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December 1, 2009


okay, i ran over here from my goofy facebook vacuum and needed to post a quick "Rabbit, Rabbit" for the random stragglers that I still have roaming through gigglechick.com hither and tither...

i keep saying that i'll start posting more... and i am sure at some point i will again. it's just that life has been bland and boring (and apparently redundant)

i'm either taking gigglemom to the hospital or rehab, fetching her from the hospital or rehab, whining about her smoking again, kvetching about gaining weight, talking for a week or so about working out, yapping about how much i've eaten, yammering about how good i'm doing on weight watchers, moaning about eating 384 ww points in one sitting or posting about pets or people who've died.

i don't get out much.

i AM, however, still designing websites (yay!) and have kickass clients (woo!) so the "not getting out much" helps with that :}

i've been toying with getting back onstage... we'll see. (see above: fat) i just need to get in a better frame of mind.

speaking of fat... somehow i have a fat lip tonight. great.

ANYWAY... i just wanted to remind my rolling tumbleweeds to shout "Rabbit Rabbit" first thing when you wake up on Dec. 1st.

live from the giggledroid!
December 13, 2009

live from the giggledroid!

Well, hopefully I'll be posting more on my blog... why? What has changed?

I am now the proud owner of a motorola droid (or giggledroid as I've renamed it)

I installed the pixelpipe application on it and that allows me to post to my blog.

Seriously, this phone is amazing thus far.

For those of you who've been reading this blog since back in the day... when I would post from my old palm treo, I'm baaaaack! (The only thing missing is a 2 hour commute to work so I can rant about freaks on the train)

Hopefully this will be a new beginning for gigglechick.com inspiration. Yayyy new gadget!

the waaaa-aaaaaiting is the hardest part...
December 14, 2009

the waaaa-aaaaaiting is the hardest part...

I'm sitting here watching out the window for the postaldude. I see his truck... but he's roaming around the condo complex delivering packages... then he's gonna go to the 3 other groups of mailboxes before he hits our section.

I'm waiting on 3 checks that are hopefully supposed to arrive today... and the growly collector at my credit union is giving me till noon to make payments on my car... till noon.

and that's IF the checks actually come today.

it's been really rough financially lately - sure I bought the droid, but it was reeeeeelly reduced because of the upgrade eligibility.

this is the one thing that absolutely sucks about being self employed... the waiting for checks, the invoicing/begging for them to be sent.

so, hopefully I won't have an empty mailbox today and I won't have to outrun the repo man (who looks nothing like emilio estevez)





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