Day 1 & 2

Day 3
Cashel, Co.Tipperary

Day 4 & 5
Kinsale, Co. Cork

Day 6 & 7
Muckross, Co. Kerry

Day 8 & 9
Galway City, Co.Galway

Day 10
Clifden, Co. Connemara

Day 11 & 12
Doolin, Co. Clare









galway city 6.28.00 - 6.30.00

So we headed up to Galway... had to teach Kerry the words to Galway Bay. On the way up we drove through Limerick and Adare. Will have more photos up soon. I promise!

• thought the sight of the kegs on the morning after were pretty telling in Adare
• me and a thatched roof in Adare
• happiest day of my life so far. 30 years old, sunburned in ireland eating oysters and drinking guinness
• here is your galway bay... and my thumb

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