July 1, 2010 11:35 AM

40_cake_erin1.pnghey! okay... let's start with last monday - June 21st - when I busted out of my 30's and crossed the line into my 40's. I'm okay with it. Had a nice little bbq at my giggleaunt judy's house with family.

Tuesday, the morning after (sans hangover since I didn't have any alcohol whatsoever on my birthday), I woke up to a phone call from a client who said their accountant was going through the books and they needed to cut back on my $$$. if that didn't drive me to drink, I don't know what will --- okay... actually, I didn't have the money to go out drinking since I heard that news.

gigglemom and i have been strapped for cash for a bit. since a few clients have been opting out of the social networking scene, that's hit me kinda hard. so, my car payment and utilities and the effing mortgage are creating the perfect storm of "holy SHITE!" here in the gigglehousehold.

so, with the threat of electricity being shut off and the constant calls from my credit union (who has the title to Phooka, my MINI) and the sickening feeling of losing a client, I popped on indeed.com, monster and craigslist (well, i popped on those sites AFTER calling my headhunter to see if they could keep an eye/ear open)

the first ad i see on craigslist is for a company 7 minutes away from home. awesome! they needed a webmaster. fantastic! they needed someone who knows social networking stuff. HEY! that's me! so I shot a resume off to them... and the next morning, I received a phone call asking if I'd come in for an interview. yep. So, this past monday (the 28th, for those keeping track) I went to the place and met with the owner/publisher (it's an airbrush magazine which is cool in and of itself) and within an hour, I was offered the position! HUZZAH!

Because I had a prior commitment to do another client's website -- and launch it by tomorrow -- I said I could start next week. They asked if I could come in at least one day this week. Sure. Why not?

So, yesterday, for the first time in 4 years, I went to a 9am-5pm job and didn't work from my couch.

I must say it was AWESOME! Creative freedom, 4 other people in the office, excellent personalities on each one of them... just an overall wonderful atmosphere and feeling. Not to mention that I will get a steady paycheck and not have to worry about hunting money down or biting my nails wondering if I'll have the rug pulled out from underneath me because the economy is killing comedians.

That's not to say that I won't be freelancing and doing sites/updates/etc at NIGHT for my clients (or new clients) --- I need to do that still... because I love designing for comedians.

But, at least I can take a moment to breathe a little easier.

Oh and the other day, I received a phone call from the accountant I'd mentioned early on. My client still wants to work with me, but instead of a set monthly fee, I'll be hourly - which is fine. So it's nice that it was only monetary and not because of the work I do.

Last Sunday (the 20th) giggledad and my gigglestepmom had me over for an early dinner and they'd given me a few bucks, so -- PRIOR to knowing any of the poop was about to hit the fan -- I went to barnes & noble and bought "The Power of Positive Thinking".

I didn't crack it open on my birthday... until around midnight that night. At that point I was tired, so I only read 3 paragraphs. three. Then I fell asleep.

The phone call with the stinky news woke me up the next day, but, I applied those 3 paragraphs to my thoughts over the past week. I really need to hunker down and read the rest of the book - maybe this weekend since I've really got to crank out this new site for this girl. (of course, I'll post the link when I am finished)

I kept telling myself that my life is filled with wealth and abundance over and over. That's when I received the news about the new job, the news from the accountant telling me we're still on and also news about the possibility of a kick arse opportunity that might be coming down the pike (WHEN THAT HAPPENS, I will definitely post things here. Let's just say there's a chance I might be trekking somewhere for a few days.)

So... that's what's been happening.

(oh. and I haven't lost any more weight. I think I'll start saying "I am a skinny chick" over and over in order to get down to my goal weight.)

by the way... 40TH HAPPY BIRTHELAY TO ME.






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