Day 1 & 2

Day 3
Cashel, Co.Tipperary

Day 4 & 5
Kinsale, Co. Cork

Day 6 & 7
Muckross, Co. Kerry

Day 8 & 9
Galway City, Co.Galway

Day 10
Clifden, Co. Connemara

Day 11 & 12
Doolin, Co. Clare









ireland 6.21.00 - 7.03.00

On June 20th, 2000 (a 7pm) my cousin Kerry and I boarded Aer Lingus out of Newark and hopped over to Ireland... landing there on June 21st, 2000... which just so happened to be my 30th birthday.

I had been wanting to go over there forever, and what better way to forget that i was entering another decade than to enter another country?!

We landed in Dublin and stayed there for 2 days and nights...
then we headed down to Cashel in Co. Tipperary (the county our family is from)
stayed there one night, then headed south to Kinsale in Cork - stopping along the way to kiss the Blarney Stone... YES, i have heard the tales of the locals that find it amusing to pee on it at night... but hey, i flew 8 hours over here, and i sure as heck know that i have kissed worse in a bar...

Kinsale was a blast for two days. We took a scenic drive over to Old Head and then we wound up hiking around Sheepshead Peninsula for what seemed a day. My Lord, it was gorgeous there, with a woman that had a tin shack that she served the best tea and scones with black currant jam.... oh it was delish!

This was on the way to where we stayed for 2 days in Muckross, and there we ventured forth on the jaunting carts, saw the Torc Waterfall. Wow. Also, we circled round the Ring of Kerry and went to Valencia Island... really wonderful grotto in a quarry there.

From Muckross we meandered up to Galway via Adare. Galway was great fun...from what i remember. Stayed there for 2 days as well before heading out to Clifden where we also did some pony trekking on the beach! First time back on a horse since my car accident in 1987... that's the way to get back in the saddle. Really keen.

Clifden we were only in for one night, then it was off to Doolin for the last two days of our trip. I was secretly plotting how I could lose my plane ticket home and kicking myself for not bringing my portfolio. Whilst there, of course we went to the Cliffs of Moher... *phew*...*sigh*... that's the cliffs pretty much in summary... no words to describe them...

Then it was back home to Jersey City... which seemed to be lacking the green BEFORE i had left, and now was in a drab state...(not saying NJ is a drab state.... not at all...that's something to discuss another time.)

* most photos show me wearing a bandana. come on... it was comfy over there...