

I said "You might have breast cancer, but, at least you're out here living and not stuck in a wheelchair, on oxygen, having shit pump into a bag on your stomach and have your daughter having to feed you and push you around. Instead of lashing out and feeling sorry for yourself, you might want to thank God that you're well enough to walk around while WORKING and that you do have a head of hair that you can pull into a bun and that you ARE breathing on your own. So stop your crying!"

then I walked back outside (past all of the customers staring) and collected my mother who the manager was talking with still --- finally about the damned brands of paints that they no longer carry.

Yes... I might have come off as heartless & insensitive, but, boo-fucking-hoo.

July 15, 2009



well, i've decided to have an impromptu yard sale this weekend... i HAD planned on taking my stuff out of the storage unit and heading to the Route 70 Flea Market.... might do that NEXT weekend if I don't sell all my goods this weekend.

see, I've been keeping my shite from my old Jersey City apartment AND gigglemom's craft stuff in a storage unit since I moved back home in 2003.

When I first started storing it there, it was $125 a month.... they've been increasing the rates ever since. Then LAST week, I received a notice stating that they are raising it yet AGAIN --- this time it'll be 196.04 per month --- yeah on average i've spent about $12,000 in 6 years on a closet... well... it's bigger than a closet, but, still... just a place to keep crap.

anyway... I am having a Yard Sale THIS weekend in Brick, NJ

feel free to pop by or tell your friends!!!!


July 17, 2009


cannot stand him. he reminds me of the sneetches, what, with his odd playdoh belly and all jutting out.


July 22, 2009


okay so i am attempting to mix it up a bit on the blog by having the comments powered by disqus.com --- hopefully i've set this puppy up correctly.

let me know!!

(*by the way... i have a LONG anti-cousin Michael post coming up in the next day. I am still recovering from the bullshite)





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