February 25th, 2001

so there i was at St. Francis of Assisi church last night at 4:30pm with my cousin kerry (who had come up) and i just received communion, and i never know what to pray about after i get the wafer... and yesterday all i thought was 'hey, my life is pretty good, thanks God. um, pray for the homeless and sick."

pretty unselfish i thought.

okay, so kerry and i go out to dinner and then went carousing til 2am. i get home there's a message on my machine from my dad's girlfriend.

that can't be good news.

'hi erin, this is karen, your father's at my house this weekend. i was just calling to tell you that he's had a stroke and his speech is impaired"


so i call over there this morning and speak with him. his voice is a bit odd, sounds like he has been drinking and has his dentures out... so i am not having trouble understanding him because he used to talk like that a lot til he quit drinking.

"dad, are you okay? when did this happen? yesterday?"

"no, happened on monday. at your aunt ann's. i took a nap and when i woke up i had trouble talking."

"did you go to the hospital?"

"nah, went to the doctor on wednesday"


i actually was pleased to have heard about the stroke within a week. see, over the last 12 years he has had 2 previous strokes. both of which i learned of 2 months later.

ridiculous, eh?

he says he's okay, that it's just the speech. i am pissed that my aunt didn't call me about this sooner. and that i had to hear about it from his girlfriend.

i tell him "dad, make a pact with me that you will tell me within 5 HOURS of anything happening to you next time because i don't want to get a call from your chicky that 'oh erin, by the way, we buried your father 2 weeks ago.' ya' know?"

okay. well, that's my dad part of the story... now what i should have prayed for, besides sane parents, is for a healthy computer.

i think my video card or SOMETHING lord only knows - is screwy on my stinking imac. i checked the brightness/contrast, etc and i have them all the way to the right. still, the monitor is really fricking dark. my colors are all jacked up and i called apple support. to no avail. this stinks. i may just break down and get it repaired. but if it's something simple that i can do, then i will be growly if i take it all the way to the frickin' Wiz in Jersey City.


if ANYONE has any idea as to WHAT might be wrong with this godforsaken machine, let me know!!! email me!!!

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