Day 1 & 2

Day 3
Cashel, Co.Tipperary

Day 4 & 5
Kinsale, Co. Cork

Day 6 & 7
Muckross, Co. Kerry

Day 8 & 9
Galway City, Co.Galway

Day 10
Clifden, Co. Connemara

Day 11 & 12
Doolin, Co. Clare









dublin 6.21.00 - 6.23.00

For now i will just post the photos that i have... not all are uploaded, will put up as soon as i can... see, i took 11 rolls of disposable film while over here... yes. disposable... this gives me the excuse to go back with my real camera hopefully soon!

kerry and i with some scottish guys in temple bar... i think actually the one on the right is austin powers. i could be wrong. they were the first we met and i couldn't understand a darned thing they said... brrrrrrrrrrilliant!
kerry and i with some guinness... and what seems to be the brightest flashbulb ever... closing time at this one pub Fogarty's i think it was called in temple bar

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