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February 15th, 2001

okay. well. i did it. i broke down last saturday (the 10th)...

i woke up at 8am and schlepped my butt over to newport center mall for *gasp* a weight watchers meeting. yes. i confess. i am 182 pounds...wait, check of this morning i LOST 4.4lbs and am 177.6...

WOO! you might STILL be thinking "Jeezuz, she's a porker!"

well... there ARE larger chicks than me in the world, but i had been under the impression that my weight was due to the fact that i have 40 pound boobs...

unfortunately, i am coming to the realization that i more likely have a 90 pound ass.

so, anyway, there ya' have it. my weight perils. i am putting this out there for y'all to read so that you can badger me and make me stick to this diet... er, i mean "lifestyle".

no.. i do not mean that you can write me and say "Hey, Fatty Boombalatty" (thank you johnny storm for doing that today...such a sweetheart...

maybe you can write me and say 'hey, if you stop doing this plan, i will kill you' (or something similar, maybe not the killing thing, that might freak me out and make me run to the fridge...)

what ELSE has been going on since i last left you, pumpkins? hmmmm. well, yesterday was Valentine's Day... been seeing this one fella but he was out of town for work... fine (grumble grumble... i am PMSing and on a diet...not that big a deal, the West Wing was on anyway, but it would have been nice to spend V-Day with someone...) anyway, found out today that he had ordered flowers (which either never were delivered or some bozo in the mailroom sent them to idea. i have murphy's luck when it comes to this day anyway)

had a really swell show on 2/10 at NYCC - had 3 people show up... i need FIVE for the show on the 22nd so come on down, folks!!

went to see The Pledge last friday night... pretty keen (except i didn't like the ending...) -- it got out kinda early so cathy and i walked across the street and saw State & Main...

AWESOME. do go and see it!! Philip Seymour Hoffman is *sigh*, well, most of y'all who know me know my desire for the redheads... so what if 'technically' his is 'strawberry blonde'... it's red enough in my book... see (everyone who doesn't know this) i have a leprechaun fetish. irish boys with red hair -- yes there are exceptions. only have dated 3 auburn locked boys in my time...

when i went to ireland i had to do all i could to keep my hands inside the car at all times... along with castles and sheep, you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a redheaded boy... i want to go back.

anyway... for those a bit disgruntled that i am rambling about the redheaded boys... here you go!! try #15 Desert Sunrise (Light Golden Red)

WHOA!!! wacky... here i am typing this up at work (break...sort of slow right now) and a dozen roses were scuttled over to my desk by mailboy... :) yay! my day has ended (sort of... i mean there STILL is survivor to watch!) on a happy happy note...

okay... must go tend to my desk garden... (actually am gonna take these bad boys home with me...ha! i am gonna be the ONLY one on the PATH train with roses today!!)

they are pretty. (simpleton statement, but they are. smell nice too :)

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