Monthly Archives: August 2010


I hate to admit it, but, it’s good to be back home (and able to write on MY blog without having to wait for someone else to post my stuff. That was the most frustrating thing whilst on the road.) Okay… just for easy access, I’m posting the links to MY direct posts that were on the site — ... Read More »


I am sitting here in the Loew’s Hotel in Denver. Just got back from a MINI party and have to get up at 5am. Here are the direct links to the latest blog posts… SALT FLATS GRAND JUNCTION If you want to read more… visit: Read More »

tuckered out!

Day One is in the books! I was up till 2am PST uploading photos and video and all that good stuff and writing a blog post for the site. It should be up in a bit. We’re heading off to the Santa Anita Racetrack this morning and then hightailing it to Phoenix! I’m trying to charge all my batteries ... Read More »


I’m sitting here in EWR (that’s frequent flyer speak for Newark Airport) waiting for my plane to depart for LAX (again. FF speak for Los Angeleeeeeze) I’ve met the bartender at the Guinness Pub (no worries. it was only a Miller Lite… which is like water… which is going right through me. I’ve got an excited bladder today. seriously. It’s ... Read More »


okay. okay. I’m awake. I’m packed. I’m ready (except for the hair and shower thing.) found this in my Inbox… my horoscope (by the way… June 21st is my birthday – I’m still accepting Birthday wishes until August 20th at 11:59PM PST) the horoscope – which I found particularly keen today – reads: Your horoscope for August 7, 2010 Are ... Read More »

so, I’m almost ready…

i think i might be done packing (maybe. i still have some stuff in the dryer.) took about 45 minutes to find my bathing suit (since I haven’t worn it in forever.) it’s 20 after 2am and I need to get up at 7. my gigglecousin kerry is picking me up at 9am in order to drive me up to ... Read More »


I should probably attempt to find my suitcase since I need to START packing (yeah. I haven’t started yet.) I still need to hit the foodstore and get kibble for gigglemom. Think the issues with my site and wordpress have been squared away (touch wood.) and I should be good to go with blogging this trip. I took today off ... Read More »

And So It Begins… (almost.)

The Official MINI Takes The States Blog is up and will live here: (I don’t start blogging until Saturday, but, Tamara, the blogger starting in NYC will be posting stuff starting Thursday) Read More »

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