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June 1, 2010


don't forget to Rabbit Rabbit first thing in the morning!

19 days until the big four-OH!
June 2, 2010

19 days until the big four-OH!

okay - so, normally I weigh-in first thing in the morning.

for some reason i weighed in tonight at 12:47am (I'm going to re-weigh-in tomorrow morning to see how much of a difference the overnight makes)

here's the 12:47am weigh-in stats:

my weigh-in...

weight: 215.8 lbs
body fat: 81.6 lbs
body fat %: 37.8 %
body water: 45.4 %
bone mass: 6.9 %
body mass index (BMI): 34.7 lbs

HOORAY!! (i say hooray because i ate 2 hot dogs, macaroni salad, a london broil sandwich, a giant iced coffee and strawberries throughout the day --- not to mention monday I made gigantor french toast with whipped cream, syrup, strawberries and pineapple... oh... and bacon. monday night's dinner was a bucket of london broil, baked potato with butter and asparagus. sunday i went to the UL and ate shimp and clams and drank beeeeeer... then we went to gee-gee's and had 2 slices of pizza. there were cheeseburgers and hot dogs throughout the week as well.)

So, as far as the late night scale tipping goes, I'm down 24.5 pounds since March 23rd!


(I'll update this in the morning to see if i lost more... of course if for some odd duck of a reason I've gained during the night, i'm sticking with the above stats!!!!!)

STILL 19 days until my birthday!

STILL 19 days until my birthday!

okay... so, last night when I weighed in I had a good number... but since I NORMALLY weigh myself in the morning, I re-did the hopping on the scale thing... (i really need to get back to writing the food & calories, etc down on here like i had been doing early on.)

anyway... my 9:15am weigh-in:

weight: 214.0 lbs
body fat: 80.7 lbs
body fat %: 37.7 %
body water: 45.5 %
bone mass: 6.9 %
body mass index (BMI): 34.4 lbs

so this week, I've lost 4.3 pounds... ( and 1.8 pounds since 12:45am --- i can do this in my sleep! woo!)

the total thus far since March 23rd is 26.3 pounds GONE!


hooray! (again!)

queen of the gigglemom mtn.
June 11, 2010

queen of the gigglemom mtn.

so, gigglepup felt the need to give a little therapy to gigglemom...

gigglemom... y'okay??

me and the old original red headed boy (annoying me)

me and the old original red headed boy (annoying me)

June 19, 2010


okay - so I will turn FORTY this monday. yeah. yay! actually i'm okay with it.

i felt that this was the perfect time to "re-vamp" ol' gigglechick.com since I've had the old maroon/giggleteeth look since '05

bear with me as I tool around with the layout and links and all that good stuff. hopefully it will get me pumped up to blog some more... (besides saying what I weigh... which has been hovering around the last number I'd posted.)

in the meantime... if you don't know what to get me for my birthday, head on over to this page and check it out!

THE BIG 4-OH!!!!!!!
June 21, 2010

THE BIG 4-OH!!!!!!!


mmmm general store lunch
June 30, 2010

mmmm general store lunch





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