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Bear with me as I unleash my positivity out to the Universe — normally, I dig doing the whining & sarcasm bit. Gonna just throw this post together in a riffing/rambling/verbal vision board-esque lovefest.

I LOVE being in control of my finances. I LOVE painting. I LOVE designing. I LOVE illustrating. I LOVE being hired to illustrate. I LOVE being hired to design big websites. I LOVE having people contact me for work. I LOVE the respect for my talent that I receive from others. I LOVE writing. I LOVE having the courage to write. I LOVE being confident in my coding & design. I LOVE laughter. I LOVE laughing. I LOVE gigglepup. I LOVE the feeling of accomplishment I have after working out at the gym. I LOVE helping comedians by having my open mic site available. I LOVE having my health and feeling good. I LOVE when I fit into my clothes. I LOVE when I don’t worry about money. I LOVE when people hire me to design for them. I LOVE meatloaf. I LOVE lobster. I LOVE New Orleans. I LOVE people who are witty. I LOVE when a client’s check is on time and in the mailbox and then deposited into my bank. I LOVE the smell of low tide near the 3 bridges. I LOVE getting along with everyone. I LOVE the calm that comes over me when I am organized. I LOVE having a kitchen sink that is not leaking. I LOVE having ability to pay off my debts. I LOVE having the resources to fix up the condo. I LOVE correct spelling. I LOVE technology. I LOVE cooking & feeling proud of what I made. I LOVE television. I LOVE my MINI – especially when the sun is shining & the ragtop is down! I LOVE having a clean & spotless house. I LOVE horses. I LOVE being self-employed. I LOVE Ireland. I LOVE being in love. I LOVE having someone be in love with me. I LOVE farms. I LOVE the house with the wraparound porch on Fletcher Avenue in Manasquan. I LOVE having all of the correct numbers in the Powerball lottery.

I LOVE this photo of a lobster roll on the beach in Maine and will go there to have one.

Lobster Roll!
[photo: Helen Hong]

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