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still 48 days til 40
May 5, 2010 12:59 AM

gigglemom is on my desktop & the laptop is being repaired... meant to post that I had 2 slices of double fibre wheat bread with butter, 3 string cheese, 2 iced coffees with skim milk & 1 sugar each, 1 baked chicken breast, fruit cocktail and 2 cups of rice today. not bad. will organize this better later.


okay - was able to regain control of the desktop for a moment...
remember the other day when I said I bought a new scale? okay, well, it's one of those fancypants ones that has all the bells and whistles that tell you how fat you are.

i know i should weigh in during the morning, but, i wanted to set the thing up... so, keep in mind that I stepped on this thing at 1am (with a belly full of the aforementioned food.)

weight: 224.1
body fat: 87.7 lbs
body fat %: 38.7 %
body water: 44.7 %
bone mass: 6.9 %
body mass index (BMI): 36.0 lbs

okay - well... just for the hell of it i'll weigh in on wednesday morning (*since I didn't do it on tuesday morning when I'd planned to) to see how different the scale/"hey you're fat" results are from tonight.





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