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Okay. well. In a nutshell… here. I haven’t been doing much of anything — except yammering away on facebook.

In October we found out my 17 year old nephew has Rhabdomyosarcoma – a rare pediatric cancer. Not good. Stage III

So, I’m going to be creating a a website for the Sean Martyn Fund. Because that’s what I’m good at.

Then I thought, Sean is going through so much crap right now with his health that why just help him out with stuff I’m good at? Why not do something challenging since he’s facing so many challenges now?

So… I am running a Half Marathon on May 1st, 2011. I registered. Oh you’re probably thinking “c’mon, Erin, you’ve had that fleeting thought in your noggin so many times before and never followed through.”

This is true. So… I began taking pledges on a different section of my site:

Did you click the link?

Really? Did you click it? Because if you did, you’ll see that I am also taking pledges for a new Fat Off Challenge.

Awesome folks have actually been pledging $$$ per pound and per mile.

It’s GREAT!!! (except, when I think about it. because this REALLY cussing means I have to lose weight AND run a half-marathon.)

So that’s the short story version of where and what I’ve been up to.

Feel free to follow the blog on the Fat Off site (as well as on Facebook….)

here’s my ticker:

My Weight Ticker

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