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So, back on February 10th, gigglemom went into the hospital for her back. The next day she was put into ICU because her oxygen level was ridiculously low (at 20… when it should’ve been at 90)

she stabilized and they moved her to a regular room after a few days… and then she was there for another week. THEN they moved her to the Shore Rehab (inside Brick Hospital) so that she could get physical therapy for her back.

She was doing great and was there a week…. in fact, on Monday she was in great spirits, the rehab said that she’d be going home this Saturday. We even got medical clearance to go visit giggleaunt Judy who was also in another room in the hospital — anyway, my mom was fine in a wheelchair on monday when i pushed her down to visit her.

Then on Tuesday morning, at 6:30am, I received a phone call from the rehab saying that they had to intubate my mom (put a breathing tube in) and moved her back to the ICU

She was unresponsive and her pupils were dilated and not responding to light or anything. So after much thought, I called in the priest and had her Last Rites administered.

Throughout Tuesday night, still no change. Then Wednesday morning, I received a call from her doctor that she opened her eyes a bit and then started flailing her arms and legs and then trying to raise herself out of bed around 430am

When I went to visit her on Weds, she was sedated (so she couldn’t pull out the tubes — by the way, she is DNR… the rehab didn’t adhere to that. — but i saw her open her eyes and look at me (they barely opened an eighth of an inch. and I don’t know how much brain activity is going on.

Her pulmonary doctor spoke with me. We will most likely take the ventilator tube out in the next day or so…. but he doesn’t think that she will be able to be weaned off of it. If she was in better health, or not DNR, they would do a tracheostomy on her, but, that would also severely impact her quality of life.

So, here’s the difficult part, we will remove the vent in the next day or so and then put her on the bi-pap machine (not the vent down her throat… just a strong oxygen) and we will see if she pulls through… but they will make her comfortable so that she can go peacefully and not in any pain, etc, if it’s her time.

Because of the lack of oxygen back on Feb. 11th, she had been having major memory lapses since then. This time, the rehab didn’t know how long she’d been down…. when they found her that morning, she wasn’t breathing much and they couldn’t find a pulse. That’s when they revived her. I fear that IF (big if.) she is able to be weaned off the ventilator, she won’t be the same at all.

So, I’m praying and asking others to pray for her to have all her faculties if she makes it or just go up to Nana & Poppy & Uncle Val.

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