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so… where should I begin? my 2005 MC Convertible (hereafter known as “Phooka”) told me that it needed new brake pads…

Now, being out of warranty, I went to a local garage who specializes in repairing brakes rather than driving the hour to the Princeton dealership. I asked them if they work on MINIs and they assured me they had worked on many…

As it turned out – they said that Phooka needed 4 new brakes and 4 new rotors. (total = $760)

okay. (well, NOT really okay, but, brakes are not something I want to skimp on and I wanted to trust these guys.)

I drove off the lot at 7pm Friday night (they closed and wouldn’t open til 8am monday)

Brakes were fine… alas, now whenever I depressed the clutch on Phooka, it started clicking…


so now when I depress the clutch it sounds like a heavy click-click-click – especially when in first or neutral… and then when I switch gears while moving it sounds like it’s grinding.

I’ve almost been reduced to tears (okay. not almost. i have.)

i called the garage and brought Phooka back in and after an hour of waiting the guy comes out and says “it has something to do with your clutch”

*pfffft* no duh. i’m not an idiot. I am gullible though.

I said to him that my clutch had been PERFECT until I left their garage. He said “I don’t see the connection”

Then he starts googling what the problem could be.

GOOGLING. wouldn’t you think that a garage full of “mechanics” would know this?

then he’s all “well it’s a Beamer” all snottily – which ticked me off.

I am ranting. I KNOW that I probably should’ve sucked it up to begin with and gone out to Princeton to have them take a gander at the brakes…

BUT here’s the question… does anyone have any idea what the heck the problem might BE with the clutch?? Could it have gotten jostled around from Phooka being manhandled while he was having his brakes and rotors replaced???

I’m beside myself. If you can, post here or shoot me an email – gigglechick AT gmail DOT com


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