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January 25th, 2001

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ok. i admit it.

i love harry potter.

there. i said it. are you happy now J.K. Rowling?? are you happy that i cannot put the dang books down and have been up 6 nights in a row til 3:30AM reading.

reading children's books. that says something about me, doesn't it? something odd.

wait! i wasn't awake 6 nights in a row... only 5 nights. because the 3rd book was delivered a day late and i was going thru withdrawal.

it is causing me to froth at the mouth and finish the children's book i have been working on. gotta stop procrastinating and being scared as to what others think about it. why am i afraid of what others think of my writing when half the time i am writing on this thing about my adventures dancing on a bar in my bra, or the perils of the lovelife?!?!?

maybe because the children's book has to have a moral? oh, hell, maybe i should just delve deeper into the grey matter of my life and write an autobiographical account of my life... unfortunately, 89% would be about me watching tee vee. *sigh* infomercials. did i mention i wrote a poem about DIDI 7 (a stain remover infomercial about 10 years ago. never bought the stuff didn't have a credit card at the time.)

a friend of mine thinks i am like the title character in Bridget Jone's Diary. but he says i am loopier... here's the thing... i DO NOT write down my caloric intake... nor do i smoke... nor do i have an english accent.

so tonight i am meeting some old folks i used to work at methodfive with. haven't seen them in ages... since at least september/october... going to this place the Astor Bar which is called something else now (at the corner of bleeker and bowery) usually smoky as sin but the downstairs is keen.

so, that's about it in a nutshell. reading harry potter and going out to mingle. going to TRY not to open up the Potter book in the middle of the bar!!! :)


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