in the beginning...

July 30th, 2000

the first bit of drivel that i am about to toss out. hmmm... well, i feel so naked writing, knowing that most of y'all aren't reading this drunk (which is how most of my crowds are).

naked. i keep thinking i should open up an ass-backwards strip club where i come out nude and get paid to put my clothes on. "Come on, Baby, here's $10, put the sweater on for cripes sake!"

it's the middle of the summer and i am pretty pasty... well, parts are pasty. other parts i am burnt to a crisp. the irish tan. i used to go to a tanning salon for 14 years. seriously, i did. and i would come out red as a beet, thinking "damn! i look great! look at all the color i got..."


kinda tired. a battle with acute insomnia. i should just take some nyQuil and hit the hay...



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