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happy t-bird eve...

November 22nd, 2000

well. i think i have violated all of my resolutions within 2 weeks *sigh* what am i gonna do with myself?

make a point of going to the gym
didn't quite make it... DID go to the ONE personal training session, then my body had some sort of "I'm-gonna-teach-you-a-lesson-psychosymatic-rebellion-thing"
lose this damned baby fat (yes, i know i am 30... humour me)
yeah well,
um... that isn't really happening as fast as i thought... my abs didn't magically turn to stone the minute i walked out of my ONE (did i mention ONE) training session
go to church EVERY weekend
i thought about it. really i did. that counts, right? right?!
stop doing that jump in the sack thing before knowing someone
what about getting to know someone AFTERWARDS...there's something to be said for that...RIGHT!?!? *sigh* really, i tried to be good. made it 2 weeks.
go to open mic nites and get onstage at least 3x a week
ok... no open mikes... but i did go to class on saturday and kicked ass with my 50 love/hate items... progress...progress
learn how to work my VCRPlus thing so i can go out during the week
nope. not yet. what happened when i turned 30? did all electronic intelligence fly out of my head??
learn to let bad things go
okay... nothing really bad has been going on... a little stress at work...some chick cancelled my printing job halfway thru... but i let it go...
perhaps partaking less Jameson's and even lesser nyQuil (the big Q)
ok... unfortunately, there was a lot of jameson's intake (see the "jump in the sack" resolution...) but no nyQuil...
stop ordering take-out food in
yeah... um... that's all well, and good...but i've been mixing it up a little instead of just the italian place down the street. doing a little chinese and mcdonald's -- oh so bad for me... i still don't have a kitchen light so i can't see to cook...yeah...that's my excuse...

well, hope everyone hass a grand thanksgiving...i am trekking down the shore tomorrow and going out with the mom and the aunt/uncle & cousins... seeing dad for his birthday over the weekend too... and also going on a date on saturday (yay!!! should be fun... kinda dig this guy :) - will be good... will be good... must repeat mantra to reinstate my resolution thang...

hmmmm giving thanks.... to mom & dad, to comedy, for being able to design, for friends that i have gained over the years... for common sense and for potatoes... mmmmm potatoes.

in flux ...

November 13th, 2000

dear lord. where do i begin? as we all know, election day is in it's second week. lovely. i am hearing oh bush is up by 2 votes, 388 votes, 17 votes... whatever number of votes he is up by that is not what i want to hear. might as well just say, 'hey everyone, the county is 17 votes favouring the total destruction of life the way we know it."

might as well say "hey all! unpack your cardboard boxes, and put your mom back in it, hope you enjoyed the last 8 years with the little break from us republicans... but we are back!"

crap. i am so frightened of what the hell is in store for us either way the chips fall, actually. but which one is the lesser boob? gore. i can live with four of gore. son of a bush. i can't believe this absentee ballot stuff either... and what pray tell did they do with the millions of absentee ballots in the past? would we have had a different president at any other time?

it's ridiculous. i digress. i am sick of having every waking moment of the day spent thinking about this topic (okay, not EVERY second – i DO have a life.)

what else is going on? well, i am taking a class with lisa lampanelli who just so happens to kick ass comedy wise! she gave me an assignment to come up with 50 things i absolutely LOVE, and then on the flip side, 50 things i absolutely HATE.

what does it say about me that i am barrelling through the 50 things i HATE and there are only a few things i actually love (not including family, etc.)

funny how a comedy class is making me actually get all deep in my head and stuff... maybe i will figure out a lot of stuff... my friend amy said maybe i should just list all of my ex's in both columns... har dee har har... amy don't you know that it's ONLY a list of FIFTY??

i started out thinking let's see, what do i love... sunrises, sunsets, hot apple cider and bunnies... hey, nice fluff piece, er.

i have stuff. i only have 20 LOVE things. 45 HATE items. ugh. i have til saturday.

let's see... as far as the resolutions on the previous page... pretty much the only one that i haven't kept is the church one... dang it. it's 9am on a cold sunday morning and i am hunkered down under my comforter -- i don't wanna wake up so i seem to - every sunday - barter with God and say "i will say 5 Our Fathers and 10 Hail Mary's if ya' let me sleep in."

so sad.

speaking of my comforter and bed. i am tuckered out...


a year ago today...

November 6th, 2000

well, today, november 6th is the year anniversary of the first moment i stepped on the stage to subject myself to laughter or people yapping during my set. it's also my friend monica's.

here's the deal... i think i am going to treat this as MY personal New Year. and i am going to make some resolutions. for all that know me, please keep an eye out for me and kick me in the butt if you see or hear of me breaking any of these.

make a point of going to the gym
lose this damned baby fat (yes, i know i am 30... humour me)
go to church EVERY weekend
stop doing that jump in the sack thing before knowing someone
go to open mic nites and get onstage at least 3x a week
learn how to work my VCRPlus thing so i can go out during the week
learn to let bad things go
perhaps partaking less Jameson's and even lesser nyQuil (the big Q)
stop ordering take-out food in -- when the restaurant starts calling ME at night i
know it's time to stop.

think i can do it? help!! words of encouragement appreciated.


i feel so dirty...

November 5th, 2000

first of all, i admit, i use AOL. it serves its purpose. but this morning i can't get online... i am writing this as i sit for 15 minutes waiting for THE SECOND TIME today for a customer representative in the order in which it was received and listening to pleasant soothing calming classical music that is tinny and muzak-y and not so calming...

what i know already is: i had a virus (on my aol other viral infections, people.) so whoever got any emails from me, i am really sorry!!

WHOEVER did this, ha-f*cking-HA. apparently they sent 40 pieces of email to 968 addresses off my account. and i have not been able to see what the hell they sent, and the 1st aol chick that i spoke with said it's most likely porn.

i don't need this this morning... my password still isn't working, i have missed church, and i need to send my laundry to the place down the street and then go to the Rx before 5pm.... UGH....

stinking computers...

and now the classical music has switched to what sounds like Schroeder from Peanuts playing very badly on a child's piano. good grief. we're getting somewhere, the chick before forgot to give me a new PASSWORD... great. i love this...

ok we are in, and look at that, i have people that i DON'T know screaming at me and reporting my account... great. porn porn porn. and it's on all of my screen names... wonderful.

i gotta go write apology notes now.... talk tomorrow.


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