Monthly Archives: February 2012


HERE’S SEAN’S STORY: This is my nephew Sean (on the left… not to be confused with his uncle Tom who’s yapping) — PLEASE spread the word about THIS Sunday Feb 26th Pancake breakfast at Applebee’s in Brick,NJ and also the fundraiser that Jersey Mike’s is doing this weekend as well… THANK YOU!! APPLEBEE’S INFO: Come out to BRICK Applebee’s ... Read More »


Hooray! Week 6 on Weight Watchers and I’m down 20.6 pounds!!!! Lost another 2.2 pounds this week (and that was WITH my punctuation being here for the week.) Pretty damned psyched!! I think that my success this time is a combo of: A) Weight Watchers — of course. B) Less stress from not having to worry about Gigglemom C) Cooking ... Read More »


so, i’ve been on a quiche kick. it all began with THIS RECIPE that I found on but since i’ve been on weight watchers (and kicking ass by the way…) i’ve revamped it so that it averages out to be 4 points per slice. i’ve scrapped the bacon bits (although you CAN use the oscar mayer pre-cooked bacon slices ... Read More »


usually i post about every commercial during the SuperBowl. I am really tired and not feeling well tonight, so if there’s anything outstanding i’ll discuss it, otherwise, i’m just gonna watch the game and hopefully enjoy the adverts. GO GIANTS! Read More »

This time, it’s working because i’m working it.

So I started Weight Watchers on December 31st, 2011. Yes. New Year’s Eve! My weight that day was 236.0 glorious pounds. HOORAY!! (*ahem* that was sarcasm) Anyway, I’ve been focusing on myself finally for the first time in nearly a decade and in 5 weeks, I’ve lost 18.4 pounds! (granted, I’ve got a lot more to lose, I want to ... Read More »

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