i am shrinking...

March 8th, 2001

slowly, but surely, folks!! since february 10th when i joined weight watchers, i have lost 11pounds... woo!! 171lbs BABY!!! still not a skinny minnie, but what the hell... and my 'girls' don't seem to be shrinking (thank god)

had a show last saturday. once again, no one showed for me (thanks *sniffle*) so they didn't let me up - and there was this evil heckler in the crowd that i wanted to beat the crap out of...

what else? well... met a boy last week --- and get this, we're going to jazzfest at the end of april... yes, quick/sudden whatever.... i like him... doubt he's reading this, that's why i am writing about him... he's irish (i mean REALLY irish, born in - but moved here early on, so the only accent he has is a new york accent... fine by me!) and the shoulders on him -- ok, folks, i am not your typical 'hey, i like a guy's cute butt' kind of girl... i am first and foremost shoulders and calves... and a great smile and incredible eyes... did i mention i am going to new orleans with him? booked the flight yesterday (can't believe i am doing this, but, heck, a bit of spontaenaity -- lord my spelling is horrible at the moment - )

what else? i am going down the shore for the weekend to visit mom n dad... mom just made me power of attorney and dad wants to talk to me about it too...

being the only child, this is expected. unfortunately right now my dad has his GIRLFRIEND as the P.O.A. --- @!&*@#^&@#&^!%$^!# but i am not bitter ....

been on the treadmill 6 out of 7 nights this week... crazy, huh?! i have been eating like a hog, too!!! yet i lost 3 pounds this week ( i weigh in on thursday nights...before survivor :)

well... i was out til 2am last night... am very tired... actually doing a lot of work wt, well, work... which is good... i hate just going in and sitting there... not productive and makes me feel like i could get canned...

one more thing... i am addicted now to a game on yahoo games called word racer... and on fuckedcompany.com i am #67 in the top 100 (sprout621)

that's it in a really small nutshell, would yap more but i gotta sleep.

g'night, poppets.




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