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42 to 40...
May 10, 2010 7:51 PM

okay - so I went to weight watchers tonight (gigglecousin and i re-joined last week.) according to THAT scale there, I've lost 2.6 pounds this week. we'll see what MY scale says when I weigh in here at home (nekkid as a jay bird first thing in the morning) tomorrow.

i'm too lazy right now to figure out the calories/points/etc for my food intake today...

high fiber oatmeal
iced toasted almond coffee
skim milk
1 sugar

garden vegetable soup
balsamic bleu salad (atlanta bread)
1/2 chicken waldorf sandwich on baguette

so, we'll see what the what is tomorrow morning. i haven't been all that great with the eating this past week (last night I had a pasta dish and tira misu from Carrabba's --- i think they totally effed up the tira misu though. it tasted like it was soaked in whiskey rather than coffee liqueur...

don't get me wrong, i ate it anyway.





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