About Gigglechick

Erin “Gigglechick” Bennett hails from the Jersey Shore (sans fake tan or perfectly sculpted abs). She has been a proud MINI owner since May 7th, 2005 – when she became the happy motoring mama of “Phooka” (pronounced POOH-kuh) her BRG MINI Cooper Convertible.

Erin is a web designer for comedians – and has designed sites for performers Dave Attell, Maria Bamford, Whitney Cummings, Tom Papa, Jim Gaffigan just to name a few. She has also been known throughout the blogging community as “Gigglechick” since creating her site Gigglechick.com in 1999.

As an artist with an Industrial Design degree, she has always been drawn to vehicles whose designs give you an opportunity to “have a chat” with someone. Her first car was a 1971 VW Convertible that broke down after driving it a mile – every time. Next, she drove a 1975 U.S. Postal Jeep that had the steering console on the right and had painted it with some funky colors (not to mention the A/C was an oscillating fan and the passenger seat was a beach chair with a bungee cord). The quirkiness of the MINI was just the next logical step. The number of people who stopped to talk about the two previously mentioned cars pales in comparison to the folks who’ve yammered at Erin when she’s just hightailing around in “Phooka.” She would like to think that they stop to chat because they think she’s super-attractive… alas, it’s the car.

When not motoring, Gigglechick spends her days in New Jersey designing sites for funny people and hanging out with her rescued Jack Russell, Misty (who also goes by the name Gigglepup).

Oh, and she loves rainbows, pierogi and world peace.

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  1. Rabbit, Rabbit …. Its September 1 been a long time hope your doing well 🙂

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